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Open Forum: February 24, 2018

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Allan Hird: ASADA out of control

ASADA is out of control. Let me repeat that: ASADA is out of control. In the Jessica Peris case it has shown a complete disdain for her rights and for the ASADA Act. The ASADA Act, drafted and enacted by … Continue reading

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Depart, I say.

We are fighting to-day for our life, for our liberty, for our all; we cannot go on being led as we are. I have quoted certain words of Oliver Cromwell. I will quote certain other words. I do it with … Continue reading

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CSIRO – Blockchain slides

Earlier today I gave a talk to a CSIRO conference. My powerpoint slides are here.

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Kate Sills: The Promise of Smart Contracts

                     STAN Jerry, we’re not just going to give you seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. WADE What the heck were you thinkin’? Heck, if I’m only gettin’ bank interest, I’d look for complete security. Heck, FDIC. I don’t see nothin’ … Continue reading

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Who are you going to blame?

This is what Tony Abbott reckons is currently wrong with Australia: My issue is not immigration; it’s the rate of immigration at a time of stagnant wages, clogged infrastructure, soaring housing prices and, in Melbourne at least, ethnic gangs that … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: February 21, 2018

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Ed West: How Capitalism Tamed Medieval Europe

In 1278, the King of England came up with a new plan to raise money and land, as leaders are fond of doing. Certain that historic privileges had been usurped by uppity subjects, King Edward sent royal officers around to … Continue reading

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Roll up. Roll up. Get your Blockchain education here.

You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that powers a US$180billion cryptocurrency industry. But the truth is, bitcoin is only a small part of blockchain’s potential. We’re here to show you the big picture. RMIT is the first Australian … Continue reading

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Q&A Forum: February 19, 2018

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