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Cross Post: Jim Rose When two refugees from the Khmer Rouge found paradise on Earth

When a Cambodian man and his pregnant wife, having fled the Khmer Rouge, were on the bus from Sydney Airport, they quickly concluded that they were in paradise. They slept on top of the blankets of the neatly made bed … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Georgina Downer on Syria

There are seminal moments in a US presidency, often sadly sparked by catastrophe. Recall the Srebrenica Massacre for Bill Clinton and 9/11 for George W Bush. Likewise, Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria marked a turning point for Donald … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Mark Latham Left, right and all wrong

IN this age of political disruption, there’s one phenomenon we should all be able to agree on. It’s something attitudinal researchers have noticed: as people become more affluent, they focus more intensely on questions of social reform and control. Having … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Zeev Vinokurov How government increases housing prices

Australia’s housing prices are astronomical. Indeed, compared to local salaries, Australian cities are among the world’s most unaffordable places to live. But you may not know why. The startling truth is that housing unaffordability is a costly, unfortunate consequence of … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Marcus WA Labor to Put Perth Mod Children Into High Rise CBD Towers

Would you send your children to school in a 16-25 story office tower where there are no ovals or playgrounds? I didn’t think so. Concerned citizen of Perth has brought my attention to this absolute disgrace which has been completely … Continue reading

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Cross post: John Adams It’s over

The Prime Minister must accept full responsibility for the political predicament facing the government and his leadership. Writing for the Daily Telegraph and appearing on the ABC’s the DRUM on 10 June 2016, three weeks before the last election, I … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes Dear Malcolm: better to die on your feet than live on your knees

Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata once said, “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. Contrast Malcolm Turnbull. Our Prime Minister is like Napoleon in Russia in 1812. He’s retreating from his electoral Moscow, harassed and attacked … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Robert Murray An Age of Decrepitude

After almost a lifetime of reading theAge, Melbourne’s 162-year-old morning news­paper, I am debating whether to cancel my subscription. This is not so much about digital technology as, in the words of a veteran ex-subscriber friend, because the paper is … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Adam Piggott Robert Gottliebsen has no business being a business columnist.

Writing in The Australian Robert Gottliebsen attempts to make the claim that the CEO of Australia Post is not overpaid. Currently the CEO, Ahmed Fahour, is the highest paid public servant in Australia and the highest paid national post service … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Colin Mendelsohn Australia’s looming e-cigarette ban robs smokers of a chance to quit

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) recent interim decision to effectively ban nicotine-containing e-cigarettes is a harsh blow to smokers. Australian smokers will be denied access to life-saving technology estimated to have helped millions of smokers to quit overseas. Those … Continue reading

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