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“Killing goats to appease the volcano gods”

This is how our political troubles have been viewed in the US, at least according to the Crackpot News Network: Why not wreck the planet? It could save your political skin. Although already overtaken by events, there you may read: … Continue reading

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Small mercies

No doubt we should be grateful for small mercies. Malcolm is gone, although not gone all that far, and that is something. Scott Morrison is a step up, but lacks either gravitas or the charismatic glow. Perhaps we will be … Continue reading

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Watch live

Only station I could find a live feed. Did try Sky and Channel 9. Send a link with some other network and will replace.

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Tony Abbott for Prime Minister

I just spent the afternoon re-reading Tony Abbott’s outstanding Battlelines, his 2009 tract on political philosophy. It reads better now than when it was first published. We are about to have a race between three mediocrities to replace a non-entity, … Continue reading

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Trumped up charges

Before I add my own comment, you are advised (urged) to look at this post at Reddit: Connecting some dots. You are guaranteed not to read it in the papers. Now to Manafort and Cohen, which is, in essence: “Look … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton challenges Malcolm Turnbull for leadership

It’s on. Liberal leadership declared vacant 9:14AMGREG BROWN PoliticsNow: Malcolm Turnbull has declared the leadership of the Liberal Party vacant in this morning’s partyroom meeting. UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull wins partyroom ballot against Peter Dutton 48 – 35

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The Paris Agreement in pictures

View image on Twitter Mike [email protected] No, it’s not the outskirts of Mumbai, it’s Paris!! How is Tourism?? #fo2eu  11:26 PM – Aug 12, 2018

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A positive story about both coal AND Donald Trump

The world may really be about to change: Donald Trump saves coal from renewables surge from The Weekly Standard and published in The Australian. No country has a greater abundance of hydrocarbon energy than the US. The corollary is that … Continue reading

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The media have a perfect right to be liars and fools

But others then have a perfect right to call them liars and fools when they are. So what are those liars and fools doing now: Almost 350 news outlets to publish editorials denouncing Trump’s ‘dirty war’ on press. Nearly 350 … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson trashes the left once again

Jordan Peterson strikes fear into the heart of the left [I know, big assumption there]. He has found a way round their gatekeepers and is laying havoc wherever he can. THE LEFT IS ACTUALLY AFRAID OF JORDAN PETERSON BECAUSE HE’S … Continue reading

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