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Union CFO required

Unions NSW is looking for a new Chief Financial Officer.  See advertisement here. Whilst there seems no evidence or suggestions of any financial malfeasance within Unions NSW, the same can’t be said about some of the unions it represents; Unions … Continue reading

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But how can this be

Writing in the Australian this morning, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon. Craig Laundy MP lamented the noticeable decline in businesses being established in Australia.  So according to Laundy, this decline: shows the need for Australia to back the creation … Continue reading

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If only Australia had a constitutionally protected right to free speech

Read the following fabulous tale from the US as written in Forbes Magazine: A Professor Learns An Expensive Lesson About Civility And The First Amendment Read for yourself, but here are 2 key snippets: On November 3, the court issued … Continue reading

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Australians want bold government

Australians want bold government, not shrinking violets according to Terry Moran. Terry Moran was Kevin Rudd’s hand picked head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.  Prior to that he was head of the Victorian Department of Premier and … Continue reading

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Treatise on Swanenomics

The latest contribution from the school of (Wayne) Swanenomics was delivered by the Labor Party “economics” team yesterday: Labor Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said there was no scope in the budget for company or personal income tax cuts. “When the … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Government Bicycle Tournament

That didn’t go as planned. — Darwin Award 🔞 (@AwardsDarwin) November 18, 2017

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KKK in Bennelong

Citizens need no better demonstration of the difference in political skills between the Liberal Party and the Labor Party than by looking at the contest for Bennelong. While the ALP is playing chess in nominating Kristina Kerscher Keneally (KKK), the … Continue reading

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Section 44iv

Judith Sloan raised a fascinating question this morning – whether Ministerial advisors are an office of profit under the Crown.  Presumably this would include all parliamentarian staffers. But further to that question, what about persons who receive any governmental transfers? health … Continue reading

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Sparty McSpartyface

The NSW Government has decided to name the newest member of its ferry fleet Ferry Mcferryface.  This is not a joke.  Apparently. In homage to this wise and considered decision, for the coming week, your humble commentator will write under the … Continue reading

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This is what you get when a politician has never had a real job

Dr Jim Chalmers, for a doctor he is, is the (ALP) Shadow Minister for Finance. According to his public biography, Dr Chalmers’ work experience is limited to being a public servant, an academic, a policy researcher, a lobbyist and a … Continue reading

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