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Marxism and Fascism

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Meat is murder …

Some of the comments on my recent post on Impossible Burgers and market solutions to social problems reminded me of this excellent cartoon.

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Silliness on taxation

I think there are two Adam Creighton’s. One is very sensible … and the other writes a lot of nonsense about banks and taxation.  Today we got an article on taxation. The very short version is that we should all … Continue reading

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We’ll always have Paris

Both the Australian and the Australian Financial Review carried a story today about the Paris Agreement. Australia’s economy will be among the worst affected by the Paris climate change agreement, enduring slower growth, fewer jobs and a “notable” 6 per … Continue reading

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Religious freedom, animal welfare, and Impossible Burgers

Yesterday my google feed alerted me to a story from Europe: A Belgian ban on the Muslim and Jewish ways of ritually slaughtering animals went into effect on New Year’s Day, part of a clash across Europe over the balance … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: January 9, 2019

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Harold Demsetz 1930 – 2019

Harold Demsetz the great Chicago school economist (who spent much of his career at UCLA) passed away on 4 January this year. He was 88.  Unfortunately and inexplicably he never won the economics Nobel (in this he joins Armen Alchian … Continue reading

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Is every protester an extremist?

Tony Abbott is in the paper this morning being soft on crime and tough on protesters. The former prime minister also said that “kid-glove policing” was no excuse for the rally. Victoria Police has been widely criticised for more than … Continue reading

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What they said: ALP are anti-Semites

When you’re siding with neo-Nazis, you’re on the wrong side. Bill Shorten. We are calling for the next Labor government to recognise the state of Palestine. Tony Burke.

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Monday Forum: January 7, 2019

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