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Open Forum: October 22, 2016

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Pots, kettles and plain packaging surveys

The Labor party were having a bit of fun in estimates this week: Taxpayers contributed $640,000 to a book edited, written and published by Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre which was ridiculed in Senate Estimates on Thursday as … Continue reading

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Friday Forum: October 21, 2016

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An interview with the Globe and Mail

Yesterday morning I received this tweet: @SincDavidson Hi Sinclair, I have tried to reach you for a story I’m doing on plain packaging. Wondering if you can please respond? — Carly Weeks (@carlyweeks) October 18, 2016 Seemed very strange. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes Nanny NHMRC stacking the deck on drinking guidelines?

The National Health and Medical Research Council does loads of stuff.  Some useful, some not. One bit of stuff it’s doing is reviewing its 2009 Alcohol Guidelines, the advice it sponsors about booze: how much can you drink, what constitutes … Continue reading

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That is playing for keeps

… the Australian “human rights” regime and the Charlie Hebdo killers are merely different points on the same continuum: They’re both in the shut-up business, and they shut you up pour encourager les autres. They know that, for every cartoonist … Continue reading

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Hegemonic masculinity and other things Grade 1’s learn

VICTORIAN children will be taught that men and boys are conditioned by society to be “heterosexual”, “emotionless” and encouraged to exert dominance over women. Under the Respectful Relationships curriculum, seen by the Herald Sun, students will be taught about “identifying … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: October 19, 2016

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Vile lefty attack

So I went to Youtube looking for a clip of Ross Cameron on Paul Murray Live. As you do, I put “Paul Murray Live” into the search engine and then filtered for clips posted today. This is what I found … Continue reading

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There should be an app for that

So first a story from self-confessed hardened criminal driver Jim Allan: … off to work this morning at 7:30am and I turn left onto this street [that has a 40kmh speed limit] and happen to find myself behind a car … Continue reading

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