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Keeping their eyes on the big stuff

In a very joint announcement: The Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer MP, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services on 19 July 2016; the Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science; the Hon. John Barilaro MP, NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Small Business; … Continue reading

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Local Government in the Inner West of Sydney

Local government.  What does it exist for?  In the inner west of Sydney, it does not appear seem to exist for local residents or rate payers. You might think that local government is there for things like planning, pools and parks. … Continue reading

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Is there a mirror anywhere?

Leading climate campaigner, Leonardo Di Caprio has suggested that: We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts, in truths, in modern science, that are able to manipulate and risk the entire future of this entire … Continue reading

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Australia the Innovator

There has been a lot of oxygen and ink expended in the last couple of days about Australia as an innovative nation and why Australia lags in global innovation rankings. The answer is clear.  There was a consultant report written a … Continue reading

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What is the secret democracy sauce?

What is the secret sauce?  What are the 7 herbs and spices that contribute to a well functioning democracy and civil society?  Some suggest that it is a robust and rigorous constitution and frequently point to the US Constitution.  I myself … Continue reading

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The Mind Boggles

In today’s AFR, Aaron Patrick reports that the Turnbull ‘innovation agenda’ was a political failure, government concedes. A political failure.  Really?  What about an economic failure?  How about a policy failure?  Perhaps a sprinkle of governance failure with a cherry on … Continue reading

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Same to you mate!

With certain publications, you know what you are getting.  You usually know well before you read them.  There are seldom surprises with the ideas or the agenda.  That does not mean that they should not be read.  It also does … Continue reading

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Kangaroo or Obama Court

I don’t know the origins of the term “Kangaroo Court”, but I certainly know what it means.  But for the avoidance of doubt, according to Wikipedia, a Kangaroo Court is a: judicial tribunal or assembly that ignores recognized standards of … Continue reading

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Labor, the Greens and the Neo-Plutocrats

In the latest issue of National Review, Reihan Salam writes about the changes within the US Democratic Party.  The very first paragraph caught my eye.  So much so that it is repeated below with 1 very important change.  The reference … Continue reading

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Freedom of Hearing

  Last week, Spartacus wrote about the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University offering a visiting fellowship to Chelsea Manning.  Yes.  the Chelsea Manning who spent seven years in prison for leaking classified government secrets until he/she/ze (?) was given a sentence commutation by Saint President … Continue reading

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