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Of course Australia would


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Who owns the banks?

This morning Chris Mitchell had a go at the ABC: Business writers who do not understand such things should not be writing in the area. Those who wilfully conflate turnover and pro­fit should be run out of journalism. Alberici is … Continue reading

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Abbott misses the boat (Again)

This op-ed from a year ago came up on my Facebook feed and I thought I’d repost it as it is still current and timely. +++***+++ I have an op-ed in the AFR dealing with Tony Abbott’s comments about immigration and housing … Continue reading

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The One Australia Policy

Two letters to The Oz yesterday responding to a column from the day before. There is nowhere in the world like Australia, but we will ruin ourselves if we do not understand that a One Australia Policy is the only … Continue reading

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Early contender for the Bernard Salt smashed avo award

In the early running it’s … Bernard Salt. Here’s a series of dangerous ideas. Work hard, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, build good relationships, learn skills, save for a deposit for a house, spend time with your kids, invest in … Continue reading

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International recognition for John Hyde

Thanks to a feed from the indefatigable Ron Manners. Thank you John! The subject of the tenth essay in this Heroes for Liberty from Around the Globe series is a man I was fortunate to meet in person in Perth, … Continue reading

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In praise of Greg Lindsay

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David Leyonhjelm on Rationalising Suicide

Suicide is a challenging topic, particularly when it involves young people with so much of their lives ahead of them. The loss of a valued friend or colleague can also be very painful. Thankfully the days of prosecuting people for … Continue reading

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Media will be media

So we’ve all had a giggle had the government’s misfortune at disposing of filing cabinets full of government documents. I expect there will be an investigation and several individuals will be tendering their notices and pursuing other interests and/or spending … Continue reading

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Tony Thomas for quiet achiever of the year

Here is a hidden treasure, a stockpile of journalistic weapons to fight economic illiterates, communist sympathisers and biased and incompetent journalists. He has been posting on Quadrant on Line for years and I didn’t look often or closely enough to … Continue reading

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