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Waleed Aly, the NYT and “the wreckage of 2016”

It’s been something of a problem to decide which newspaper to read each morning while in Europe, and after quite a bit of trial and error, I have locked onto The New York Times. It is American politics that is … Continue reading

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Trump Inauguration Open Thread

The swearing in is, for us, on Saturday January 21st at 4:00 am AEST with Trump’s inaugural address scheduled for 4:10 AEST.

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Translation to English

Here is an op-ed from the WSJ: There is much to be said for a foreign policy equivalent of stare decisis. To say so isn’t to argue against all change: Every policy should be reviewed regularly and revised as circumstances … Continue reading

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The inauguration timetable in Australia

The inauguration takes place in the early afternoon of the 20th of January in the US but will occur in Australia in the early hours of January 21st. Here is the Australian timetable if you want to tune in. Cannot … Continue reading

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A cartoon compendium on Obama and the media

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Almost gone

Listening to Obama’s last press conference. Such a windbag! Future generations are going to wonder where his reputation for being a great speaker came from. One platitude after another. If you didn’t know his record, if you didn’t know what … Continue reading

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The WSJ speaks to General James Mattis

This interview is from 2015 but still pretty interesting. (HT: John Adams)

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Are the media really this clueless?

If the insight of the media into all things is as penetrating as their insight into Trump’s attitude to themselves, these people are as stupid a bunch as I have ever seen. This is from The New York Times even: … Continue reading

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Tony discusses the Donald

It’s five in the morning where I am, but am up and watching the Patriots v the Texans. I do indeed like Boston which is why I am preparing for a wrecked day tomorrow, even though we are in Copenhagen … Continue reading

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How do you prevail against this?

The Deep State – what I have called the progressive internationalism – are doing all they can to hobble and destroy Trump even before he enters the White House. This article on The Deep State Strikes Back: The Permanent Campaign … Continue reading

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