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The Greiner landslide of 1988. A warning to Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison

At the March 1988 election, Nick Greiner led the Coalition to a landslide victory in NSW to end a long period of Labor rule under Neville Wran. The Coalition scored a swing of over 8 percent and took 22 seats from … Continue reading

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Who governs Australia?

Here is Morgan Begg in The Australian: Bureaucrats are using Australia’s foreign-influence laws to run a covert political operation out of the Attorney-General’s Department to silence Australians because of their political beliefs, all under the nose of the Coalition government. Here … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott is a treasonous commie

I have been having FAR TOO MUCH fun recently mocking the journalist class for their new found concern over national security laws. While they were playing silly buggers, whack-a-libertarian, and preaching on high to we lessor mortals the parliament passed … Continue reading

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An employment contract is not slavery

Christian Porter in The Australian: Most Australians perhaps think that businesses have gone, large businesses in particular, a little bit too far in telling them how to live their lives and what they can and can’t say in their spare … Continue reading

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What exactly is to be done?

Here’s the challenge, but where’s the plan? Let’s stand up to globalist cant. There we find written: Journalist Sebastian Haffner, writing on Hitler’s rise in Germany, refers to the ­absence of conservative resistance: “They went along with everything: the terror, … Continue reading

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Too smart for their own good

This post got me thinking about something I have noticed for quite some time: Why the smartest people can make the dumbest mistakes. Before going on let me take you to the heart of it. As you will see, the … Continue reading

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CPAC Day 3

Another great day. Serious coaching on planning and executing campaigns, not a non-left strong point. The good news is that all the presentations will be sent out for circulation to people who gave particulars on the spot and they can … Continue reading

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CPAC Australia Day 2

Just a brief post before I put my weary bones to bed after a night of carousing, conservatively, at the end of the second very full day of the very first Australian Conservative Political Action Conference. So overloaded with interest … Continue reading

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Kristina Keneally wins CPAC Award

Senator Kristina Keneally has sensationally taken out the inaugural Australian CPAC Promotion Award for the person who has done the most to promote the conference.This was a popular decision. The assembly greeted the announcement with tumultuous applause. Ms Keneally was … Continue reading

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Sinc vs the mob

  At CPAC Sinc is on stage following Renee Gorman and downstairs a mob is banging on the glass doors. A strong contingent of boys in blue is on site. Nigel Farage was sensational!!!

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