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I am Nostradamus

Spartacus has just finished his first cup of tea for the day.  And having put on his thinking cap, looked into his cup and believes he has seen the future in the leaves.  Thus for this post, I am not … Continue reading

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The rhetoric versus the reality

Is there any more inane yet toxic “fake issue” poisoning policy and economics discussion than the concept of income inequality? Is there an any more useless, deceptive and misleading measure of the strength of an economy and the welfare of … Continue reading

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Look at the scoreboard

This week.  Last week.  Next week.  The issue that will not go away is energy policy. But why?  Why does a country which is one of the world’s largest energy exporters, a country that perhaps 10-15 years ago had amongst … Continue reading

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Movie Rating Systems

Your intrepid correspondent has 2 mini Spartacii who very much enjoy watching Marvel movies.  And today team Spartacus went to see The Black Panther movie, the most current of the Marvel series. Watching the pre-main event trailers were 3 other … Continue reading

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Diagnosis vs Treatment

Imagine one day going to a GP about a sore toe.  The doctor diagnoses an in-grown toenail.  The treatment recommended, a below the knee leg amputation. A leg amputation to treat an in-grown toe nail you may ask.  Apparently, it … Continue reading

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Spartacus is a regular reader of National Review; a wonderful publication.  National Review was founded by William F. Buckley Jr, a brilliant man. Last month, it was the 10 anniversary of Buckley’s death and Spartacus is just catching up on … Continue reading

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Amateurs. Rank Amateurs.

One of the many micro-scandals bubbling in Washington DC is the recent purchase of a US$31K dining set by HUD Secretary Ben Carson for his office: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) spent $31,000 late last year on … Continue reading

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Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall.  Who’s the most forgetful of them all? Appearing a couple of days ago on the Ben Fordham radio show on 2GB was the “former Labor power broker” Graham Richardson.  (Andrew Bolt was also on the same … Continue reading

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The road to tyranny is paved by experts

It is not entirely clear whether our expert class is arrogant, delusional or just plain old dumb, but they continue to make policy and governance pronouncements with a degree of solipsism usually better demonstrated in toddlers.  And for people of … Continue reading

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What’s blue on the outside but green on the inside

The running joke is that the Australian greens are not really green but red.  Hence their nicknames of watermelons; green on the outside but red on the inside. When it comes to the Liberal Party, there are similarly representatives whose … Continue reading

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