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What is the legal and ethical answer?

Let me see if I can put my point in reply this way. Suppose I start up a blog on some platform and it runs for a few years. Then suppose whoever runs the blog’s platform decides that they do … Continue reading

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If it’s not illegal to say it, it should be illegal not to transmit what is being said

This was from August 26, 2017: It must be made illegal on “social media” to deny service to people who say things that are not illegal to say. Then by coincidence almost exactly a year later, on August 29, 2018, … Continue reading

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The best airplane book ever

Bought a pre-publication copy at Freedomfest, even had it signed, and then read it all the way home. But that wasn’t what was so extraordinary. No matter who I sat next to, so soon as they had seen the title, … Continue reading

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PDT the day after the second Democrat debate

The greatest political orator of our time. Not a dead spot anywhere. PDT arrives around 53 minute in.

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Can one of these really become president?

Couldn’t bear to watch myself, either today or yesterday. Sounds like a train wreck, but Democrats are pretty rancid. ALARM: Biden repeatedly stumbles over words and stats… ‘Is he running for president of space?’ AXELROD: THIS MAY BE BEST HE … Continue reading

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If you’d like to buy a copy of Free Market Economics

FMD. $499.34 for Kates book That’s from Chris, at the comments on Told Ya So. It’s the kind of pricing that seems, to me, aimed at discouraging anyone from buying a copy. On the other hand, it is a copy … Continue reading

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There is a constituency on the right for forcing media tech giants to become even-handed

This was the title of the post: I am tired of conservative bleating over social media, with this his basic point. Conservatives are going to get nowhere good with their unending complaints over big tech and the internal policing of … Continue reading

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Told ya so

Here’s the front page story in The Oz today: Aussies no better off since GFC: household incomes stagnant for past decade. From which: “Over the eight-year period from 2009 to 2017, average household income grew by only $3156, or 3.5 … Continue reading

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Twitter too

Big tech must be treated like media: Sims. ACCC chair Rod Sims has described technology giants Facebook and Google as publishers, who should be regulated in a similar way to traditional media. Following the release of the ACCC’s final report … Continue reading

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Trump ad focused on The Squad

First PDT says it, most people then say, no way these people are such barbaric scum, and then they say it themselves proving that yes, they are indeed as barbaric scum as they sound. The assumption behind the ad is … Continue reading

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