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Scott Morrison made Instapundit!

I thought this was one of the most on-the-money posts I’ve seen at Instapundit: Denying the sky is blue because Orange Man Bad. This was some of it: Yes, America is only 243 years old. But by the same token … Continue reading

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It’s understandable a Eurosceptic should be sceptical

I’d vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in a heartbeat says “the only person ever to have been elected for Ukip in a General Election”. And why is that? Firstly, UK law will become supreme in the UK. No longer … Continue reading

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Hayek v Mises

Sinclair’s post and the John Papola video on Mises v Marx was a really interesting presentation but I doubt will have the same penetration as did his early video on Keynes v Hayek. This continues to provide some kind of … Continue reading

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PDT speaks in Dallas

Trump enters at 53:00. Starts speech just after 56:00. The third rally in about a week and the best one. And while there is overlap between the three, each one is a unique presentation with different themes. My favourite bit … Continue reading

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PDT day 1000

I have seen this marker nowhere else but at Gateway Pundit: After First 1,000 Days in Office President Trump Holds 50% Approval Rating — 5 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA – Despite Impeachment Scam!. This related article goes through just how … Continue reading

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The long-forgotten supply side needs to be recalled

When I was the Chief Economist of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this is what you never saw: Business Calls for Stimulus Spark. In normal English, this says, “Business Calls for More Money from Taxpayers”. There may be … Continue reading

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Replying to the con-servationists

On the same day that Greta Thunberg harangued the UN about her fears of a climate emergency, 500 scientists sent a registered letter to the UN Secretary-General stating that there is no climate emergency and climate policies should be designed … Continue reading

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The troops will “redeploy and remain in the region”

The news just in: Trump: U.S. troops to stay in Middle East, prevent ISIS resurgence. President Donald Trump says the roughly 1,000 U.S. troops he has ordered to leave Syria will remain in the Middle East to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State … Continue reading

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Restoring the situation as best they can

Only just seen this but it is easy to believe: Trump Sends Emergency Delegation to Turkey Amid Bloody Offensive in Syria. From The Free Beacon so not from the Fake News Media. A delegation of senior Trump administration officials will … Continue reading

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The re-establishment of American power is the first priority

Donald Trump is the president for our times, and in many ways the last hope for our Western Civilisation and our way of life. But it’s not as if I have never been critical of his approach to issues, and … Continue reading

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