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Where I’ll be going next week

I am off to the first ever Heterodox Academy meeting in New York which almost overlaps with the meeting of the American History of Economics Society meeting which is also in New York. When I’m in New York I always … Continue reading

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Defining socialism in the modern world

Here is the original story: Socialism is losing its stigma thanks to Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as a MAJORITY of American women age 18-54 would prefer socialism to living in a capitalist country. That story was replied to here: 55% Of … Continue reading

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If it’s not illegal to say it then it should be illegal to stop it from being said

Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction. It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2019 Comes with this: ‘The Five’ song about … Continue reading

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From an old Australia but comfortable in the new

I just thought that this was a story worth making sure everyone interested in this sort of thing would see. It is from cricket, and the opposite end of the Adam Goodes story told so well by Jupes. This is … Continue reading

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Corruption and criminality

A fantastic series of posts from today that outline not just the corruption but outright criminality among the left in the United States in which they have used the levers of the Federal Government to attack their enemies and benefit … Continue reading

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This was not a borderline issue

If you don’t think that stopping the boats won the election for the Coalition you are completely out of it. Adani also mattered. But without both, we would have a Labor Government right now. Speaking of which: DEVELOPING: Trump announces tariff-avoiding … Continue reading

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PDT’s 75th D-Day Anniversary Address

Even mentions “the intrepid Aussies”.

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PDT interview with Piers Morgan

THE VIDEO HAS BEEN FOUND: The interview can be viewed via Bing here. We’ll see how long this lasts but at least it is available so you can watch it for yourself. Still not on Youtube. My thanks to Eddystone … Continue reading

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The Queen may be the only one in England who really likes Donald Trump

In contrast, let us say, with Theresa May: Donald Trump to get parting shot from Theresa May during London visit. Here’s some text. Theresa May will give Donald Trump a copy of Winston Churchill’s blueprint for the United Nations in … Continue reading

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Remember, remember the fourth of June

OK, so it doesn’t rhyme, but we should remember the date all the same. Here’s the story from today, fourth of June even: Storm over surprise warship visit. Defence experts said it was ­important there was transparency about engagement with … Continue reading

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