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The Australian doesn’t handle criticism

That post at The Australian was in response to this story by Alan Kohler: If someone told us 30 or 40 years ago that there would be a global publisher with 2.45 billion readers that would publish virtually anything without … Continue reading

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Q&A Forum: December 9, 2019

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UK Election odds

I have had a look at the betting odds on the UK election. The probability of the Conservatives having the largest number of seats is 95.5%. The probability of the Conservatives having a majority of seats is 78.4%. Those numbers … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas II

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Open Forum: December 7, 2019

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There is no democratically viable climate change policy in Australia

Blame Kevin Rudd. Paul Kelly has a very good and important piece in the Australian talking about climate change policy in Australia. Turnbull made clear his game plan: he wanted to vote for Rudd’s scheme, neutralise climate change via bipartisanship … Continue reading

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Government funding worthwhile research

From the Australian Research Council announcement: This project aims to analyse the impact of cryptocurrency technology on taxation and the provision of public goods in Australia. The project will identify the historical relationship between money technologies and public finance, examine … Continue reading

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Q&A Forum: December 2, 2019

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Countdown to Christmas 2019

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Open Forum: November 30, 2019

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