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Open Forum: January 21, 2017

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Translation to English

Here is an op-ed from the WSJ: There is much to be said for a foreign policy equivalent of stare decisis. To say so isn’t to argue against all change: Every policy should be reviewed regularly and revised as circumstances … Continue reading

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Thursday Forum: January 19, 2017

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Insomnia cure

For all those Cats having difficulty sleeping – my good friend Chris Berg has posted his PhD thesis online. From the abstract: Between the 1890s and 2008 the Australian system of prudential regulation of banking went from an almost entirely … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Richard Holden Printing more money isn’t the answer to all economic ills

Economists did not predict the financial crisis of 2007, nor did we predict that advent of secular stagnation that has followed. Those events have shaken the economic and political world. Our theories need work. Maybe a lot of work. But … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

Cats would be aware that NSW Premier Mike Baird has resigned. Good. He is precisely the sort of “Liberal” that is making it easier and easier for me to not vote Liberal in state and federal elections. The postmortems are … Continue reading

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All four of them?

Two articles caught my eye in the morning papers. Here is Immigration Minister Peter Dutton being tough on crime: We are cancelling in record numbers the visas of foreigners who engage in serious crime. Sounds serious. Here is the policy … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forum: January 17, 2017

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The WSJ speaks to General James Mattis

This interview is from 2015 but still pretty interesting. (HT: John Adams)

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Mentioned in dispatches

Labor voter Jim Allan had a column in The Spectator: Mr Turnbull’s super power is the ability to divide conservatives into two camps, both of which seem to think the other is basically delusional, deluded, dyspeptic, delirious, disaffected, demoniac, pick … Continue reading

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