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“A society based upon the opinion of civilians”

This is from Winston Churchill, found as the opening words of Daniel Hannan’s wonderful How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters: “There are few words which are used more loosely than the word “Civilization.” What does it mean? It … Continue reading

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Heads up on crisis in care for people with intellectual handicaps

Our regular threadster Tinta implores Cats to watch 60 Minutes tonight . Liz Hayes will look at matters that consume the lives of many and have certainly consumed my peace of mind for the last 20 years. Sadly the NDIS … Continue reading

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Mikayla Novak on civil society

My RMIT colleague Mikayla Novak has the lead article in the latest issue of Cosmos + Taxis. From the abstract: I depict civil society as a complex and adaptive phenomenon. Individuals and groups within civil society interact with each other … Continue reading

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