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Where is the Sex Discrimination Commissioner and the HRC?

I picked this up from Mark Latham’s latest show.  (PS – general recommendation for the show which is at Latham pointed to a job advertisement for a Campaign Assistant for Unions NSW – the ACTU of NSW Unions.  The … Continue reading

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Roger Moore – hiding from Blofeld

As Cats may know, Roger Moore died a couple of days ago.  He was not the best James Bond (Daniel Craig IMO) or the worst (Timothy Dalton IMO).  But he still was Bond. Below is a personal story from Marc … Continue reading

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The Life Of Julia

Trigger Warning – this has nothing to do with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. I am currently reading a book called America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder.  It is written by Bret Stephens, formerly of the … Continue reading

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Advance Australia Where?

Further to Sparty’s post last week about the national anthem (and thanks to all the contributors for their anthem suggestions) comes this piece of hot news: Canberra has given the nod to a new “national anthem” for Australians to sing … Continue reading

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Does Computer + Spreadsheet = Climate Apocalypticism

Has the development of spreadsheets and the ubiquity of computers lead to settled science climate apocalypticism? (And before readers jump on me, within “spreadsheets” I would include miscellaneous statistical and financial analysis software). The thing about the climate change debate … Continue reading

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New South Wexit

We’ve had Brexit. There have been threats of Grexit and Frexit. There is a vote planned for Calexit. But is there a case for New south Wexit? Is it time to have a conversation about NSW seceding from the “Commonwealth”. … Continue reading

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All Aboard the Train to Serfdom – stopping at Harare, Havana, Caracas and Canberra

In today’s AFR, Senator David Leyonhjelm wrote a very compelling and considered review of Prime Minister Howard’s legacy – Don’t be nostalgic for John Howard: he was a big-spending, big-government PM . Like much of Senator Leyonhjelm’s writings, I found … Continue reading

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New Australian National Anthem?

I think the sun has set on Advance Australia Fair.  There are just too many sentiments about Australia that just don’t hold any more. For we are young and free. Come on.  Ageing population aside, but we have not been … Continue reading

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Budget Repair Proposal – Politician Super Profit Tax

The latest budget from this Liberal-National Coalition Government included a measure called a bank “levy”.  Although it was called a levy, it is really a tax. But unlike a normal tax, it is targeted at 5 specific banks, rather than … Continue reading

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I Don’t Come to Bury Ceasar

I don’t come to bury Caesar.  I think that the bank “levy” is a dumb idea.  And it is on top of all the other non-company/income taxes paid by the banks, including but not limited to: APRA cost recovery ASIC … Continue reading

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