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Tell that to the judge

This is getting beyond a joke. ALP MP Susan Lamb  is very likely a dual citizen and as such is ineligible to sit in the Australian parliament. s44 does not say that you can ignore the law of the land if … Continue reading

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In praise of Greg Lindsay

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Wednesday Forum: February 7, 2018

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Q&A Forum: February 5, 2018

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What? No!

George Williams has an op-ed in The Australian this morning promoting a quick fix for the ‘problem’ of s44. The better option is to fix the underlying problem. A solution is provided by the Constitution itself. Section 34 sets out … Continue reading

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Monday Forum: February 5, 2018

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Blockchain as a ledger

  My RMIT colleagues Chris Berg, Jason Potts and I expand on that point here.

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Open Forum: February 3, 2018

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Media will be media

So we’ve all had a giggle had the government’s misfortune at disposing of filing cabinets full of government documents. I expect there will be an investigation and several individuals will be tendering their notices and pursuing other interests and/or spending … Continue reading

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What they said: s44 edition

Bill Shorten: We have a strict vetting process. There is no cloud over any of our people. The constitution has been around, it is not a surprise note which we have just discovered, they should have done their homework. David … Continue reading

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