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Are High Court Judges not experts?

Daniel Andrews and other members of the political elite are always crapping on about trusting the experts and taking expert advice and so on. Well here is Mr I-take-expert-advice himself: There’s been a decision and I don’t want to find myself … Continue reading

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Victoria Police are not alone …

… this is how the regulatory state operates. First – let Greg Craven describe how the Pell case went down: The inescapable conclusion is that Pell was prosecuted on an unwinnable charge for two reasons: first, that there were those … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: April 8, 2020

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Pope Francis just bitch slapped a lot of people

Awesome tweet. Francis has just gone up in my estimation.

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Greg Craven tears their ABC a new one

(HT: Marty)

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Daniel Andrews had plenty to say last year

Today Last year: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Cardinal George Pell had received a fair trial and questioned media commentators who said the jury had made an error in its decision. “The notion that if you don’t like a verdict, … Continue reading

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Pell judgement day

UPDATE I: CRUSHING DEFEAT FOR THE LEFT, THE ABC, THE VICTORIAN POLICE, THE VICTORIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.   Update II: Summary Judgement here. The Court held that, on the assumption that the jury had assessed the complainant’s evidence as thoroughly credible … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forum: April 7, 2020

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Victorian police still have a quota

A 17-year-old learner driver was left “shocked” after being fined more than $1600 for driving with her mum during the COVID-19 lockdown. Sharee Reynolds was supervising her daughter, Hunter, as she drove from their Hampton home to Frankston at the … Continue reading

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The tech-lash is so March 2020

The ACCC just can’t help themselves – to be fair they have been relaxing a lot of their anti-business regulations – they are still stuck with the notion that so-called big-tech is a problem.  ACCC chairman Rod Sims has vowed … Continue reading

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