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Martin Parkinson misses the point (again)

So Martin Parkinson gave a speech during the week talking about US economic diplomacy – okay not a bad speech as far as I can see. Yet something very different got reported in the media – I suspect the off-the-cuff … Continue reading

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Triggs on her way out

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Gillian Triggs, president of the Human Rights Commission, will not have her contract renewed next year. Kind of pathetic actually.

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Inequality in Australia

Some intellectual hack in the ALP wrote a book to tell us that inequality took off in Australia during the 1970s. What was the big event of the early ’70s? Think 1972.

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Cross Post: Marcus They Get How Much at the Human Rights Commission?!

By now, everyone is aware of Bill Leak’s infamous cartoon. TMR has elected to reproduce it here as a firmly extended central digit to the left – which loves taking offense for the sake of taking offense and which specialises in encouraging … Continue reading

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Bob Day – A message from Tim Andrews

Yesterday afternoon we learned the devastating news that Bob Day is facing potential bankruptcy due to circumstances outside of his control. Bob Day has been more than a campaigner for sound public policy. He is someone who has sacrificed himself in dedicating … Continue reading

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There should be an app for that

So first a story from self-confessed hardened criminal driver Jim Allan: … off to work this morning at 7:30am and I turn left onto this street [that has a 40kmh speed limit] and happen to find myself behind a car … Continue reading

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Bob Day

As many Cats would now know Senator Bob Day has had to resign from the Senate. This is a massive loss to Australia and sound governance. It is also a massive tragedy for Bob and his family. Bob has been … Continue reading

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Brandis v Gleeson

Maybe some of the legal/political types can explain what is going on here. As far as I can work out Justin Gleeson as the Solicitor-General is the “lawyer to the executive branch of government”. He provides legal advice to the … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

Liberty Quote Why has it taken people like my friends at the Institute of Public Affairs, some of my colleagues in the coalition, columnists, editorial writers and writers of letters to the editors of the newspapers to get a debate … Continue reading

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Government spending creates government jobs

The federal department that is meant to help Australian business is pouring almost half its budget into its own administration, leaving taxpayers with a $150 million annual bill before a cent has been spent on expanding local ­employment opportunities. Source.

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