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Relive the glory

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Australians all let us unite

I thought it was a 50-50 and so it has turned out. The Coalition was always in with a real chance, not that I wasn’t both thrilled and surprised on the night. Let me take you to the post of … Continue reading

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Decency and mediocrity trump mendacity and malevolence

Discuss. Twostix nailed it. I think we’re going to be surprised by morrison not on the economy which will probably remain the status quo, but morally. He’s going to return some sanity to the national institutions re god, family and … Continue reading

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Election 2019

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Arise and greet the New Dawn with cheerful song. Comrades

Or is that tomorrow? Anyway before Bill and Chris redistribute the last of your meagre savings for the benefit of needy childcare workers, CFMEU girls holding stop go signs and retired politicians, get your tickets to the Friedman Conference. And … Continue reading

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It’s not class warfare, it’s pig ignorance

The ALP is just daring us to elect them, but if we do, it won’t be as if we weren’t warned: Shorten divides to conquer in class-warfare attacks: Bill Shorten has intensified his ­attack on retirees, property investors, big business … Continue reading

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Going for broke

Labor began the campaign with a kind of certainty that has now evaporated. And because they felt so certain, they were almost actually truthful about the kinds of things they would do. They would import more voting herds irrespective of … Continue reading

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Dim bulbs

          They really do want to turn out our lights. First Ms Steggles, via Andrew Bolt: TONY ABBOTT IN WAR FOR THE SEAT THAT MOST DECIDES OUR FUTURE. No wonder Tony Abbott feels hunted. The former … Continue reading

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The whether vane has shifted

A good sign indeed of whether the Libs are in with a real chance: Key figures attend Lib rally in WA seat of Swan. That’s from The Oz. Julie Bishop has heaped praise on Scott Morrison at a Liberal Party … Continue reading

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Steggall’s chickens

From the minute I first heard Zali’s name, I automatically associated it with chickens. Nothing personal, just the name. I am apparently not the only one. From Cut and Paste today. And if you keep reading further, you will see … Continue reading

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