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Tony Thomas is on fire!

Call 000, call the fire brigade, no call Connor Court and order a copy or two of his latest book on growing up a generation or two ago in the Deep West. Order the other one as well! He is … Continue reading

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Libertyfest – Mark Tier and Viv Forbes

One of the speakers in Brisbane was Mark Tier, not a household name but veteran of the original 1970s Workers Party and possibly a household name among investors and finance people. This is an interview with the editor of an … Continue reading

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Over thinking Australia Day

Now I’m sure there are some people who wake on January 26 and think about colonial oppression, and the superiority of western civilisation, and how Captain Cook (oops) stuck it to somebody. Most people wake up and think about when … Continue reading

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Alternative national anthem from Ambit Gambit

Once a merchant banker squatted up in Canberra He was as liberal as Liberals could be And he sang as he watched and waited for his NEG to boil This country needs cheaper energy. Etc. Check out some of the … Continue reading

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Meet the Heise Says Freedom Map

The map.

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Australia remains the freest country on the planet

Nowhere else is this any longer even possible. And then there was Bill Leak. But how long will it last? Full story: Newspaper doubles down with front page response to Serena Williams cartoon critics. And more from Andrew Bolt.

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Aborigines, Islanders apologise to their women

This is a story by Rick Morton, Social Affairs Writer with The Australian. It appeared on Sept 1, I missed it and don’t recall any commentary at the time. Looks like a step away from the victim culture towards responsibility. … Continue reading

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Another book from Tony Thomas

Judging from his last collection this should be a treasure. Tony is probably the second person after Liam Hudson who I would like for a travelling companion on a long train ride. The West – An insider’s tales: A romping … Continue reading

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“Killing goats to appease the volcano gods”

This is how our political troubles have been viewed in the US, at least according to the Crackpot News Network: Why not wreck the planet? It could save your political skin. Although already overtaken by events, there you may read: … Continue reading

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New PM: Scott Morrison

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