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Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look … Continue reading

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Surely this is a form of insanity

What’s the technical term for evading reality? Whatever it is, this is the worst example I have seen: Trump talks terrorism while Europe shouts ‘Climate!’: While terrorism may top President Donald Trump’s agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate … Continue reading

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I need some urgent advice

I am heading off to California and while I am at Stanford for a couple of days I expect I will see the person who I have known longer than anyone else in the whole of my life. But he … Continue reading

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Trump does well media go silent

Why Trump has been out of the news today: Trump’s Middle East Trip Was a Big, Surprising Success—and the Iranian Regime is Nervous. A few excerpts for the record: So how is Trump’s first foreign trip as president playing out? … Continue reading

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How about a forward lash before we start worrying about a backlash

That is, why don’t we first concentrate on what we can do to prevent young girls, or anyone else for that matter, from being blown to bits by 22-year-old theologians. From Nothing to see here, folks — really?. So here … Continue reading

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“Sick and unhinged” comments about the ABC

The Quadrant article in full: The Manchester Bomber’s ABC Pals: +~+ The Manchester Bombers ABC Pals Junketeering warmist Lawrence Krauss last night explained on Q&A why refrigerators are more dangerous than Islamic terror, an obscene absurdity compere Tony Jones allowed … Continue reading

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Eight years is a long time in politics

As they all too well know, if Trump succeeds where they have failed, their destination is the scrap-heap of history. So where are we in the Middle East? From Drudge.   LET’S MAKE A DEAL! TRUMP ATTACKS IRAN AS SAUDIS … Continue reading

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Andrew Bolt to launch Art of the Impossible in Melbourne @ 12:00 noon on June 6

We’re only a few weeks into Donald Trump’s miracle tenure as president and the efforts by what has been called “the deep state” to bring his presidency to a premature end are evident at every turn. Andrew Bolt has very … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies and the media

FURTHER SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE: Picked up at Drudge but from The Oz of all places: Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study. Journalists’ brains … Continue reading

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Is that really it?

From Ann Coulter today; The big secret Trump allegedly revealed is that Muslims might try to blow up a plane with laptops. It is true that I had not seen what Trump had supposedly said to the Russians, but if … Continue reading

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