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Freedom is a fragile

Ronald Regan: Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to … Continue reading

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Mandatory Volunteering

Further on the Government reduction of red tape through the introduction of red tape comes this nugget from the AFR: Digital platforms will also be required to develop another voluntary code regarding fake news and news quality which will be … Continue reading

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Red tape – Green tape – Masking tape – Amended

Hmmm.  Don’t look here.  Look at that shiny thing over there. June 2019: Following up his victorious address to Australian Public Service leaders asking them to help the government reduce “congestion” in their departments, Morrison said he was building on the policy of … Continue reading

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Political Doppelgängers

Yesterday evening, TAFKAS schlepped over to The Sydney Institute to hear Aaron Patrick from the AFR discuss his latest book on the recent Federal election – The Surprise Party. Aaron started his comments recounting a story from just before, possibly … Continue reading

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Have a gander at this interview with Sir Paul Tucker.  Sir Paul is, according to Wikipedia,: a British economist and central banker. He was formerly the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. This Sir Paul describes himself as: a … Continue reading

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Look at what they do not what they say

The Morrison government has a laser like focus on reducing red tape and green tape.  Yeah yeah.  Blah blah.  They talk a big game but are really playing tiddlywinks. Take today’s latest example.  Just reported in the AFR: The prudential regulator … Continue reading

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What do the following people have in common: Ben Bernanke Mario Draghi Stanley Fischer Raghuram Rajan Philip Lowe Guy Debelle Christopher Kent (Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) RBA) If you guessed that they are all men – you are correct and … Continue reading

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Democracy Now and Again

Prime Minister Morrison’s “reforms” to the Australian Public Service (LMFAO) have re-triggered TAFKAS. Because ever since joining the Cat Community, TAFKAS has been thinking about whether our current political system is still fit for purpose.  (No ITHO). And in between … Continue reading

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A shortcut on the road to serfdom

With Australia’s and global interest rates at absolute record lows, conversation have not surprisingly focused on negative interest rates. One question often asked is why would anyone invest at negative interest rates. Why? Because they are made to by governments. … Continue reading

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1 week or 2?

The Australian has reported that: Scott Morrison has announced a dramatic shake-up of the public service that will see five department heads axed and the number of government departments reduced from 18 to 14. TAFKAS expects the leaks to start … Continue reading

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