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The Taliban of the modern American left

The American Civil War ended a long long time ago, but the American left has now decided to refight the war when slavery has vanished and racist attitudes in the US are at an all-time low, of course absolutely forgetting … Continue reading

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PDT reveals his soul

I wrote a while ago about being in need of some urgent advice in regard to a high school friend who I was then about to visit who continually sends me anti-Trump material from CNN etc. He is a two-times-over … Continue reading

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Desperate for bad news

The first three articles on at the moment. It’s a different world where the left, the media and #NeverTrump keep looking for something bad. And there will be something some day, but for these people the only good news … Continue reading

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The Swamp Runs Deep

If I presented the following conversation to you, who would you say is the crazy one? Person A (to person B) – I’ve been starving my people for years and committing various other human rights atrocities so that I could … Continue reading

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And then there’s that other leaked transcript

MT’s phenomenal lack of political judgement and wholly misplaced arrogant self-confidence is nicely displayed in the contrast with the other leaked transcript, where Donald Trump is speaking with the president of Mexico, Peña Nieto. This is from Ann Althouse, no … Continue reading

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He says and does in private what he says and does in public

You may be sure the Administrative State is hunting through everything they can get their hands on – which includes pretty well everything that exists – to find something, anything, that will discredit Donald Trump. And the most remarkable result … Continue reading

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Interesting US development. Dem governor jumps ship!

Governor of West Virginia changes sides. The story from Ballotpedia. Switch makes 26th Republican trifecta and 34th Republican governorship Citing concerns with the direction of the party, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia announced that he would switch his party … Continue reading

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The distractors are complaining about the distractions they have caused

This story is almost beyond parody coming from the media, The Wall Street Journal in this case: Donald Trump: as Washington churns, world gets more dangerous. Listen to this loon: When folks here in Washington end a summer filled with … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is the President and that is a very good thing indeed

“Even his acolytes [?!] such as Steve Kates must be wondering what’s next from Donald J. Trump. The quote is from LIQ whose 2000+ years mouldering in the grave have left him sorely out of touch with the modern world. … Continue reading

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Who is Imran Awan and why is there not wall-to-wall coverage of his arrest?

I mention this only because it is the kind of thing that you will be able to find only on blogs and will be largely unreported in the media: Imran Awan Scandal Shows Just How Much Dirt Dems Wanted to … Continue reading

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