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Ludwig von Mises

  “He fought and he fought and he fought. Without ever seeing the evidence that he was ultimately right”.  Jeffrey Tucker.

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Tuesday Forum: October 22, 2019

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What to say to the media while checking their privilege

“What exactly do the media want to say that they can’t say already?” “I support freedom of the press, but …” “Do the media really care about ‘freedom’ or just their own corporate interests?” “Freedom of the press has to … Continue reading

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John Roskam on media hypocrisy

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Q&A Forum: October 21, 2019

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Liberty Quote

Throughout human history, confronted with ocean flooding, humans have built levies to prevent inundation or moved to higher ground. Only very recently have scientists persuaded otherwise rational people the answer is to try to alter ocean levels by eating less … Continue reading

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An employment contract is not slavery

Christian Porter in The Australian: Most Australians perhaps think that businesses have gone, large businesses in particular, a little bit too far in telling them how to live their lives and what they can and can’t say in their spare … Continue reading

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Mixed feelings

So here is a tweet from Richard Di Natale: On the one hand I think that politicians – and their families – should only be allowed to access public services. Furthermore that they – and their families – be required … Continue reading

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Open Forum: October 19, 2019

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Is it? Really?

Journalists are up in Canberra – seeking special privileges. News Corp and the ABC have confirmed to a Senate Committee that journalists at the centre of police raids in June still do not know whether they could be criminally prosecuted. … Continue reading

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