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Trump the Great Debate live blog

At Freedomfest in LV again and today we have a debate on Donald Trump, pro and con, with DJT now PDT. [The original has now been edited six hours later when I finally got back to the room.] The contestants … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Philippa Martyr When will Malcolm Turnbull’s time as Prime Minister end?

Since the retirement of Samuel J we never have Catallaxy surveys any more, and I do miss them. Remember the gay old days when we were allowed to rank our worst governments? And vote on just who did shoot JFK? … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 32 – Earth Hour (closed)


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Catallaxy 2013 annual report

Click here for the 2013 annual report courtesy of Jetpack

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50th anniversary of Doctor Who

The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast the day after the assassination of JFK. So happy 50th anniversary to Doctor Who. Here is a thread for you to air your best and worst Doctor Who moments. Vale William Hartnell … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 30 – think tanks

In light of talk about the IPA, let’s see how many Cat readers support other think tanks (I’ve included the Friends of the ABC even though it isn’t really a think tank). When compiling this list, I notice that the … Continue reading

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The JFK survey – Catallaxy survey 29

I have a post scheduled for the 50th anniversary of the instant that JFK was assassinated (12:30 US Central Standard Time, 22 November 2013), so you will have a chance to write your thoughts then. But in preparation for the … Continue reading

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No one ostracised this year

As no one person received 30 per cent of the votes cast (893), there will be no ostracism this year. Suggestions for future surveys are welcome. The top votes were Steve from Brisbane: 67 (8 per cent of the votes cast) … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 28 – ostracism – closed

Thanks to those who nominated people for the previous survey. Here they are in alphabetical order – all you can do is vote for one person to be ostracised from the list, or for no one to be ostracised. A … Continue reading

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The ostracism survey – Catallaxy survey 27 – closed

Some years ago (I can’t find the link) I wrote about the Ancient Athenian practice of ostracism – where the people voted for one person to be expelled from Athens for a period of 10 years, with their property protected … Continue reading

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