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Gladstonian liberalism is the answer

I’m not sure I know the question to which Cosmopolitanism Is the Answer, but whatever the question, it is the wrong answer for me. As it happens, these are things I have lately been thinking about myself having come across … Continue reading

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As long as we have mobile phones what difference does it make?

By Melanie Philips: The Deconstruction of Humanity. You will just have to read it for yourself. I’ll give you the first para, then the last plus one from the middle. If you want a break from the spectacle of Britain … Continue reading

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Not that anyone will notice

It still has to make it through the Senate, but this is progress: House Republicans pass tax reform bill. House Republicans on Thursday passed a monumental bill to cut taxes on businesses and individuals, the biggest step yet in the … Continue reading

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Did you know PDT has just come back from Asia?

Among the other things that have been submerged by the Senate race in Alabama has been Donald Trump’s singular successes on his tour of Asia. The OZ, being slightly less demented than the rest, still finds it hard to actually … Continue reading

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“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four … Continue reading

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Illogical negativism in, logical positivism out

I have a post up at Quadrant Online: Weaponising Illogical Negativism. This is how it starts, discussing the base philosophical creed across the media and the left. The core principle of logical positivism which underpins verification as the basis for … Continue reading

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“It would be a great thing to have a good relationship with Russia, Trump said”

PDT is afraid of nothing. Here they are, out to railroad his presidency because of some alleged form of pre-election collaboration with Putin and Russia, and here he is, just yesterday, collaborating with Putin and the Russians: Putin and Trump … Continue reading

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A speech as deliberate and unambiguous as you will ever hear

Necessary too. This is the brief story that comes with the corroborating video above: A Powerful Message – President Trump Delivers Remarks in Beijing’s Great Hall…. PDT commences at the ten minute mark and he does not mince words. President … Continue reading

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‘It’s what they get taught at school’

I’ll give you an excerpt from an article in the latest Campus Review, which is sent out to all of us teaching in higher education. This is the least worst part of the story but read it all, and then … Continue reading

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The impossible will take a little longer

I gave a presentation yesterday on “Donald Trump – One Year On.” These were my speaking notes. And while I mainly think of politics in relation to policy, the left thinks of policy as a fashion statement. They hate capitalism … Continue reading

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