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Monday Forum: November 13, 2017

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Clive Hamilton and Sinophobia

A few years ago Clive Hamilton wrote a very strange article in The Guardian that lead to this editorial statement (emphasis added): This article was amended soon after publication on 18 February 2014 to correct the headline, a misreported statistic … Continue reading

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The Age used to be a newspaper of record

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What should government do on the blockchain?

Satoshi Nakamoto said Bitcoin would be “very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint”. The pioneers of cryptocurrencies were cypherpunks or crypto-anarchists who wanted to use this new invention to escape the state’s monopoly on money. We’re sympathetic to this — as we argued … Continue reading

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Imports and Jobs

I saw this graph at Carpe Diem and wondered what the Australian equivalent would look like. So a quick visit to the ABS (I couldn’t easily find real imports of goods and services, so nominal will have to do) and … Continue reading

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Open Forum: November 11, 2017

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Nudge and utopia

My RMIT colleagues Swee Hoon Chuah, Robert Hoffmann and Jason Potts have edited a special issue of the Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy. The early views are here. Chris Berg and I put in our 2c. Libertarian paternalists have to … Continue reading

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Government employees support government policy

The Productivity Commission believes the federal parliament should go ahead with its legislated plan to impose GST on low value imported goods. That’s surprising.

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Wednesday Forum: October 8, 2017

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Different laws for the little people …

Here is Paul Kelly explaining the Turnbull voluntary scheme to comply with the constitution: The proposal backed by cabinet is consistent with the principles Turnbull has outlined for days: no third-party auditor, no onus-of-proof reversal and putting responsibility on MPs … Continue reading

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