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“How is this not front page news at every news organization across the United States?”

This is exactly what the video shows: Obama’s Former Asst. Defense Secretary ADMITS Obama Spied on Trump (VIDEO). As the article asks: How is this not front page news at every news organization across the United States? Once again President … Continue reading

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Suppose you wanted to understand Donald Trump’s supply-side economic reforms where would you go?

There was this story on the front page of the Financial Review yesterday morning with the heading: Trump reforms ‘not understood’. It begins: The United States economy is poised to enter a period of sustained higher economic growth on the … Continue reading

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Trump’s winning streak continues

Before I get to the rest, I have had two lovely emails from Catallaxians who have received their copies of The Art of the Impossible, which is more than I can say myself. Now that the books have actually been … Continue reading

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Nonfunctional Broken Network

What happens when someone who writes with great charm about the funny stuff in life instead gets really angry about something that is not funny at all. Here we find out. Danny Katz has just been hooked up to the … Continue reading

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Who will monitor the monitors?

Saw the video this morning when it was put up by SRR on the open thread. And we can now find this on Drudge: Exclusive: Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos, extremist as … Continue reading

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An average Catallaxy reader is better informed than the average viewer of ABC news

There was this in the comments on the previous thread that quite caught my eye: George Wallace #2335836, posted on March 24, 2017 at 7:17 pm (Edit) One of the biggest stories on earth right now – the illegal surveillance … Continue reading

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He said she said media edition

The me in the title is Scott Adams, Dilbert’s Scott Adams: Some Fake News About Me from Bloomberg. A true exposure (via Instapundit and Small Dead Animals) of the cretinous actions of the media. This is how the article begins: … Continue reading

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Doing the left’s work for them

This is the question Powerline’s John Hinderaker asks: SO, WERE TRUMP’S TWEETS RIGHT AFTER ALL?. This is what he quotes: Members of the intelligence community collected “incidental” communications of the Trump transition team during legal surveillance operations of foreign targets, … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn explaining the inexplicable

The main problem I have with watching or reading Mark Steyn is that everything he says is so entirely sensible and obvious I come away thinking no one could possibly be so idiotic that they could miss the point or … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not is not a socialist slogan

This is from the comments thread at Tim Blair. The point being made was that the money wasted paying Soupstain and Triggs is mere chicken feed compared with the amount of money being wasted on maintaining the desal plant in … Continue reading

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