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Bush fire season is upon us and the blame game is in full swing. Before the area became ­national park, Mr Layer said, he would get permits to collect firewood from the state forests. Since the national park was declared … Continue reading

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11/11: Remembering the Norman conquest (and comedy)

It’s possible a jester somewhere in history lived his calling – come what may – in a fraught situation involving a ruthlessly ousted king and a gathering of his murderously livid courtiers. But I’m not aware of an example.

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Kings of Conformity

Hey, what’s the deal with Australia ending up with the world’s most cowardly comedians? There were few nationally known ‘comedians’ in Australia prior to Paul Hogan. In the pre-war era there were funnymen in film like George Wallace and C. … Continue reading

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It was twenty years ago today

In addition to celebrating the defeat of Malcolm Turnbull’s first exercise in nation-wrecking on this day, we can also happily remember the role a humble poet played prior to the failed republic referendum of 6 November 1999. It was Les … Continue reading

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The Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released an interim report yesterday. The document is a sad reflection of the horrific evidence of cruelty and incompetence presented to that inquiry since its establishment by Scott Morrison last September. … Continue reading

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You’re going to need a bigger float

Australians admire Winx more than Scott Morrison. They admired Phar Lap more than Stanley Melbourne Bruce. The thoroughbred tops the pantheon of creatures we revere. Celebrated in verse, song and statuary, horses helped build the nation and remain part of … Continue reading

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Market-based medicine

Australia does have as near as I can tell the best healthcare system in the world, although like every system, it no doubt could be better. The other three I know best are the Canadian, the British and the American … Continue reading

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For they were jolly good fellows

It will be a shame if the Liberal Party’s 75th anniversary celebration this weekend is overshadowed by a growing scandal about old horses being sent to the knackery. But let’s be kind and celebrate the party’s two greatest achievements. First: … Continue reading

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Live blogging the rugby league grand final

Just in case anyone is interested. The Official Site. I have just got an invitation to go out that I can’t refuse so I probably won’t be able to participate actively. Footage from the finals 1966 to 2018. Check out … Continue reading

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Australia in the news

I have to say I have reached a saturation point on impeachment and girl-warrior attacking global warming. So a bit of change of pace. Donald Trump asked Morrison to help probe origins of Mueller inquiry. Scott Morrison has confirmed Donald … Continue reading

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