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They understand our democratic system better than we do

The British election result shows these radical Islamists understand our political system, and the media that mis-informs us on a minute-by-minute basis, better than we do. The attacks in Manchester and London were designed to reduce the numbers voting for … Continue reading

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Is Waleed the past tense of Wally?

What Pauline Hanson asked, and everyone without a brain clot understood, is whether there is a connection between the rise in terrorist activity and the increasing number of migrants from Middle Eastern countries. Waleed Ali may wish to play to … Continue reading

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Krav Maga [Make America Great Again] self defence

Andrew Bolt is unique in many ways including his willingness and ability to mix it up with psychopaths on the streets of Melbourne. And I do find it an interesting coincidence that the self defence of first choice nowadays is … Continue reading

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The enemy within

This is CNN Creates Fake News Story, Stages Pro-Muslim Demonstration After London Terrorist Attack. From a few days ago but ought to be the template for understnding what you see on the news or read in the press. And then … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture

Here is some of the text via the BBC. This excerpt is about books he read when young whose influence has remained with him to this day. “Specific books that have stuck with me ever since I read them way … Continue reading

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Melbourne book launch today at 12:00 noon

Aside from hearing me discuss The Art of the Impossible, the only book published in Australia about the most important American election of our times, you can also listen to Andrew Bolt discussing Donald Trump and the American election while … Continue reading

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Treat them like paedophiles

The British Prime Minister says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack. She added that “terrorists had ‘safe spaces’ online” and that has got to end. That is finally getting to what truly does need to … Continue reading

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Malcolm Merkel and his band of fools

“Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that ‘close to 30 people’ seeking entry through the one-off settlement of 12,000 Syrian refugees had been disqualified on security grounds.” The Weekend Australian June 2 That’s one quarter of one percent. With this kind … Continue reading

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This is the one that belongs to us

There was a time, maybe during the 1980s, that I took global warming as a hypothesis worth thinking about, but somewhere around then I concluded there was nothing in it and since then anyone who has taken it seriously has … Continue reading

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We’ll never have Paris

This is Donald Trump’s doing. No one else would have had the strength of character and the will and determination. We know what the global elites think but what do the deplorables think? These are the top comments in the … Continue reading

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