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27 April 2017 – 100 days of Trump in Sydney. 

27 April 2017.  It must have been Trump 100 day in Sydney.  That evening, there were 3 President Trump related events. Andrew Robb at the Centre for Independent Studies. Mark Latham, Ross Cameron and Steve Kates on the Sydney launch … Continue reading

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Call for Applicants – President of the Australian Human Rights Commission

Not a joke. The Attorney Genera’s Department has made a call for applicants.  The job description is below, but it seems to be missing some of the key competencies of the current President. Mark Latham – if you are listening. … Continue reading

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The New Australian Bill of Rights

A joint parliamentary committee of Liberal, Green and Labor members has unanimously proposed that a new Australian Bill of Rights be added to the Australian Constitution.  They are seeking feedback.  You have 3 hours after which it will be too … Continue reading

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Don Rickles

I know he died last week, but it should never be too late to honor one of the funniest people to have ever lived – Donald Jay “Don” Rickles. Don Rickles died last week at the ripe old age of … Continue reading

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Not Even Trying To Hide It

Writing in what was once a credible publication, The New Republic, Noah Berlatsky admonishes Saint Bernie of the Left for his critiques of the US Liberal Elite. You see Berlatsky, whose literary contributions include Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter … Continue reading

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Housing Affordability Shmafordability

Housing affordability.  Yeah right.  Like many previous attempts at increasing taxes and government involvement in the market, the “housing affordability” debate it is an attempt to put lipstick on a pig. Recall alco-pops.  Was that about a tax grab or … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Life

One of my favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin who once said: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I was minded of this when I read the following … Continue reading

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Richard Denniss from the Ponds Institute on Penalty Rates

Dr Richard Denniss, Chief “Economist” of the Ponds Institute (referred to as The Australia Institute in more polite company) has writing an opinion piece purporting to be research on possible the impacts of the Fair Work Commission’s penalty rate proposals.  The … Continue reading

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Premier Weatherill’s latest energy plan

Make Electricity While You Exercise

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And Social Justice For All

Speaking at the ASIC annual forum, the Chairman of Australia’s corporate, credit and markets regulator ASIC, Greg Medcraft said: It’s not necessarily just complying with the law, it’s about what is the right thing,” And ACTU Secretary Sally McManus does … Continue reading

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