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Lost and Found in Australia

THE young volunteer killed when his truck was was flipped by a fire tornado while he and others were fighting the Green Valley blaze in Jingellic was farewelled today in Holbrook. Samuel McPaul, 28, has been described by Prime Minister … Continue reading

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The backlist of Dan Prawn – the Johnny Cash man

The History of Western Philosophy. Inspired by the book of the same name by Bertrand Russell. It morphs into the wonderful dialogue of Douglas Murray and John Anderson. Thanks and apologies to commentators, this is abbreviated to minimise the risk … Continue reading

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Not “killer trees” but killer governments in thrall to greens

Just look at this disgraceful jungle road in Gippsland. There should be 25 metre breaks on either side.

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Batt Man Returns

Kevin Rudd slams PM for claiming ‘first ever’ call out of reservists during bushfires.

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Jo Nova calls out fake news from the BOM

On Thursday 9th the Bureau of Meteorology released a statement that 2019 was Australia’s hottest year on record. Jo Nova used the most reliable source of information since 1979, the satellite monitoring system, to produce this picture of the annual … Continue reading

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The Bishops and Cardinal Pell: A Brief Backgrounder

THE feast day of St Stephen falls on 26 December – Boxing Day in former British Empire nations. The symbolism and timing of that is perfect. For millennia, the Church has had to solve numerous calendar conundrums, many of such … Continue reading

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The Greiner landslide of 1988. A warning to Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison

At the March 1988 election, Nick Greiner led the Coalition to a landslide victory in NSW to end a long period of Labor rule under Neville Wran. The Coalition scored a swing of over 8 percent and took 22 seats from … Continue reading

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Our brief moment in the sun

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A how-to guide to economic policy

For any single business, higher demand, all other things being equal, makes them more money and can often lead to an increase in the number of employees. For an entire economy, higher demand has no bearing either on real incomes … Continue reading

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John Stone: Deregulate or Perish!

Written some time ago this piece is as relevant as ever today while people are talking about economic headwinds with next to no reference to the two elephants in the room – power prices and red and green tape. This … Continue reading

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