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Fact checking Gerard Henderson

Gerard Henderson has a 300 word rant about a trivial slip of the tongue on the ABC: Australia has been with us in every fight we’ve been in, starting with World War II.  According to our intrepid fact checker that … Continue reading

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What they said: Consumer choice

Yet who has done more to normalize profanity, vulgarity, sadistic violence, and gratuitous sex, or to export them abroad as the premier product of the United States, than the entertainment industry? Addison Del Mastro It is not the fault of the … Continue reading

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Five Years Later

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Banking Royal Commission

A disgraceful waste of money that should eventually find that private business has a profit motive and deadbeats shouldn’t get loaned money. But I suspect not. In the meantime here is some stuff I have written on banking: Submission to … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

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Time to get tough

In a previous life I was a university administrator. The best piece of advice I ever received (from an individual who is now a vice-chancellor) is: You have to be a bigger bastard than they are. Absolutely true. The same … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forum: November 29, 2017

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Failing to reject the null hypothesis

I’m a tad suspicious of research undertaken by Pascal Diethelm and Timothy Farley – I have previously requested data to replicate their analysis of the Australian plain packaging policy and have never received any response; let alone the data.* So it … Continue reading

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Q&A Forum: November 27, 2017

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Monday Forum: November 27, 2017

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