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From where does his supposed reputation come

On TAFKAS’ regular morning two wheel chariot rides, he listens to many podcast.  Many. This morning, and merry Easter to Cats, amongst the many podcasts, TAFKAS listened to an interview of Senator The Hon. Arthur Sinodinos by Patricia Karvelas.  Feel … Continue reading

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1942 (or 1765 before GST)

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Can we get these into parliament also

According to the Australian Institute of Company Directors, one of the emerging trends in governance is “Robo Directors”. The concept of robo directors seems far-fetched, even by 2030. But it’s likely that more boards will use software algorithms within governance-decision … Continue reading

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Nationalising the means of production

Australia.  Bringing you socialism with a smile …. How do you nationalise the means of production without it looking like nationisation? Consider this as reported in the AFR today: The Australian Securities and Investments Commission warned directors at the same … Continue reading

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Hi-Ya Ed-Ya-Kaytian

Remember the following words.  Record them to memory. Do as I say not as I do. In 2009, the punter’s friend, the ALP and the world’s greatest treasurer passed the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.  This act details the: requirements … Continue reading

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Reverse Sophie’s Choice

You’ve heard of the Reverse Robin Hood – the act of taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Then let TAFKAS introduce you to the Reverse Sophie’s Choice – the act of deciding which of your children in … Continue reading

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Leading indicator of Economic Lagging

From Adam Creighton in today’s Australian: The Office of Parliamentary Counsel, which drafts bills, scored an additional $900,000 to cope with an expected thicket of laws. Presumably that’s not for new office space but rather for drafters.  At perhaps $150K … Continue reading

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Tax early. Tax often. Tax everyone and everything.

Last week, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced Labor’s plans to limit the amount people can claim against managing their tax affairs.  According to Mr Shorten: Why should someone who pays $1 million to their accountant to minimise their tax for … Continue reading

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Some Pigs Are More Equal

The poster child of neo-Socialism, Bernie Sanders, has released his tax returns.  And guess what?  Bernie is a member of the 1%.  Talk about self loathing. Apparently, Comrade Sanders and his Mrs earned over US$1 million in 2016 and 2017.  But … Continue reading

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The Hammer and Nail Convention

Following the recent arrest/re-arrest of Julian Assange, there has been a lot of disturbing commentary.  TAFKAS does not want to start a conversation about Assange per se but rather around the commentary around Assange. The chattering class seems to have … Continue reading

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