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Booth blowhard bothered by Bolt

Paws of fury: Singo’s house cat lashes out                                                                                       RAY Hadley has refused to give Andrew Bolt a live right of reply on 2GB after maliciously accusing the Herald Sun columnist and blogger of being a serial defender of paedophiles. Like … Continue reading

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So how will things now change?

Obviously not guilty from the start. And as sinister as the entire episode has been, possibly the most sinister part is that one’s political beliefs are an almost perfect dye marker for how one receives the decision. For the left, … Continue reading

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Predictable: legal team opts for boilerplate ‘high bar’ lament

Found out in the end, Cardinal George Pell’s accuser – no doubt briefed by his lawyer on PR tonality – pretends the system is to blame for not sustaining a bullshit story like his: It is difficult in child sex … Continue reading

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Moment of liberation: cheers, prayers and a juicy steak

It seems the Cardinal gave his first exclusive interview to the American Catholic News Agency. Good choice. “I was watching the television news in my cell when the news came through,” Pell told CNA, in an exclusive interview shortly after … Continue reading

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THERE will be something ironic and remarkably apt about an acquittal tomorrow for George Pell, if that’s what the High Court has decided. A man held in solitary confinement will be released into an imprisoned country. In light of the … Continue reading

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“Every one of us could be devastated by it”

That time the Federal government’s experts told grannys and five year-olds to always use condoms. Orlwiz. Now the same “experts” are telling politicians that lone paddle-boarders will cause ventilator queues.

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A Weak End At Bernie’s Expense

IN the past, so goes the cliché, many lunatic asylums had an inmate who thought he was Napoleon. In modern Australia, the “victims” of George Pell are equally easy to find. By describing “Bernie” as a brand “new” accuser and … Continue reading

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A rousing editorial in The Spectator

UPDATE. The theme of the editorial is recalibrating Australia to become “stronger and more self-reliant both culturally and economically”, starting with  a dig at the pampered public servants whose pay will be frozen for the duration. Then the concession that … Continue reading

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After Covid-19. The Renewable Energy virus

We are infected with the RE virus already but the symptoms up to date have been relatively mild unless you regard doubling power prices as a serious matter, and blackouts in out of the way  places like South Australia and … Continue reading

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How is the Cat family travelling?

LATE MAIL. Heads up for a thoughtful piece by our man in Tasmania Logic the First Casualty of the pandemic. Has any  of our family been infected? Any member of our immediate family and close friendship network? Any of our more … Continue reading

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