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You have to admire the ACCC chutzpah

The ACCC has resumed hostilities against Informed Sources. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also alleged that petrol pricing website, Informed Sources, which collects pump prices from each of the petrol retailers, allowed the retailers to “communicate with … Continue reading

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If the Scots vote “Yes”

What would happen to the the Union Jack? Next month, the voters of Scotland will go to the polls to decide whether or not they want to declare their independence from the United Kingdom. This affects Australia because it has … Continue reading

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2000 years since Augustus Caesar died

Octavian becomes consul. SJ emails to remind us that today 2000 years ago (Australian time*) Augustus Caesar (23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) passed away. The first and greatest of the Roman emperors. The scene above is … Continue reading

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How to fix the budget

The Business Spectator posed the question: If you could make one change to this year’s federal budget what would you do? And why? My answer: There is just so much that is bad about the budget that it becomes so … Continue reading

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Divestment news

Far from being close to reaching a consensus, the fossil fuel divestment debate divides SRI investors like no other. Responsible investors are just as constrained by benchmark tracking, fiduciary duty, investment mandates and the need to meet long term liabilities, … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: August 20, 2014

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Why the Victorian Liberals deserve to lose office

I’m sure there are many reasons why they’re going to lose – but the MYKI stuff-up will be high on the list. Before the comments thread fills up with with people telling me that MYKI was an initiative of the … Continue reading

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Topher on metadata

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Zero comfort

Your degree of disquiet over the week’s revelations probably depends on how comfortable you are with being bullshitted by those in authority. That’s Mick Ellis talking about the Essendon v ASADA case. Magnificent – we need more people with that … Continue reading

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Deirdre McCloskey on Equality

“Making men and women all equal. That I take to be the gist of our political theory.” This rejoinder to rightwingers who delight in rank and privilege is due to the free-spirited Liberal heroine of Trollope’s Phineas Finn, Lady Glencora. … Continue reading

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