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Who knows? Maybe the worms really are turning

NeverTrumpers: What if Trump really is making America great again? They are afflicted with a nagging suspicion. Trump might, how shall they whisper it, Make America Great Again. The tax bill has given the economy a bit of a tailwind, … Continue reading

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Madness is the new normal

  START OF THE DEAL: NKOREA FREEZES MISSILE TESTS   Does seem to show how relatively incompetent Trump’s recent predecessors were. But there is still this and more. China military islands now control South China Sea… Beijing final touches on … Continue reading

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If this is true, why aren’t they in jail?

Not bad men! They are evil beyond belief. From Instapundit. _____ MICHAEL MUKASEY: Trump, Cohen, and Attorney-Client Privilege: The protection has limits, but is it worth testing them over a possible campaign-finance offense? After anthrax spores killed five people, infected 17 … Continue reading

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“Without me, they wouldn’t be discussing anything”

Stormy Daniels is still news, but this barely raises a ripple: US and North Korea holding ‘extremely high level’ talks ahead of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un. “We have had direct talks at very high levels – extremely high levels … Continue reading

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I know just what he means

This is by Roger McGough where I found it reprinted in The Oxford Book of Comic Verse                            Survivor EVERYDAY I think about dying. About disease, starvation, violence, … Continue reading

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“A society based upon the opinion of civilians”

This is from Winston Churchill, found as the opening words of Daniel Hannan’s wonderful How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters: “There are few words which are used more loosely than the word “Civilization.” What does it mean? It … Continue reading

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McCarthy good; Stalin bad

  We are off to see Death of Stalin tonight, but unfortunately, as this article by Diana West makes all too clear, Stalinism is still not dead and can be seen at every turn and in what ought to be … Continue reading

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Live from Syria

Trump orders strikes in Syria… Claims ‘proof’ of gas attack… Blasts in capital… Syria Launches Counter Attack…  SKYNEWS abruptly ends segment when former head of British Armed Forces questions mission… FLASHBACK: All The Times Trump Warned AGAINST Bombing… MADDOW: Perception … Continue reading

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Just how corrupt is this?

Happening right before your eyes.

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John Stuart Mill on free speech

Reprinted from Instapundit. A MUST-READ FOR POTENTIAL SNOWFLAKES: All Minus One, a beautifully illustrated and smartly abridged version of John Stuart Mill’s arguments for free speech in “On Liberty,” is just out at Heterodox Academy, which hopes it will become required … Continue reading

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