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And then there’s that other leaked transcript

MT’s phenomenal lack of political judgement and wholly misplaced arrogant self-confidence is nicely displayed in the contrast with the other leaked transcript, where Donald Trump is speaking with the president of Mexico, Peña Nieto. This is from Ann Althouse, no … Continue reading

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I’m going to have to find a better class of fish wrap

There I was wrapping the fish when this column by Greg Sheridan caught my eye: All credit to Turnbull for trying to seal deal with a troubled Trump. I gave you my view a couple of days ago but this … Continue reading

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Falling real wages and the stimulus

If you are an economist who looks at things from the demand side, then this is a puzzle: Most Australians have not had a pay rise in real terms in years in the face of an assault on wages which … Continue reading

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He says and does in private what he says and does in public

You may be sure the Administrative State is hunting through everything they can get their hands on – which includes pretty well everything that exists – to find something, anything, that will discredit Donald Trump. And the most remarkable result … Continue reading

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Seminar on what’s wrong with modern economics this Tuesday

This is the notice that has just been sent out from the School about a seminar I am about to present on Tuesday. You are welcome to come along but please first email Sveta to say you are intending to … Continue reading

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The distractors are complaining about the distractions they have caused

This story is almost beyond parody coming from the media, The Wall Street Journal in this case: Donald Trump: as Washington churns, world gets more dangerous. Listen to this loon: When folks here in Washington end a summer filled with … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is the President and that is a very good thing indeed

“Even his acolytes [?!] such as Steve Kates must be wondering what’s next from Donald J. Trump. The quote is from LIQ whose 2000+ years mouldering in the grave have left him sorely out of touch with the modern world. … Continue reading

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Who is Imran Awan and why is there not wall-to-wall coverage of his arrest?

I mention this only because it is the kind of thing that you will be able to find only on blogs and will be largely unreported in the media: Imran Awan Scandal Shows Just How Much Dirt Dems Wanted to … Continue reading

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Trump the Great Debate live blog

At Freedomfest in LV again and today we have a debate on Donald Trump, pro and con, with DJT now PDT. [The original has now been edited six hours later when I finally got back to the room.] The contestants … Continue reading

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Trump and our cultural wars

Travelling among the educated elites on this excursion into North America has been a depressing experience. I know that policy has been my line of work for the past thirty-plus years, but even so, you would think that for most … Continue reading

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