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Bryan Noakes once again

I just wish to come back briefly to Bryan Noakes whose memorial I went along to last Friday. No one has done more for my own professional life than Bryan, if for no other reason than that he allowed me … Continue reading

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Can the left really be this detached from reality?

Via Ace of Spades. POLL: 62% of NH Dems Prefer Dying in Meteor Shower than Trump Reelection. Shocking new poll taken from UMass showed 62% of Democrats would prefer a world ending meteor shower to President Trump getting reelected in … Continue reading

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Women as sex objects

You’ve come a long way, baby etc: J. Lo’s crotch-pride was a studied rebuke of Trump’s America. Weird to find myself back at the Super Bowl half time show, but this article on the back page of today’s Sunday Age … Continue reading

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All forms of Keynesian theory are nonsense but the Milton Keynesians may be the worst

So earnest, so learned, so stupid. A different kind of Keynesian. That she tries to make the point that living standards have not risen for we normal citizens since incomes have not risen along with rising productivity represents a kind … Continue reading

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Is Romney angling for the Democrat nomination for President? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 6, 2020 As we can see the President has their number, the Democrats have nothing and every one of them running for president is an almost certain bust. But Romney. Despicable scum that … Continue reading

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40.01% odds that Trump will lose

Saw this the other day and it reminded me how chancy everything is: 2020 odds jump for Trump, 59.99% chance for reelection, 16.7% for Sanders. I realise how infra dig it is to have a president tweeting, or demonstrating that … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman and the strawman economy

Got sent the following from Quora yesterday at the same time that Judy put up her own post on Paul Krugman: Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate economist, NYT op-ed columnist, & author, answered 44 questions. Here are a few, but let … Continue reading

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In the year of the rat we have Mitt Romney as Exhibit A

Between Romney and McCain, conservatives never had a candidate on their side during the two elections against Obama. Not even sure they had an actual Republican. This is Romney defending the indefensible. Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will … Continue reading

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Clueless Keynesian RBA boss leaves ministers frustrated

From the Oz: RBA boss Philip Lowe leaves ministers frustrated. The Morrison government is ­increasingly frustrated with ­Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe’s calls for it to spend more to lift the ­nation’s flagging productivity, after a confidential cabinet briefing from … Continue reading

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State of the Union 2020 + the Pelosi tantrum

Here’s the SOTU. As I see it, there was not a line in the speech that was not worthy of the applause it received given where it was and who was the audience. Watching Pelosi during the speech, however, is … Continue reading

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