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Stephen Hicks, Douglas Murray and The Madness of Crowds

Canadian libertarian philosopher Dr. Stephen Hicks is coming to Melbourne in March to offer some signposts in the mysterious cultural landscape of current-day political correctness and postmodernism. He will address options and strategies moving forward. There is a special 20% discount … Continue reading

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Watch your six, Sam Neill

A very unladylike Laura Tingle to a mild critic of the ABC (who helps pay her gargantuan salary): “Go fuck yourself.” Self-appointed weather Beria, Malcolm Turnbull, breaks out an emoji and swoons with admiration.

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Attack this synagogue, bro, and see what happens

Orthodox Jews seen open carrying rifles in Rockland County, NY following a string of anti-semitic attacks in NYC, including last night’s stabbing attack inside a synagogue in Monsey, NY that left 5 stabbed – 1 in critical condition.

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The critics are right, of course. Get a kimino that fits, mate.

Barrister criticised for killing fox with baseball bat while wearing wife’s ‘too small’ kimono on Boxing Day.

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Pharisees condemn Abbott for imitating Christ

TONY Abbott has visited his old friend George Pell at the Melbourne Assessment Prison. The Cardinal is being held in solitary confinement (regarded as a form of torture by the UN). It seems a prison officer – possibly on retainer … Continue reading

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High Court will have to overturn itself to reject Pell appeal

Law scholar Russel Marks – writing at the left-of-centre The Saturday Paper – explains why. Time and time again, the High Court has asserted this test, and it is surprising how often state appeal courts depart from it. It’s called … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has the home team advantage outside Washington

This was at the World Series game held at the centre of the swamp. This was at the White House where Trump welcomed the Nationals who had won the World Series. And this is from the LSU-Alabama game played yesterday … Continue reading

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He won’t be intimidated by this 77 year-old grandmother

My Saturday column. Fire at will. See if I care.Dear Mrs Court, honouring a homophobic zealot is problematic for us via @smh — Peter FitzSimons (@Peter_Fitz) November 8, 2019 You know what’s sad? That a scribbler who spends so … Continue reading

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War on drugs has officially gone to the dogs

An unnamed senior constable has told the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) hearing into last year’s Splendour in the Grass debacle that he was just following the lead of a dog. That’s not a comedic exaggeration. He testified that he … Continue reading

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The worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time

I have been working away at my next book which is on classical economics, which was the highpoint of economic theory, from whence economics has been in precipitous decline since falling into the hands of socialists and academics (did I … Continue reading

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