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David Leyonhjelm admits to being influenced by tobacco donation. The senator who defended the rights of smokers and said they were being disproportionately slugged through tobacco taxes has confirmed his party accepted donations from tobacco giant Phillip Morris. Liberal Democrat … Continue reading

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How binding is the 2C constraint?

A day after the global warming pause turned 18 the Guardian signals yet another retreat for the global warming movement. Since [Copenhagen], the 2C target – or obligation, as some in climate diplomacy circles refer to it – has been … Continue reading

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Where have we heard this one before?

David Cameron promises to cut taxes and scrap Human Rights Act Let me think … thinking … thinking … Oh yes! Australia. Those promises remind me of both Tony Abbott and Dennis Napthine. Abbott because he made similar promises before … Continue reading

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Thank you for smoking

It’s a great movie if you haven’t seen it. Today David Leyonhjelm thanked smokers for their contributions to treasury in a speech to the parliament. A crossbench senator has thanked Australia’s smokers and attacked successive governments for increasing tobacco taxes … Continue reading

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The ABC are just rent-seekers

The ABC is not a commercial network so its revenues are not a function of its performance, but rather of its ability to persuade the government of the day to increase or maintain its budget. That’s Malcolm Turnbull writing in … Continue reading

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… or not.

Tony Abbott is being quoted on twitter .@TonyAbbottMHR: We are a free country and we shouldn't tell people what they should wear #auspol — Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) October 1, 2014 Indeed. Yet the tabloid press has been running hot on … Continue reading

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You can out dumb The Age

This morning Terry McCrann made a huge call: I doubt though that we have ever seen a more astonishing example of the combination [of the raging left-wing mindset and bias] than Monday’s breathless denunciation by The Age and its Sydney … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: October 1, 2014

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How is that plain packaging working?

Quit Victoria and the Cancer Council Victoria say cigarettes can be bought at 8000 places, which makes them “more available than bread and milk”. Doesn’t sound like consumption is collapsing as we’ve been told. Mind you the underlying motive is … Continue reading

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How is corporate tax calculated?

During the mining tax debacle it turned out that the Labor Party hadn’t even bothered to ask the ATO how much tax the mining industry actually paid. Now it turns out they haven’t even bothered to look up on the … Continue reading

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