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Deja Vu

Deja Vu is is a French expression meaning the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.  But could it be Deja Verkers Union. Spartacus just stumbled across this article from the Los Angeles Times.  … Continue reading

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Peter Moron from the land of Fairfax

Never let facts or reality get in the way of a baseless and idiotic identity politics agenda.  Nowadays it seems feelings and intentions are more important that facts and outcomes. Peter Moron, sorry Martin, is the economics editor of The Age.  … Continue reading

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The Halo Effect

Imagine if you will, a large Australian organisation with the following characteristics. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are both executives of the organisation, contrary to all the claims about best practice governance necessitating the separation of roles of Chairman and … Continue reading

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Let’s have gender neutral book burning

In a wonderful article in the Spectator Australia, the IPA’s Dr Bella d’ Abrera writes about the proposal by Manningham and Melbourne City Councils: to remove from their respective kindergartens, schools and libraries all books and toys deemed to enforce gender stereotypes. Basically … Continue reading

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You may not want Queensland, but Queensland wants you

For those Cats who are not residents of Queensland, yesterday’s Queensland budget should worry you and worry you a great deal. Based on Gross State Product, Queensland is Australia’s 3rd largest state accounting for about 18.2% of the Australian economy … Continue reading

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Kerry O’Brien say ABC journalists are not very good

In a standard ABC programmatic love-in-oscopy, resident ABC Communist Phillip Adams interviewed retired ABC journalist Kerry O’Brien on the need for public broadcasting.  Oh and O’Brien joined the program via telephone from his home in, drum roll please, Byron Bay. The … Continue reading

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Are you a NAB shareholder

If you are a shareholder of the NAB, consider this. Your Chairman is Dr Ken Henry AC.  Dr Henry, not that long ago was the Secretary of the Commonwealth Treasury.  He was the lead Treasury official during 1st Government of Kevin … Continue reading

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What is the difference between the Government and the State

Perhaps this is a nuanced question, but it is of fundamental importance in a liberal democracy. A government is the administrative tool of the state.  They are not the same, but in certain situations they can converge.  For example in … Continue reading

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Why did the ABC employee cross the road

Why did the ABC employee cross the road?  Why?  To join the protests for increased taxes and increased public service and (by inference) ABC salaries. Now Spartacus realises that this is his second rant on the subject this week, the … Continue reading

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Chutzpah – Labcrap

Chutzpah is a magnificent word.  It carries so much meaning in just a couple of syllables.  What it means is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad, at least according to Wikipedia. Chutzpah is an old Yiddish word, and … Continue reading

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