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A Job for David Leyonhjelm

Writing for, Josie Appleton describes England’s Creeping Nanny State. Her article has some corkers in it: A church bell in Hertfordshire which had rung every 15 minutes for 140 years was silenced, after environmental health officers threatened the church with fines … Continue reading

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I have always wondered

I have always wondered why anyone cares why the views of celebrities on public policy matters carry any weight at all, let alone are worth listening to. Who cares what Meryl Streep thinks about Donald Trump.  Who cares what Ben Afflek … Continue reading

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Coming to a town near you?

Following on the theme of regulators shutting down lemonade stands, a woman in the US is being prosecuted for selling a sample of one of her dishes on Facebook. Entrepreneurship used to mean setting up a business and finding a … Continue reading

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Another tax increase proposal

Another day, another tax increase proposal. As reported in the Australian Financial Review today, a PWC report commissioned by the Tourism and Transport Forum says: Australian cities recover a fraction of the cost of public transport tickets compared with their … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Reforms

Hot on this heals of his proposal to ratchet up taxation, former ASX CEO Elmer Funke Kupper has offered his ideas on improving political governance in Australia. Funke Kupper offers 3 ideas: Abolish the senate Increase parliamentary terms from 3 years … Continue reading

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You Blinked and You Missed It

I suspect very few people noticed, but 26 December 2016 was the 25th anniversary of the end of the cold war.  On that day, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was dissolved by resolution of the Supreme Soviet. That day … Continue reading

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This is a link to an article in the Federalist Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany. It is written by James Simpson who is described as an economist, author and investigative journalist. I am not … Continue reading

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What are these people drinking?

As reported in Green Daily of London, Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew Haldane said: his profession must adapt to regain the trust of the public, claiming narrow models ignored ‘irrational behaviour’ Haldane also: admitted his profession is in crisis … Continue reading

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Financial Advice From Government – Ha!

Is it chutzpah or hubris that the Commonwealth Government, through ASIC, is offering financial advice to citizens.  Perhaps it is hallucinogenic drugs. Fresh this morning, ASIC has directed citizens to its MoneySmart website to help people: in organising your household … Continue reading

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What is social justice.

This is a serious question.  I keep hearing people chanting for social justice, but I have never really understood what they were seeking. Before writing this piece, I sensed that social justice was one of those tools used by members … Continue reading

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