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Your Tax Dollars At Work

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Australian Labor Party – the party of the workers

I was just watch Chris Bowen on the Insiders.  He spoke with such passion about the impact of the Fair Work Commission’s determination on penalty rates.  He mentioned also the notion of community standards as it relates to Sunday work (he … Continue reading

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Justice and Human Rights – Academic Style

Writing for Foreign Policy magazine is Rebecca Hamilton who is described as: an Australian, is an assistant professor of law at American University, Washington College of Law. She previously worked at the International Criminal Court. Foreign Policy magazine is a … Continue reading

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Resignation of Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour is one of the great tragedies of modern Australian business

Robert Gottliebsen used to be a fairly good journalist.  Occasionally he still is.  But writing just now about Ahmed Fahour’s resignation from Australia Post, one has to wonder whether Gottleibsen has completely lost the plot: The resignation of Australia Post CEO … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy – Good for jobs, Good for Business

This morning Coca Cola announced the closure of its manufacturing plant in South Australia resulting in the loss of 200 jobs in the state with the highest rate of unemployment. Always on the ball, South Australian Premier Weatherill recommitted the … Continue reading

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Can you repeat the following with a straight face

Writing for the Inner Sydney Morning Herald, Mark Kenny “opines” on the Labor left proposal for a “Buffett Rule”. What is Kenny drinking or smoking when he writes : Should Labor embrace the idea (of a Buffett rule), it will win … Continue reading

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If you don’t like the terms of your employment, quit.

Breath taking.  Just breath taking. Ian Macdonald defends pollies’ perks, threatens split with government on Life Gold Pass. Queensland backbencher Ian Macdonald says politicians work extremely hard and don’t get paid particularly well for their efforts. Really? Some more. In … Continue reading

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What Kind Of People Are Representing Us In Parliament?

As entertaining as was Malcolm Turnbull’s take down of Bill Shorten was yesterday, one must wonder what kind of people we are electing to parliament.  If we consider many of the practices and systems of parliament, it seems that they … Continue reading

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The Greens – What Next

The Greens, as reported in the Australia, are proposing to amend a current bill before parliament (on character assessment) so as to enable: cancelling the visas and deporting foreign heads of state and governments in a move directed at new … Continue reading

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Government by Direct Technocracy

Writing in Project Syndicate, Parag Khanna, a senior fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and the author of Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State, advocates for a form of government, … Continue reading

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