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Where was Tim Soutphommasane in 2011

If it was not real, you would think it a joke.  What’s worse is that it happened in 2011, 7 odd years ago, before the world went really insane. What is Spartacus talking about?  This: Pub singer arrested for racism … Continue reading

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This is what passes for an academic

It never ceases to amaze what passes for political discourse and policy discussion. Further to Spartacus’ earlier post about the calls for further identity quotas comes this gem from Professor Doctor Van Onselen: I’m in favour of gender quotas in … Continue reading

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It was only a matter of time

It seems that quotas for women MP is not the end of it.  Now there are calls for the next wave; quotas for gay and indigenous MPs.  Who would have thunk it possible. Reported in the Australian: Bill Shorten is facing … Continue reading

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A masterful take down

A well written take down of Joseph Stigliz by Gene Epstein: Continually Mistaken, Chronically Admired That title is almost as good as the famous quote by Robert Buzsel of Harvard Business School that: The mark of a true MBA is … Continue reading

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Former Australian Prime Ministers Abroad

One has to admire the courage, the fortitude and the rhetorical ability of Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull in travelling abroad, with their generous parlimentary pensions and drop guano from a foreign land. The latest contribution is from … Continue reading

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Savva’s choice – Guilty or Not Innocent

This following paragraph is from Niki Savva’s latest contribution in the Australian – Liberal’s women are the new ‘forgotten people’: Liberal women are now caught in a vice. If they complain about bullying, Bullies and Co vilify them for being weak, … Continue reading

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If only

ASIC has just released their Report 593 – Climate risk disclosure by Australia’s listed companies. This report contains our (ASIC’s) key observations and findings from a surveillance project examining climate risk disclosure by listed companies in Australia. It sets out some … Continue reading

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Charts for Cats

Courtesy of the ABS, here is some information to chill the spine.  And when considering, remember: Total population of Tasmania – 515,000 Total population of South Australia – 1.677 million Employed persons in Australia – 12.6 million (here are some quick … Continue reading

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Professor at large

Spartacus swore he would never do it again.  He took an oath before his almighty that he would stop reading and listening to Peter Van Onselen.  But like reformed drug addict at a dance party, Spartacus has dipped into the … Continue reading

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Keeping it brief – Alex Jones

There has been a lot of sound and fury of late about the role of the internet platform providers (eg Google, Facebook and Twitter) in censoring content.  It came to a particular head with the banning/blocking/expelling of Alex Jones. Spartacus … Continue reading

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