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Wednesday Forum: January 28, 2015

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Queensland election betting II

A few days ago I posted the Queensland election odds – with the likely outcome being a return of the LNP government but Campbell Newman losing his own seat. This morning I recalculated the odds, and it’s not looking good … Continue reading

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Josh steps up

After 16 months in office one Liberal has stepped up and reminded the ALP of its budgetary incompetence. Nine, Leigh must be living in la-la-land to suggest Labor could wave a wand and produce a budget surplus by 2017-18. Last … Continue reading

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How gone is Tony?

As much as I enjoyed watching the lefty heads exploding yesterday over Sir Philip Mountbatten, you do have to wonder what Tony Abbott was thinking? Again. He has made a large number of Captain’s Pick decisions during his time as … Continue reading

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A matter for Question Time

It seems that there are those who suggest that Tony Abbott, being foreign born, is ineligible to be Prime Minister. Strictly speaking he might be ineligible to be elected as an MP under section 44 of the Constitution. Any person … Continue reading

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Tormenting lefties

So who doesn’t get a bit of perverse pleasure in killing sacred cows, picking at scabs, and generally mocking the pretentious? Philip Mountbatten – consort to Queen Elizabeth of Australia – has tuned this sort of behaviour into an art … Continue reading

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Open Forum: Australia Day 2015

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Queensland election betting

Next Saturday Queensland goes to polls. The betting market suggests that the LNP government will be returned, but perhaps Premier Campbell Newman won’t be. Probability of LNP victory: 80.3% Probability of LNP winning in Ashgrove: 40.8% Probability of LNP victory/ALP … Continue reading

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We’re hurting their feelings

Tim Blair has a Blairpoll to determine the fate of terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohammed Elomar. Tim, maaaate, really? Those guys are going to get a Parliamentary apology for any inconvenience the Australian government has imposed upon them. Perhaps they’ll … Continue reading

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Open Forum: January 24, 2015

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