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Is Joe Hockey the worst Treasurer in 40 years?

Several weeks ago I was asked if I thought Joe Hockey was a good Treasurer or not, and my answer was “too early to tell”. To be fair, I think that is still my view, but I suspect that, on … Continue reading

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Christmas Countdown I

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Open Forum: December 20, 2014

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A quarter of the population is now suspect?

Paul Sheehan writing in the SMH: Monis is a classic case study of why Australia needs to have probationary conditions applied to the residence status and then citizenship granted to immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. To cover for mistakes, this probationary … Continue reading

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Knee-jerk reaction?

Okay – so following the Sydney terrorist attack there are questions to be asked. Like why was he out on bail? But today Tony Abbott went further: TONY Abbott says it “infuriates” him that legal aid resources are being used … Continue reading

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Moral cowardice

Julie Szego sets people right: The reticence around language made sense during the siege as the authorities had asked that certain information be withheld and particular terminology avoided, even though this resulted in verbal contortions and euphemism. … But though … Continue reading

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Sydney Crisis Thread 4

The prime minister, who described Monis as a “madman” today, wants to know how he was able to have “a lend of us for so many years”. He questioned how the gunman – killed in a hail of gunfire on … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: December 17, 2014

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Sydney Crisis Thread III

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A snarky question

Yesterday anti-free speech activist Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz (reply here) posted a gotcha question on the Australian Libertarian Society Facebook page: Why has the market for ideas not crushed militant Islamism in countries like Australia? Rather that respond with an equally snarky … Continue reading

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