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Building the Totalitarian State

The components were being build before WuFlu, but production has continued apace since. But now, the key thing that is missing is a megalomaniacal narcissist to put it all together. Going into WuFlu, we had: National and state based organisations … Continue reading

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Never let a good crisis go to waste – Winston Churchill

TAFKAS is not an AFL fan.  He is not from Victoria and it does not really float his boat.  But that is inconsequential to the following. Writing in (where else but) the Guardian, Rana Hussain, a diversity and inclusion specialist, … Continue reading

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On whose authority

TAFKAS is suffering from Wu-Flu-Fatigue and has been avoiding much of the news and media.  But taking a moment, he just popped on the the Sydney Morning Herald website. Sub headline was this: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that … Continue reading

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Honest Question

This not an admission that TAKFAS makes lightly …. he is genuinely not sure.  Not confused, but overwhelmed with information and opinions and he can’t see what the right path should be. Even if he goes to first principles, that … Continue reading

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Sources: Here, here, here and here.

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Scratching the Cat Post

This past week, TAFKAS has been in a funk.  He has been thinking about not only what is currently happening locally, within Australia and globally; from an economic and social perspective.  TAFKAS is worried. On a marginally positive side, it … Continue reading

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Insiders Out

On this morning’s Insiders, the panelists were discussing the role of the media in the crisis. Raphael Epstein said: Our (the main stream media’s) job is fact, fact, fact. As is want with the ABC, everyone agreed with everyone else. … Continue reading

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Trust the experts – the science is settled

Thank you to @Dr Faustus for bringing this to TAFKAS’ attention via comment on an earlier post. SBS reports: World Health Organisation (WHO) warns against use of ibuprofen for coronavirus symptoms then … SBS reports: World Health Organization (WHO) says … Continue reading

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Get Up – Because in life as in everything, it’s all about timing

Below is a full page advertisement in today’s Australian Financial Review. If you go to the noted website,, you will see this at the bottom: Authorised by Paul Oosting, GetUp Limited, Level 14, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 At … Continue reading

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Regulatory Strangulation

Remember the following words as you read this post.  They may not be Thomas Sowell verbatim, but they reflect the sentiment: Governments don’t solve problems.  Governments deal in trade-offs. In the Oz today, IPA Chairman Janet Albrechtsen, writes: With the … Continue reading

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