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Green side up

Ontario was once the wealthiest province in Canada, back when I used to live there, but no more. It is in the process of proving that while there may be much ruin in a great nation, eventually you really can … Continue reading

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Seaward bound and unbound

Let’s first define seaward: “the direction or side away from land and toward the open sea”. Seems pretty innocuous, yet there has been quite a disturbance in the force over the use of just this word the other day. And … Continue reading

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“Far right”: the left’s term for people with normal values and common sense

Found in the US on Powerline, but from our own ABC. Steve Hayward finds it funny, and cannot detect the anti-Trump vitriolic hatreds that lie behind it. In some ways it demonstrates that for those of us who line up … Continue reading

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The right and the left on the ending of the Korean War

There are two views on North Korea that you can find if you look. The easiest to find is the left-media take that nothing happened, and it’s all a well-worn charade. But then there is this, which I will come … Continue reading

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The Korean bottom line

K-Day today.

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Who’s the real free trader around here?

From America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’. Hits the nail right on the head over tariffs, and much else beside. The political class is screaming bloody murder over Trump’s performance at the G-7 meeting in Canada, where he reportedly spent … Continue reading

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Which side are you on?

Trump blasts Canada’s Trudeau for ‘false statements’… Rough talks sour G7 mood; Confrontations… Trump refuses to back declaration calling for tariff reductions… Holds rare solo news conference, defends bashing press… Comes with this: TRUMP APPROVAL TOPS OBAMA AND REAGAN AT … Continue reading

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From Wikipedia: under the heading University: The word “university” is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means “community of teachers and scholars. While antecedents had existed in Asia and Africa, the modern university system has roots … Continue reading

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Western Civ

From today’s Oz: A female suicide bomber who killed dozens of Israeli soldiers has graced the front cover of a University of Sydney student newspaper, and Jewish students who ­complained about the cover have been “condemned” for ­censorship. Hamida al-Taher … Continue reading

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You tell me, what is North Korea really up to?

Political calculation is an art and a gift. It cannot be taught and much of it is luck. Yet here we are with the whole world watching so who is to say whether this is right or not: All signs … Continue reading

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