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A political horror story from Bob Carr of all people

From The Oz: Brexit is diverting attention from Jeremy Corbyn’s red flag radicalism. And do not for a second think this might not happen here. Jeremy Corbyn vowed to reverse Thatcherism at last month’s British Labour conference in Liverpool. Picture: … Continue reading

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Only in open dialogue is there any hope that truth can be discovered

Ann and Milo will teach you how to save Australia. Discovered last night – either from the Bolt Report or The Outsiders – that Ann Coulter will be coming to Australia. Therefore immediately bought tickets. But what is the venue, you might … Continue reading

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“With all my love, Eve”

How I keep up with both sides of the political divide is through my moronic ex-friend in California, the one working in Silicon Valley who owns three Mercedes and a Porsche. Never a personal word in any of his near … Continue reading

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Always believe the victim

100+ Alien Abduction Stories That Will Make You Believe. AND THERE IS ALSO THIS:

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If this is the standard of evidence required to ruin a life no one is safe

WATCH: President Trump mocks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Trump's Supreme Court pick Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, during rally in Mississippi. — MSNBC (@MSNBC) October 3, 2018 Interesting that it is posted by MSNBC which … Continue reading

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What’s evidence got to do with it?

Since only someone desperate to keep Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court using any means whatsoever could have actually believed Christine Ford’s story, this is not entirely a surprise: The Case against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing. As it says: Yesterday, Arizona prosecutor … Continue reading

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You can hardly believe how ignorant some people are

  And dangerous too. Endless ignorance from The Washington Post: Five myths about capitalism. Greed, a natural human instinct, makes markets work. Corporations must be run to maximize value for shareholders. Workers’ pay is an objective measure of economic contribution. … Continue reading

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It’s all politics which means there are no easy answers

Let me start by explaining the basic framework. This is all politics. No one among the Democrat senators believes a word of Ford’s testimony. Not one of them would say a word were Kavanaugh a Democrat nominee. It is all … Continue reading

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And this too shall come to pass

All you young folks out there have almost certainly never heard of Norman Rockwell, but he was was among the greatest artists of my North American youth, mostly famous for his cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, which was … Continue reading

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“Advice and consent replaced by search and destroy”

I made it through until lunch, but with lunch 3:00 am here in Melbourne, I bailed out. Did not get to hear Kavanaugh himself in real time, but he actually says what needs to be said that virtually no one … Continue reading

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