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Guest Post: Allan Hird Reply to Greg Hunt

The Australian on 22 & 23 May 2017 published four articles all supporting the Sports Minister Greg Hunt’s proposed new national integrity unit to handle drugs in sport. Good on Mr Hunt for recognising that in his words ‘we don’t … Continue reading

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Taylor v McLachlan and others

Cats may recall this case – a fan suing the AFL over the AFLgate scandal. Melbourne lawyer Jackson Taylor has lodged a writ against outgoing AFL chairman Mike Fitzpatrick and chief executive Gillon McLachlan, alleging acts of deceptive or misleading … Continue reading

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The standard you walk past …

It is always a mistake to compromise on a matter of principle. I was reminded of this principle on the train home from the annual ANZAC day AFL match between Essendon and Collingwood.  This match is a highlight in the … Continue reading

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Well, well, well.

Fairfax media are reporting: The deal was presented as another win for billionaire deal maker James Packer, with his online gambling business CrownBet breaking into the lucrative NSW betting market through a “digital partnership” with the state’s 1200 registered clubs. … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Allan Hird WADA inquiry needed in light of Essendon drug scandal

BRITAIN’S House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee has established an inquiry, Combatting Doping in Sport, into WADA and the UK anti-doping authority. Olivier Niggli, WADA Director General, flew to London from Montreal to give evidence. Niggli was asked … Continue reading

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Escaping accountability

The ABC is reporting: Controversial ASADA chief executive, Ben McDevitt, has confirmed he will leave the agency when his three-year contract ends in May. I’m happy to see the back of McDevitt – whom now even the ABC recognise as … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Allan Hird Patrick Smith ignores the truth in his articles on my son James Hird

On Wednesday on Melbourne radio, The Australian’s columnist Patrick Smith claimed the purpose of his two articles about my son James Hird was to protect the truth. I find that risible. In my opinion, his “truth” is a distortion of … Continue reading

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AFL finally responds

AFL spokesman Patrick Smith: Hird, sadly, drove himself to the intensive care unit, calling the directions all the way. Then Smith verbals Graham Cornes: It is peddled by the likes of former South Australian champion Graham Cornes who now holds … Continue reading

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AFL manipulates media coverage of AFLgate scandal

A few days ago we linked to Allan Hird’s interview on 3AW. There he made a very interesting comment – that a Herald Sun reporter got his AFL accreditation stripped by the AFL for his pro-Essendon reporting during AFLgate. The … Continue reading

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Allan Hird talks to 3AW

James Hird’s father (and Cat threadster and sometime poster) spoke to 3AW this morning. Listen here.

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