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He doesn’t know it but he’s talking about Say’s Law

Why shouldn’t I write a post in Australia just because I am sitting on a train going from Aarhus to Copenhagen? Anyway, this is from Captain Capitalism, in a quite nice post on Debunking the Multiplier Effect. To me it … Continue reading

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The deep state

If you are not spooked by all of this then you are made of tougher stuff than I am. MEDIA AND CIA FALL FOR ‘GOLDEN SHOWER’ HOAX… TAPPER, BLITZER RATTLED… YOU’RE ACTING LIKE NAZIS, TRUMP TELLS SPY CHIEFS… Russian tech … Continue reading

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The Donald J. Coyote syndrome

Wile E. Coyote must have eaten quite a lot of roadrunners in his time, even if not that roadrunner. Sylvester has to have eaten his fair share of birds, even if he never quite gets to Tweety. The big bad … Continue reading

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Outback Aarhus

Don’t want to go too far into my trip to Europe stories, but the photo is of the TV in the lobby of the hotel here in Aarhus in Denmark which is from an episode of The Flying Doctors that … Continue reading

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Economists will never ever get it right until Say’s Law returns

Two things sent to me by friends of which this is far and away the most significant. There may be about half a dozen economists in the world who understand the difference the absence of Say’s Law makes to economic … Continue reading

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Sous le pont d’Avignon and other things

We are in the south of France, in Avignon in particular, which is why blogging has been absent. Yesterday we visited the graves of John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor Mill. Mill’s grave is in simple white marble with “John … Continue reading

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Have we learned anything yet about the Canberra arsonist?

Just a follow up on a previous query: Do we know anything yet about the Canberra arsonist?. I’ve been somewhat distracted from the news since Christmas but just wondering if we know who it was and why it was done?

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Send in the (economic) clowns

The social sciences are just opinion dressed up as evidence-based theory. From something just sent to me, although published in the middle of December: Reform the economic system now or the populists will do it: The interests of the financial … Continue reading

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A modern political dictionary

From MD in the comments to the previous post: There are some new expressions we will see used frequently this year and we need to understand them: fake news = news from non-leftist sources that give voice to the silent … Continue reading

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Looking back on 2016 and ahead to 2017

Is it permissible to quote Gavin McIness? Very possibly not, but nonetheless: We used to consider the possibility it’s all our fault. We elected a black president and begged him to fix the mess we’re told we created. When it … Continue reading

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