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The Art of the Impossible Round 2

DONALD DOES IT AGAIN! SURPRISE TALKS WITH NKOREA ` Who knows where this will end, but it’s better than how it’s been so far. Meanwhile, the Saudis are talking to the Israelis. And if you think that’s beyond belief, what … Continue reading

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My Quadrant review of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life

Here are the final lines of my review of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. I can do no more than encourage you to read the book. There is nothing else like it and I cannot praise it enough. This … Continue reading

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Australians in the news

This story is everywhere across the American net today: Australian diplomat whose tip prompted FBI’s Russia-probe has tie to Clintons. What it means to us is hard to say, but this is an example of how it is being looked … Continue reading

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And the news is that this is not news

I’m with marcus on taking a hard approach to dealing with the left. I just came across this, which is a report in an obscure journal about a statement made by the President of the United States, via twitter, that … Continue reading

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Beyond Economics 101

This post on Economics 101 reminds me yet again how useless modern economic theory is at working through almost any economic issue at all. It’s about the theory of comparative advantage, I think, and the role of free trade in … Continue reading

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Of course Australia would


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Protection for Republican majorities in the House and Senate

I am a free trader by nature but not a big fan of economic forms of self-harm. And I am certainly for Trump basing his decisions on political calculation, since I am also against political forms of self harm. PDT … Continue reading

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Gratitude and history

This is from Powerline: Churchill in Five Minutes. We are an ignorant and ungrateful age though whether we are exceptional in this is hard to tell. The ingratitude for our ancestral struggles which I have been mulling over ever since … Continue reading

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Coalition sense on IR

I imagine The Australian made this the first thing they told us about the new Deputy Prime Minister as a kind of negative point, but this is something that’s long been missing from the Coalition: Mr McCormack upheld the importance … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott should become leader of the Nationals

If we are seeking a genuine realignment of politics on the right, the Nationals should draft Tony Abbott into the leadership of their party. It would finally give the true conservative side of politics a foothold and spook the Liberals … Continue reading

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