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Questions that demand answers

Tim Blair in the Daily Telegraph: By the way, are any of our multicultural friends on the Left in any way troubled by the apparent contradiction in denouncing immigration 230 years ago but supporting it now? Why are current opponents … Continue reading

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RIP Barry Williams, skeptic and all round good bloke

Barry Williams died this morning. We were friends for many decades and I am not sure of his age which was probably approaching 80. He was never a prominent mover and shaker although for some years through the ’80s to … Continue reading

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Jo Nova on the power situation in SA and Victoria

Not a pretty sight. SA is the mendicant state today, as you would expect. Liberty Quote Very few people, even among environmentalists, have truly faced up to what the science is telling us. This is because the implications of 3C, … Continue reading

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A grasshopper’s view of an ancient fable

An ancient fable updated by Karabar on a previous thread. As he says: “This one is a little different. Two Different Versions. Two Different Morals.” First the original, then the modern. OLD VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering … Continue reading

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I think they think we’re idiots

From the great Canadian blog Small Dead Animals: Y2Kyoto: Blunder Down Under Let’s take a visit to clean, green Australia where they gave up coal… In Australia, peak summer is about to hit in a post-Hazelwood-electricity-grid. There’s a suite of committee reports … Continue reading

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Mayhem in Melbourne for reasons utterly unknown to the police

Having just crossed the road on a couple of occasions in the past week in front of Flinders Street station at Elizabeth it is odd to be thinking of these things and watching events unfold from Sydney where I am … Continue reading

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The poetry of F.C. Meyer and why he is still discussed today

Discussed here: “The joy of ‘real’ bad poetry lies, of course, in the fact that it is unconsciously bad” but comes via Ace of Spades. It’s the kind of thing that makes me proud to be an Australian. And yet, … Continue reading

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The only thing Obama ever said I can wholeheartedly agree with

From The Australian via Andrew Bolt: It’s one of former ambassador Kim Beazle y’s favourite White House stories: the time Tony Abbott met Barack Obama in the Oval Office. “I was deeply worried,” Beazley told an audience gathered for a superannuation conference in Sydney yesterday. “It … Continue reading

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“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four … Continue reading

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Managed trade is not free trade

I don’t think I am reading this chart wrong. It’s from The Australian in its front page story today: Free-trade rollback to hit jobs, pay. And there are all the benefits, such as the rise in real wages, which was … Continue reading

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