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“not in it for money” so nice guys finish last

Andrew Leigh is having to take a pay cut: Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen says his colleague Andrew Leigh is “not in the job for the money” after the shadow assistant treasurer was demoted in the ministry reshuffle and dealt a … Continue reading

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For the record

Miranda Devine has an op-ed talking about the latest Safe Schools Coalition scandal: THE story of Cheltenham Girls High School is a textbook example of the subterfuge involved in the controversial Safe Schools Coalition and how far education authorities and … Continue reading

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Passing on costs

Language may not be safe for work or children. (HT: Cafe Hayek).

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Is there a case for Trump?

So first the real politic case from William McGurn: The alternative is President Hillary Clinton. This is the reality of choice in a two-party democracy. Still, many have a hard time accepting it. So even as Mr. Trump handily dispatched … Continue reading

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Look at the up-side

I have argued before that the Australian government should nominate Kevin Rudd for the UN job. I thought that was all very detached and objective and all. But today Joe Hildebrand has exposed my hidden agenda: The Right hates the … Continue reading

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Open Forum: July 23, 2016

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Sports lawyers lack self-awareness

From The Conversation: To exclude the whole Russian team is a different and more complicated exercise. Of course, there are broader issues here. To exclude an entire team is unfair to those athletes who did not dope; there can be … Continue reading

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It’s not us, it is you

At the end of many relationships, the person calling it off says to the other party, It’s not you. It’s me. Well writing in The Australian this morning about the millions of Australians voters who have ended their relationship with … Continue reading

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Charles Koch on innovation

It was once widely accepted that progress depends on people challenging and testing each other’s hypotheses. This leads to the creation of knowledge that, when shared, inspires others and spurs the innovation that moves society forward and improves lives. It … Continue reading

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CAS hands out more communal punishment

The WSJ is reporting: Russia’s Olympic delegation moved a step closer to being banned from the Rio Games after the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled on Thursday that individual athletes could be punished collectively for doping violations committed by … Continue reading

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