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Sean Stein Smith: How Are 5G and Libra Connected?

Much has been written about the struggles that Libra, spearheaded by Facebook, has been facing since the original white paper was launched in June. The testimony provided by the head of the program, David Marcus, did very little to take the heat off the project … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: Trump Wins the Trade War. Everyone Else Loses

The 70-year global progress toward freer trade is permanently reversed so long as the Republicans hold the White House. That’s the message of the non-deal trade deal just announced between the U.S. and China. It’s a deal that reduces no … Continue reading

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Donald J. Boudreaux: Is Trump’s Ultimate Goal Global Free Trade?

The economic case against protectionism is practically invincible. While theoretical curiosities can be described in which an import tariff (or an export subsidy) yields to the people of the home country net economic gains, the conditions that must prevail for … Continue reading

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George Gilder: The Huawei Test

“Don’t solve problems.” So advised the late patriarch of management theory Peter Drucker. What could Drucker have meant? Problem-solving is the chief preoccupation and agenda of nearly all business managers and their companies. But when you “solve problems,” as Huawei’s … Continue reading

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Zeev Vinokurov: The ‘lawyer X case’ shows how drug laws undermine the justice system

An outrageous injustice is currently being investigated before a Royal Commission in Melbourne – the case of Lawyer X, now revealed as Nicola Gobbo, who represented many of the most infamous figures in the city’s gangland wars of the nineties … Continue reading

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Peter Swan AO: David Murray exposes decay of corporate board box-tickers

David Murray has had a distinguished record as CEO of the Commonwealth Bank from 1992 to 2005. He headed the recent inquiry into the Australian Financial System. He has now been handed a poisoned chalice in the form of the … Continue reading

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Iain Murray: The Platform Economy Can Change the World

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute launches its new video about the platform economy. Platforms are an ancient way of doing business—think of matchmakers, city fairs, and town markets—that bring together two or more parties to make economic transactions. Today, digital … Continue reading

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Tim Worstall: Automation Isn’t Nearly as Disruptive as You Might Think

Another day, another bloodcurdling report about how robots are going to steal all our jobs and smash all that is holy about the dignity of work. This time it’s from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and they tell us that by the 2040s some 30 percent … Continue reading

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Donald J. Boudreaux: Earning Billions Impoverishes Nobody—Quite the Opposite

The Quotation of the Day is from page 4 of Alan Reynolds’s excellent 2006 book, Income and Wealth (original emphasis): The two young founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, quickly made something like $12 billion each by greatly facilitating our … Continue reading

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Terry Barnes: The Big Public Health donkeys

Public health Pooh-Bah bullies are at it again. With the Victorian and federal elections heaving into sight, this week a coalition of twenty-four public health and medical organisations, including the Cancer Council Victoria and the Australian Medical Associations, issued a … Continue reading

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