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The Art of the Impossible book launch speaking notes

The Sydney book launch for my blog history on the election of Donald Trump – The Art of the Impossible – is tonight. Not sure how many would show up to hear me talk about my book, but as very … Continue reading

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The resources of the nation belong to the people

Will someone please convince me this isn’t economic idiocy: PM orders gas giants: Australian consumers first: Malcolm Turnbull will impose tough new restrictions on the country’s gas producers, introducing sweeping powers to block exports unless there are adequate supplies to … Continue reading

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Think NBN, pink batts and school halls

It is an anti-Keynesian article so I won’t complain a lot, but still it does get me down that no one any longer has much of a clue why public spending depresses economic growth. And it’s not as if Keynes … Continue reading

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Art of the Impossible Sydney book launch this Thursday

For those who can’t make it to Sydney you can buy your copy online from Connor Court at this link. But for those who can: Mark Lathan & Ross Cameron introducing Dr Steven Kates “The Art of the Impossible” – … Continue reading

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International elections scorecards

And now in France. FRENCH ELITE HUMILIATED AS OUTSIDERS SWEEP TO VICTORY… EU or out? Macron, 39-year-old eyeing French presidency… Le Pen battles to become first female at Elysee… No mainstream party candidate advancing…   And in other election-related news: … Continue reading

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Adversity is good for the soul

Read this if you can bear it: David Archibald’s WA election diary. This is how it starts: I have had more than ten years before the mast fighting the global-warmers. Early on in that interminable campaign, when I talked to … Continue reading

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Know thine enemy

There is something so lacking in resolve among the supposed right side of the political spectrum that I am at a loss to understand how to get others to see what is right before their eyes. The left knows its … Continue reading

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Guess who was “a supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War”

How can this possibly be true and not have become common knowledge? From: This is the open scandal that Congress should investigate: John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus … Continue reading

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Art of the Impossible book launch Sydney 27 April

Mark Latham & Ross Cameron introducing Dr Steven Kates “The Art of the Impossible” –  Sydney 27 April Join Mark Latham and Ross Cameron as they discuss candidly the Trump election win before introducing Dr Steven Kates to speak about his new book “The Art of … Continue reading

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Trump’s cautious and necessary start to rebuilding American credibility

I was going to put this up last night but thought I would give LIQ’s post some space. But I do have to say that anyone who takes the time to look at where Australia is located on the map, … Continue reading

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