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No Dickin about

As I write, the official autopsy of the Labor Opposition’s 18 May election loss has been released. Last week, the man at the helm of the debacle argued he should have gone into battle with “fewer messages.” Some war pigeon … Continue reading

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Freedom for Christmas

Britain will go to the polls on 12 December. There have been few sadder spectacles in modern times than John Bull in orange overalls. “This House cannot any longer keep this country hostage,” Mr Johnson said. That’s a brilliant and … Continue reading

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All immigrants are traitors

Gladys Liu seems to have created something of a stir by having a “bad” interview on Bolt’s show. The Labor Party are having a great time stirring things up. Some of their comments, however, are quite offensive. “There have been … Continue reading

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Australian Institute for Progress Exit Poll report

Election aficionados can pig out on this mass of information from the Australian Institute for Progress. Executive Summary This was an election that Labor lost. It had too many policies that hurt too many people through higher taxes. This was … Continue reading

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Asking the questions

Jim Chalmers – the new ALP shadow treasurer – has an op-ed in the Australian this morning. Wednesday’s feeble national accounts and the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates to new record lows on Tuesday shone a big spotlight … Continue reading

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This was not a borderline issue

If you don’t think that stopping the boats won the election for the Coalition you are completely out of it. Adani also mattered. But without both, we would have a Labor Government right now. Speaking of which: DEVELOPING: Trump announces tariff-avoiding … Continue reading

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The Guardian on the ‘Death Tax Lie”

The Guardian has a huge story on the ‘death tax lie’ from the last election. Bottom line: No one Guardian Australia has spoken to has argued that Labor lost the election because of the death tax falsehood. No one inside … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Preferential Voting

Does preferential voting make sense and does it lead to more representative outcomes? At a superficial level the vote of Labor suggests not. Despite attracting just 33% of the national vote Labor will still walk away at this election with … Continue reading

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It’s not all sunshine

A quite sobering column from Terry McCrann this morning: Tale of two elections: Sunshine state v others. Here’s the nub of it: The result in Australia ex-Queensland (and/or also WA: it really doesn’t matter for the substantive analysis) is not … Continue reading

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Henry Ergas on the challenges for the Coalition

Henry Ergas (our own Henry) pointed to the existential crisis for Labor to keep hold their traditional vote while their policies are written the progressive left. Then he warned that this is no reason for complacency on the non-left. However, … Continue reading

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