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Keith Windschuttle invokes the Colonel Jessup defence

This must be one of the greatest speeches in movie history – in an otherwise dull movie. The Jessup speech captures the security dilemma facing liberal societies very nicely. People with guns have to secure our freedom. Yet the problem … Continue reading

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How much tax do multinationals pay?

We keep hearing about those naughty evil multinationals not paying any tax. Well what do the ATO have to say about that? In 2013, there were over 6,300 businesses reporting international related-party dealings and they collectively paid $40 billion in … Continue reading

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Some economic basics

(HT: Sanjeev)

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Damn statisticians (and accountants)

I suppose an inquiry into the Bureau of Meteorology is not a bad thing, but I’m wondering what George Christensen hopes to find? He seems to be suggesting that any process involving statistics (or accounting) is hopelessly compromised. Now that … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: October 29, 2014

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Unintended Consequences: Alan Jones edition

This morning Janet Albrechtsen has a piece in the Australian talking about the need for new anti-terror laws. I’m not entirely convinced that we have a need for new laws along the lines she suggests and this bit stood out … Continue reading

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The University of New South Wales on divestment

Yesterday UNSW Vice Chancellor Fred Hilmer sent staff this email: Dear colleagues At the University Council meeting on Monday 20 October we discussed our investment approach. The following statement summarises our position. “UNSW currently holds investments of about $50m in … Continue reading

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Does the Tax Justice Network understand taxation?

The so-called Tax Justice Network recently released a very dodgy report into corporate taxation that got a run on the front page of both The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. As we pointed out here at the Cat, and both … Continue reading

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Taxation with no representation

The government will use executive fiat to increase a tax that the Parliament has refused to pass. The Government has decided to give practical effect to the fuel excise indexation Budget measure by way of tariff proposals to be validated … Continue reading

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Q & A Forum: October 27, 2014

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