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Warren Mundine on the Uluru Statement

Warren Mundine had a very thoughtful op-ed on the Uluru Statement  in the AFR yesterday. One is there be “a First Nations Voice enshrined in the constitution”. The statement doesn’t detail what this means but the idea comes from a … Continue reading

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Breaking: Tom Switzer to head up the CIS

The AFR are reporting: Former journalist with The Australian Financial Review Tom Switzer will be announced as the successor to Greg Lindsay as head of the Sydney-based Centre for Independent Studies. Mr Lindsay founded the influential libertarian think tank in … Continue reading

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Request for information

I have put two requests for information into the ABC: On Q&A guest Lawrence Krauss made the following statement, “You’re more right (sic) likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you” in relation to … Continue reading

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Posthumous guest post from 1985. The Austrian Key

By Leo Dunbar, Age Monthly Review, 1985. The economic affairs of many countries and the dismal science itself are in a very sorry state. The Keynesian revolution has delivered the twin spectres of inflation and unemployment. People search for solutions … Continue reading

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And yet …

Tony Abbott has an excellent op-ed in The Australian this morning: We read and reread great speeches not just for what they say about other times, but for what they say about ours. Great speeches don’t just speak to their … Continue reading

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Trump likes Australian health care which Democrats think is a single-payer system

Australia’s health care system is the best in the world. It happened by accident with Whitlam having introduced Medibank in 1975 and Fraser having been flummoxed about what to do did nothing other than allow a parallel system of private … Continue reading

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The ABC owes Peter Dutton an apology

The ABC has been running this story about a 5-year old and Peter Dutton’s version of events for some time. I haven’t paid too much attention because it looked to me to be one of those he-said she said stories. … Continue reading

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Hayek in Australia

A reminder of times past. Dusting off this paper for a talk to the History of Economic Thought conference in September. The paper mentions the abuse that economic rationalists copped from both sides of the House in this days. Some … Continue reading

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Adversity is good for the soul

Read this if you can bear it: David Archibald’s WA election diary. This is how it starts: I have had more than ten years before the mast fighting the global-warmers. Early on in that interminable campaign, when I talked to … Continue reading

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My citizenship might be revoked

The government is proposing stricter rules on new citizenship applications. Looking at the questions I suspect they are substituting some no-brainers for problematic questions. The no-brainers: * Does Australia’s principle of freedom of religion mean that it is permissible to … Continue reading

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