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Sparticus invites Cats to read the following article by David French in National Review: The Incredible Tale of a Reckless, Partisan FBI Agent and Our Partisan Bureaucracy The article tells of a recently dismissed FBI agent.  But the more disturbing part … Continue reading

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Can we have another royal commission

According to general commentary, the reason that a Royal Commission has been called into the banks because of alleged bad behaviour and bad consumer outcomes. On this basis, can we have a Royal Commission into Government. Here are some data … Continue reading

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The expert class

From Bret Stephens in a recent opinion piece in the New York Times: The world’s poorest countries deserve better than to be the petri dish for Western experts who know too little and a field of fantasy for Western progressives … Continue reading

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From Kevin to Australia – About your apology to me. 

My fellow Australians.  I know you are not very smart, so I will try to use small words.  If you were actually smart, not only would I still be Prime Minister, but I could use the big words I am … Continue reading

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Senator Sam Speaks

From the SMH, Senator Sam says: I find the inferences that I am anything but a patriotic Australian deeply hurtful. Note the weasel language.  He says it is hurtful.  He doesn’t say that it is wrong. Follow I Am Spartacus … Continue reading

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Celebrate Communism

Yesterday evening, your intrepid correspondent ventured to Sydney University for an event hosted by the US Studies Centre.  The event was to hear ANU Professor Hugh White speak on his latest quarterly essay called Without America. Though Spartacus has not yet … Continue reading

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Secret recording of Treasurer and Treasury officials meeting

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The Tehranian Candidate

In the Fairfax papers this morning is an UNBELIEVABLE report about the conduct of Senator the Hon. Sahand (Sam) Dastyari. Labor senator Sam Dastyari warned Chinese Communist Party-linked political donor Huang Xiangmo last year that his phone was likely tapped by … Continue reading

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The Stone Cutters

For those familiar with the Simpsons TV show, there was a classic, absolutely classic episode in the earlier days call Homer the Great (Season 6, Episode 12, 1995). In this episode, there was a secret society that was running the … Continue reading

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Read the following very carefully

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Hon. Christopher Pyne just said the following: My message to all my colleagues is that disunity is death and if anyone thinks they are going to do well by creating disunity, they … Continue reading

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