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The wages of waste

Personally, I care not at all about the headline issue: At $528,000 a year, Turnbull’s pay is highest of any leader in OECD. PDT is not taking any salary at all so the price mechanism doesn’t always reflect relative value … Continue reading

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Out of touch is the least of it

From my far-left Californian ex-mate who represents every aspect of the insanity projected by anyone with TDS. Which brings me to this, which is not at all sympathetic, but at least gets discussed: Trump turns North Korea into an attack … Continue reading

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The North Koreans reply

The reply from the North Koreans. N.K. NEWS N. Korea says open to talks with U.S. anytime 2018/05/25 08:18 SEOUL, May 25 (Yonhap) — A top North Korean official said Friday his country is still willing to talk with the … Continue reading

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“I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting”

TRUMP CANCELS KIM SUMMIT NKOREA RIPS PENCE… Claims demolished nuke site… MATTIS TELLS CADETS: YOU WILL SEE BATTLE…  In the midst of all this, I find the American left insane. Why is any of this on anyone’s agenda? BBC BOMBSHELL: … Continue reading

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Philip Roth has passed away

If you asked me to name my favourite author, it wouldn’t be Philip Roth, although I may have read more of his novels than any other fiction writer I can think of, so perhaps he is. Alas, he will write … Continue reading

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Some vital statistics

Monaco on the left has an area of 4 km². Gaza, shown to the right, has a land area of 365 km². Both have a Mediterranean sea front. Gaza apparently has an area similar to that of Greater Detroit, which … Continue reading

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Sometimes the good die old

Working the Graveyard Shift here at Catallaxy as I do, I thought I should mention for the record the passing of two of the all-time great authors. The first is Bernard Lewis, and this is from Roger Franklin at Quadrant … Continue reading

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On the left it’s all about power

VENEZUELANS VOTE FOR MORE CRAZY MADURO 75% DISAPPROVAL NATION IN RUIN   That’s in some third world backwater where the elections are fixed and you cannot get rid of the left even when they are ruining everything about your lives. … Continue reading

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Government regulation in less than a thousand words

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Dangerous to our freedom and our culture

From The Conservative Case for Breaking Up Monopolies Such as Google and Facebook. Tucker Carlson ✔@TuckerCarlson The big digital monopolies demand that we conform to their worldview and shut us down when we dissent. They have too much power. They … Continue reading

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