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Terry Barnes: Simon Chapman defends disruptive new technology

In Wednesday’s Australian Financial Review, public health academic and media commentator Simon Chapman came out in strong support of a new, disruptive technology. Talking to AFR journalist Jill Margo, Chapman was eager to debunk theories about this technology and claims that it leads … Continue reading

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Allan Golombek: Technology’s Creative Destruction Is Pro-Worker

Fears of AI seem to be everywhere. One of its favorite hang-outs is, where several books — such as Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots  — predict the end of work. They follow a well-tread path. Twenty-two years ago, Jeremy Rifkin … Continue reading

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John Adams: Hanson and Bernardi face a looming Senate showdown

With speculation rampant that the Coalition will take Australians to an early federal election in September 2018 to avoid a spate of state election campaigns, political manoeuvrings have already begun in the race for New South Wales’ sixth senate spot … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: What Gave Bitcoin Its Value?

This article was written in 2014. ~++~ Many people who have never used bitcoin look at it with confusion. Why does this magic Internet money have any value at all? It’s just some computer thing that someone made up. Consider … Continue reading

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Jeffrey A. Tucker: An Aesthetic of Liberty

Liberty-minded people are doing a lot of soul-searching these days. It’s probably needed. In case you haven’t heard, many academic and media observers are on a hunt to discover the origin of the bizarre and violent alt-right (Klan, Nazi, and … Continue reading

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Brittany Hunter: Technology Is Not Pro-Monopoly

In the fourth chapter of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, he specifically addresses the issue of monopolies. Specifically, the myth “that technological changes have made competition impossible in a constantly increasing number of fields and that the only choice left … Continue reading

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Richard Ebeling: All Government Powers are based on Mystical Justifications

It is one of the great political mysteries: the success of governments in ruling over societies with little popular resistance, even when those governments have been brutal tyrannies. Modern states have their origins in conquest and plunder. This has been … Continue reading

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Marian Tupy: How the Debate on Climate Change Is Cooling Down

In a previous column, I noted that the typical audience reaction to my talks about the improving state of the world is not joy and thankfulness for the progress that humanity is making in tackling age-old problems such as infant mortality, malnutrition, … Continue reading

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The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics

The blockchain is a digital, decentralised, distributed ledger. Most explanations for the importance of the blockchain start with Bitcoin and the history of money. But money is just the first use case of the blockchain. And it is unlikely to be … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Bitcoin investors should be taxed like any other investor

Despite its name, cryptocurrency isn’t just money. It could also be debt or equity and so it should be regulated and taxed in the same way as other finance. The tokens investors get when they buy a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, … Continue reading

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