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Der Kommissar

There is an excellent oped in the AFR today about the Liberal-National Government’s decision to embed ASIC officials into banks with the potential to embed them later into other businesses.  This on top of the recently implemented Liberal-National Government’s BEAR … Continue reading

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White Privilege Conference

You may think this a joke, but it is not.  There is an annual conference in the US called the White Privilege Conference.  When Spartacus stumbled across this, he thought it was another Nigerian Email (Marketing) Conference.  But no.  Unlike … Continue reading

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Add this one to your lexicon – intersectionality

The disease is already here.  It just has a name now.  And the name is intersectionality. According to Wikipedia, intersectionality is: is an analytic framework which attempts to identify how interlocking systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in … Continue reading

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Captured – Left, Right and Centre

In the past couple of months, there have been 2 “messy” media stories about the personal lives and personal conduct of Commonwealth Parliamentarians.  One story was about Barnaby Joyce broken by Sharri Markson in the Daily Telegraph and the Emma … Continue reading

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Education – East German Style

The below is from a display in the DDR (East Germany) Museum in Berlin Germany.  It speaks for itself. Follow I Am Spartacus on Twitter at @Ey_am_Spartacus Subscribe to the Sparta-Blog at

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Governance – Chinese Style

Many large Chinese businesses, especially those of deemed strategic importance to the Government and Chinese Communist Party, are required have a representative or representatives of the Chinese Communist Party working inside the organisation to ensure compliance with appropriate culture and … Continue reading

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But the intentions were good

What is a vampire (vam-pahyuh r) you ask?  According to, a vampire is: a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night. (in Eastern European folklore) a … Continue reading

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The Company We Keep

Over the weekend, SkyNews made a mistake by having Blair Cottrell on one of its shows.  Yes it was a mistake, and a mistake for which Sky has apologized and will unlikely allow to happen again. Notwithstanding, former Rudd-Gillard-Rudd government Minister, … Continue reading

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The money man – Chris Bowen

Adam Creighton, normally of the Australian, has written a fairly generous analysis of the Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen in Acuity, the regular magazine of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. Readers can make their own assessments, but Spartacus would like to … Continue reading

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Freedom Vouchers

As if there was any doubt. The passage of the same sex marriage laws have created calls for yet more legislation around religious freedom and religious rights one side and various additional anti-discrimination measures on the other side.  The key … Continue reading

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