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This year in Jerusalem

EMBASSY IN JERUSALEM!   The American embassy, that is. And for some background, this is fascinating: How Harry Truman Crossed His Own State Department to Recognize Israel. One of the few businessmen to have been an American president. Read it … Continue reading

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The quiet disaster of modern economic theory

Quite an interesting article with the title The quiet triumph of economics which takes the contrary view to my own view which thinks of economics as having almost entirely sold its soul to the left. So what is the case … Continue reading

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How the Libs can win where Labor will never follow

There are certain political observers who would have seen Labor elected in 2016 to teach the Libs a lesson, but I have to say the thought still terrifies me. There are then those in the Coalition who believe that their … Continue reading

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No war, at least not yet

Peace in the Middle East? Not impossible. WEEKEND: IVANKA SET FOR ISRAEL…  Even with all this. MIDEAST TENSE… Hamas Gaza head gives support for protesters to breach fence… Saudi tests siren after Yemen rebels fire new missiles… Meanwhile Korea is … Continue reading

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No more fat to cut at the ABC amongst other things

AIR RAID SIRENS ISRAEL IRANIAN FORCES FIRE ROCKETS KHAMENEI WARNS TRUMP OIL SPIKES   UPDATE: Iran Politicians Burn U.S. Flag, Vow ‘Death to America’… ‘Zionists will Regret’… EUROPE HITS BACK AT USA OVER THREAT OF SANCTIONS… But don’t forget this … Continue reading

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Getting their priorities right

Which is the main story and which is the also ran? TRUMP NUKES IRAN DEAL! OBAMA REBUKE… Israel Army On High Alert… Bomb shelters opened in Golan Heights… ‘Unusual Movement of Iranian Forces’… Fateful days in Middle East… Jerusalem to … Continue reading

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You wish he were long forgotten but going stronger than ever

Born 200 years ago today Karl Marx in 1875 Born 5 May 1818 Trier, Kingdom of Prussia Died 14 March 1883 (aged 64) London, England, UK Resting place Tomb of Karl Marx, Highgate Cemetery, London, England, UK Residence Germany, France, Belgium, UK Nationality Stateless after 1845 Spouse(s) … Continue reading

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Who is Kanye West? This is who

I know who Jordan Peterson is. And I know who Thomas Sowell is. But Kanye West, not really at all, yet he may become, after Donald Trump, the most influential figure in American politics for more than a generation. This … Continue reading

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Political madness

On behalf of no principle, no actual evidence of wrong doing, in the midst of a presidential term that is solving many problems both international and domestic that had looked insoluble, we have the American left, dangerous always, but now acting … Continue reading

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May Day, m’aidez, Marx @ 200

Being May Day and all, I thought I would jump in early to remind everyone that Karl himself will have his 200th birthday on Saturday. And in looking online to see how the celebrations will be going, I came across … Continue reading

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