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The politics of despair

I wish she was occasionally wrong in all her pessimism about the behaviour of our foreign policy “elites”.

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Why is Robert Skidelsky speaking at Mont Pelerin??

I’m now mid-Pacific, about five miles high, on my way to the regional meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Palo Alto. It is a the meeting of the remnants of the last few remaining supporters of market economies not … Continue reading

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A most intriguing “Parasite”

‘Parasite’, having been named Best Picture by the National Society of Film Critics, has now been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. First let me say it was the most watchable film I have seen in a long … Continue reading

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Swarbrick [swȯrbrɪk] noun – a believer in cataclysmic anthropogenic climate-change

Reprinted in The Oz from The Economist was an article on how English lags behind in climate change word creation. It’s about how across many linguistic groups but unlike in English new terms are being coined in relation to climate … Continue reading

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Roger Scruton 1944-2020

Other than John Stuart Mill, there is no philosopher whose works I have read more comprehensively than those of Roger Scruton who has now passed away. The book beside my bed right now is his How to be a Conservative. … Continue reading

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Learned ignorance page after page

Went into a bookshop today and went to the politics section and this was a part of the selection of what I found. There must have been around a dozen books on American politics, they were all desperately anti-Trump and … Continue reading

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Others like Craig Kelly needed even more than ever

Yesterday I put up a post on Craig Kelly standing up for sense in the face of the climate change idiocies we are forced to endure. I titled the post, More like Craig Kelly needed. I am coming back to … Continue reading

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He’s really angry

As the rest of us should be as well. BTW where’s the uproar over Iran blowing a Ukrainian passenger plane out of the sky?

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There are many fronts in the wars to defend Western Civilisation from its enemies

The political leaders in China, North Korea and Iran can oppress their people to their heart’s content. It is a tragedy, and one wishes it were otherwise, but no one’s going to go to war to save them. But if … Continue reading

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More like Craig Kelly needed

There is then the Turnbull wing of the Coalition which seems to cover around half the party. Which brings us to this in the Oz today: Bushfires: Scott Morrison courts states for fire inquiry. What exactly was the “trainwreck”here? Amid … Continue reading

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