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Donald Trump at the CONSERVATIVE Political Action Conference

As he says at the start, “I have proved I am a conservative”. And so he is. And very very well received he was.

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Barnaby quits

Barnaby Joyce has resigned from his leadership positions. This is Andrew Bolt’s post: Barnaby Joyce quits as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister. He says the complaint against him of sexual harassment – which he denies – was the last … Continue reading

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The One Australia Policy

Two letters to The Oz yesterday responding to a column from the day before. There is nowhere in the world like Australia, but we will ruin ourselves if we do not understand that a One Australia Policy is the only … Continue reading

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Socialists at heart

Coming from the area of the social sciences that had made its name on its one key insight, that individual private-sector decision-making is the key to wealth, growth, employment and prosperity, but now to find that virtually the entire profession … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson and his misunderstood lobster tale

Thank you for your patience regarding the possibility of extra events during Dr Peterson’s Australian tour. I have been advised by Dr Peterson’s office today, that Dr Peterson will not be giving any additional talks on this tour due to his … Continue reading

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The first atom ever to have had its picture taken

My before bed reading the last few weeks has been Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura which is a philosophical tract written around around 2000 years ago, whose arguments are based on the absolute assumption that everything in the universe is made … Continue reading

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There are Keynesians in even the most unlikely places

This is from, of all places, Maurice Newman’s article in The Oz today on Trump’s news might be bad for his forgotten flock. So which is the absolutely wrong word in this passage? Despite a decade of easy money, continued … Continue reading

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Ho hum; trillion dollar deficit

The US debt story with a bit of historical perspective. Here we find an example of Change You Can Believe In, care of the blessedly departed Barack Obama over the period 2009-2017. Consequences include slower growth, limited if not actually … Continue reading

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As I looked upon the chair

As I looked upon the chair I saw a pres who wasn’t there! He wasn’t there again today, Thank the Lord he’s gone away! The poem, such as it is, is my own adaptation from William Hughes Mearns, but the … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Pyongyang

Not quite “Wake up, you sleepyhead”. From EVERY MORNING IN NORTH KOREA, THE MASSES ARE AWOKEN BY CREEPY SYNTH MUSIC BLASTING OVER LOUDSPEAKERS. Only a handful of comments at the site, but a quite interesting specimen of the mindset of … Continue reading

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