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“If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan”

Seriously, is this the best they’ve got? It’s from The Financial Times and it’s title is, “Truth, lies and the Trump administration”. Its opening paras: The man from the BBC was laughing as he reported the White House’s false claims … Continue reading

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“A clear and defining moment”

It is how many days since the inauguration and we have just turned on the set here in Warsaw and find CNN going on about whether or not the number of people who watched the ceremony was greater for Trump … Continue reading

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Enlightenment principles

This statement is from an exhibit in the Arts Museum in Aarhus and captures the values of the enlightenment in a way that spells them out so that they can be understood in the times in which we live.

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Waleed Aly, the NYT and “the wreckage of 2016”

It’s been something of a problem to decide which newspaper to read each morning while in Europe, and after quite a bit of trial and error, I have locked onto The New York Times. It is American politics that is … Continue reading

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Trump Inauguration Open Thread

The swearing in is, for us, on Saturday January 21st at 4:00 am AEST with Trump’s inaugural address scheduled for 4:10 AEST.

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The inauguration timetable in Australia

The inauguration takes place in the early afternoon of the 20th of January in the US but will occur in Australia in the early hours of January 21st. Here is the Australian timetable if you want to tune in. Cannot … Continue reading

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A cartoon compendium on Obama and the media

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The tragedy of modern macroeconomics

The cross-post from Richard Holden begins as follows: Economists did not predict the financial crisis of 2007, nor did we predict that advent of secular stagnation that has followed. Those events have shaken the economic and political world. Our theories … Continue reading

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Almost gone

Listening to Obama’s last press conference. Such a windbag! Future generations are going to wonder where his reputation for being a great speaker came from. One platitude after another. If you didn’t know his record, if you didn’t know what … Continue reading

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Standard errors of sub-standard theory

Apparently, Trump has almost entirely overlooked economists for any of the major posts which has led to this article: Economists Contemplate Life on the Outs. The President-Elect does not seem to value economists very highly, which the following reaction might … Continue reading

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