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“Oh, that is brilliant!”

From Tim Blair who titled his post This Doesn’t Happen. I’m merely posting it as a public service message since this is the sort of thing that must come to a stop immediately. And it is an absolute protocol in … Continue reading

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An unnatural rate of economic ignorance

Having taught modern policy just this week, about inflation targeting and the natural rate of interest, and again while doing it wondering whether such gross stupidity can still persist when it has caused nothing but grief, it was nice to … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Las Vegas

Watching the dismal story coming out of Las Vegas does bring many thoughts to mind, not least because we had just been there in July. In no particular order: Whether or not they are responsible, ISIS is happy to say … Continue reading

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Bad advice from The Financial Times

Every time I think we are making progress on getting rid of Keynesian macro, I come across something like this from The Financial Times in the UK: Donald Trump’s trickle-down delusion on tax. Today, debt is 77 per cent of … Continue reading

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Children’s books

Two children’s-book related stories here. The first School librarian rejects Melania Trump’s donation of ‘racist propaganda’ (aka Dr. Seuss books). Earlier this month, the first lady sent out collections of 10 Dr. Seuss books to one school in each state … Continue reading

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RMIT is the George Mason of the South

It was certainly never intended that way but the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT has become one of the great free market universities of the world. This has been posted at Instapundit just today following the post … Continue reading

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Capitalism and ignorance

From Three wild speculations from amateur quantitative macrohistory but there is nothing wild about the diagram other than how ignorant most people are about what it shows. In How big a deal was the Industrial Revolution?, I looked for measures … Continue reading

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Kick ’em in the other knee

There was a time in my own lifetime that a chant like this was as smutty and dirty as it was possible to be. But times do change. Rah rah ree Kick ’em in the knee Rah rah ruts Kick … Continue reading

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The Oz has become the local propaganda arm of the North Koreans

The central point is that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and a delivery system that can land them in the United States. Other than let them go on forever developing these armaments and the ICBMs to go with them, … Continue reading

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Presidential sports round-up

The American media truly is a phenomenon. Are these throw away lines really the big issues of our time? President Sticks It To Sports World… Encourages Supporters To Leave Stadiums… Tells Owners To Fire Players… ‘Get Son Of Bitch Off … Continue reading

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