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Liars writing for the wilfully deluded

From Steve Hayward at Powerline. WHY PEOPLE HATE THE MEDIA, CHAPTER 12,186 There is something ironic about the fact that a grand White House Magnolia tree planted during Andrew Jackson’s administration is going to come down during the administration of … Continue reading

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I think they think we’re idiots

From the great Canadian blog Small Dead Animals: Y2Kyoto: Blunder Down Under Let’s take a visit to clean, green Australia where they gave up coal… In Australia, peak summer is about to hit in a post-Hazelwood-electricity-grid. There’s a suite of committee reports … Continue reading

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Does one learn by doing or by thinking?

Not exactly the right question since everyone supports government solutions to some things, but the question is still a genuine one: Why Do Intellectuals Support Government Solutions?. I found the link at Instapundit where, not for the first time, the … Continue reading

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The happiest Christmas to you all

It’s been an incredible year. I’ll see you again on the other side of Christmas. Not the white Christmas I grew up with but who really needs snow.

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Mayhem in Melbourne for reasons utterly unknown to the police

Having just crossed the road on a couple of occasions in the past week in front of Flinders Street station at Elizabeth it is odd to be thinking of these things and watching events unfold from Sydney where I am … Continue reading

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An economic story for the ages

TAX CUT CHRISTMAS! HOME SALES BEST IN DECADE COHN: MARKET WILL ROAR MORE   From Drudge, with these as the sidebars: LIVE: White House Celebration… Epic Overhaul… Taxes Lowered… ObamaCare Mandate Repealed… AT&T To Invest $1B In USA… Give $1K … Continue reading

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The meaning of life

From Instapundit where Glenn Reynolds writes: I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH: A sailor meets his child for the first time following the guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf’s (CG 72) return to homeport. I have the same feeling myself. And while … Continue reading

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Help solve a mystery

As anyone who has read my views over the years would know, Malcolm has never been my cup of tea, but when it came to the election last year, I was all in for the Libs. After the bi[!] by-election … Continue reading

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It’s a new economic world coming

From Drudge: TAX CUTS TUESDAY DETAILS, DETAILS OBAMACARE PENALTY ELIMINATED You don’t get all that much credit for an economic upturn since life is never perfect even if everyone has a job, specially if everyone has to work to earn … Continue reading

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Do you know why the left treats Republican voters like idiots? Because they are

Two stories work for me. First this: GOPe Spent $500,000 to Defeat Roy Moore and Campaigned Against Him — Then Trashes Steve Bannon When He Loses! And then this: MASSIVE DEMOCRAT TURNOUT In Alabama — GOP Turnout 50% of 2016; … Continue reading

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