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ABC chairman thinking of the children

The ABC’s chairman, Justin Milne, gave a speech today justifying the expense that is the ABC. That, and Michelle Guthrie’s speech last month, is a gift that will give for some time. Today I want to focus on his “dear-god-will-nobody-think-of-the-children” ploy. … Continue reading

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ABC is deliberately misleading

There has been a great hullabaloo surrounding Chris Berg and my book Against Public Broadcasting:  Why and how we should privatise the ABC.  Even before it was published The Guardian and Senator Kristina Keneally began pushing the line that this book was … Continue reading

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When political correctness becomes dangerous

At the expense of igniting lefty outrage I’m going to admit to having climbed Uluru. Now while I’m not an athlete, I am in fairly good shape (almost round) for a man my age, and not that far off the … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on nuclear necessity

Deputy NSW Premier John Barilaro is in the headlines for acknowledging a simple fact, that nuclear energy is inevitable in Australia. Hysterical opposition from those with little knowledge about nuclear power has already begun. The problem with any discussion on … Continue reading

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The Liberals are not libertarians

Chris Kenny has a rather unusual op-ed in the Australian this morning. The online headline seems to have changed from what I remember reading at about 8am but the gist the story remains the same. Howard has talked about the … Continue reading

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Lions led by donkeys

Is there a connection, having among the best athletes in the world with some of the stupidest sports officials. Let me take you to the case of Dawn Fraser. Dawn Fraser is regarded as the finest female sprint swimmer of … Continue reading

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Hangars pour hommes

The Women’s Collective decide that it is time for a woman to head a major French company and the film explains how they go about it. And then from Australia, Bettina Arndt on Men’s Sheds: About the story, she writes: … Continue reading

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Australians in the news

This story is everywhere across the American net today: Australian diplomat whose tip prompted FBI’s Russia-probe has tie to Clintons. What it means to us is hard to say, but this is an example of how it is being looked … Continue reading

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Political correctness at QANTAS

Just recently I was discussing the finer points of international law with a QANTAS hostie … No. Wait. Actually, I wasn’t. I was probably asking for a Jack Daniels on the rocks. Quite frankly, I don’t really care if the … Continue reading

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Of course Australia would


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