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Wise words

The values of ordinary voters never were the social media values of Left environmentalism, feminist fundamentalism, asylum-seeker advocacy and anti-business hysteria. Voters may tolerate such enthusiasms, especially among the young, in times of prosperity, but in the low-wages growth post-GFC … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams The real story of the Q Society dinner

Jacqueline Maley’s report of Thursday night’s Sydney Q Society dinner published on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website on Friday has caused an explosion of outrage throughout the political class, the media commentariat and on social media in the subsequent 48 … Continue reading

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“A healthy and necessary re-assertion of the primacy of the nation-state”

Trump’s America First theme in his inauguration did not in the least worry me since it was pro-American and not anti-anyone else. I am Australia First in the same kind of way. We have created our own way of life … Continue reading

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As the streets flood in Sydney and its 44 at Cunnamulla

Dorothea McKellar said it a century before extreme weather was invented:)

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It is the values, stupid

A magnificent, and correct, diagnosis: Why the seemingly sudden rejection here and around the world? Is it the spin, the broken promises, the talking points, the slogans, the leaking, the entitlements scandals, the white cars? No, many these of these … Continue reading

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Warren Mundine dumped

I discovered via The Bolt Report that Warren Mundine has been dumped as chair of the Indigenous Advisory Council. Not only is the notion of Warren Mundine being dumped quite astonishing but even more astonishing is that this story doesn’t … Continue reading

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Australia Day awards controversy

Terry Barnes has an op-ed in the Spectator on Julia Gillard’s Australia Day award. We should respect the office, even if we don’t respect the occupant, and therefore we should at least show some grace in an outward recognition of … Continue reading

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Surrender is victory

Ian MacFarlane is a Liberal former minister of the crown: As we celebrate Australia Day today and reflect on what a great nation this is, we should also pause to think about what we can do to make it greater. … Continue reading

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Happy “Invasion” Day

As always there is a kerfuffle over Australia Day – it is getting a bit boring but here are two interesting perspectives: Warren Mundine All Australians, including indigenous Australians, should be able to celebrate our country, its achievements and unique … Continue reading

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Australia Day and the divisive agenda of the grievance industry

Another reminder of the Break-Up Australia agenda which is behind the push for Constitutional reform. Breaking news, a decent Australian of the Year.

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