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Classical theory explained

I’ll be in Canberra for the first three days of next week for the meeting of the History of Economic Society of Australia where I will be giving a presentation on the actual meaning and significance of “classical” economic theory. … Continue reading

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What really matters is not what matters but who decides what matters

This is a twitter stream on Big Brother and Protecting Elections which really is not just funny but also relevant and serious. And speaking of Facebook, let me also mention this: Mark Zuckerberg’s Fake News Problem Isn’t Going Away. From … Continue reading

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An historical turning point

I was going to put this up already but since it was also mentioned by Bruce of Newcastle, it becomes obligatory: Obama had to spy on Trump to protect himself. Here are the last three lines: The left is sitting … Continue reading

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The more you look at things the more miraculous Trump’s win is

A round-up of the latest non-news on the Democrats, media and crony capitalists in the US. Behind his [ie Obama’s] political espionage of Trump. Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir rests on an astonishingly audacious lie: that the very FBI director who … Continue reading

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Give Peace a Chance is NOT Peace at Any Price

It is hard to believe that LIQ was actually ever a general if he cannot see how fortunate we are that Donald Trump is President and not Hillary and no longer Obama. I particularly find it wonderful how invisible Obama … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s speech to the UN

Starts 45 minutes in. You can either watch it yourself or let his enemies interpret it for you. As good as any speech of its kind you have ever heard, and it holds its strength right to the end. From … Continue reading

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The same-sex survey is not anonymous

We have just received our survey form and on the ballot itself there is a bar code and the bar code is different for my wife’s ballot and mine. So far as I can tell, how I vote will be … Continue reading

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Is there a bigger pack of fools anywhere on the planet?

And here I am referring to virtually the whole of the entertainment industry. Television’s glittering Emmys placed politics front and center on Sunday, lavishing “The Handmaid’s Tale” with awards for its bleak portrait of an authoritarian America. The glitzy ceremony … Continue reading

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‘I’m fine, Tony’s here’

Possibly the most misunderstood person in politics today: Hunter Valley Bushfire: Hunter Valley homes at risk, Tony Abbott joins fire fight. Tony Abbott has been hailed as a hero after saving a house from ember attack while battling a bushfire … Continue reading

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The Economist published my letter!

In the letters section of this week’s Economist You don’t Say The term “Say’s Law”, (Economics brief, August 12th) was invented by the American economist, Fred Taylor, and popularised in his introductory text, published in 1921. Moreover, the phrase “supply … Continue reading

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