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Cross post: “World Health Organization Uses Exclusion to Silence Debate” Says Former Australian Minister

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been severely criticised in a comprehensive report launched today by former Australian Government Minister, Dr Gary Johns, who claims that a forthcoming WHO international tobacco convention lacks the transparency and dialogue which underpin United … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Graham Young Is Sam Dastyari eligible to be a senator?

Under Section 44 of the Australian Constitution there is every chance that Sam Dastyari is inelegible to sit as a senator. Section 44 says: 44. Any person who – (i) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Zeev Vinokurov Let the market unchain indigenous communities

The problem that has sparked the Royal Commission on juvenile detention is much broader than the way in which children are treated in prison. It is the system that led to the mass incarceration of indigenous children in the first … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Jeffrey Tucker Five Differences Between the Alt-Right and Libertarianism

Well, Hillary Clinton has gone and done it. To the cheers of alt-righters everywhere, those angry lords of the green frog meme who hurl edgy un-PC insults at everyone to their left, the Democratic nominee has put them on the … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Liberalism vs the Good: An Interview with James Kalb

James Kalb is a lawyer, independent scholar, and Catholic convert who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Here I talk to him about the critique of liberalism that he elaborates in his two works, the most recent of which is Against … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Roger Franklin – Groping for a Story at the ABC

Of all the improbable misdeeds in the ABC’s recent exploration of Cardinal Pell’s alleged mischief in public swimming pools none are quite so jaw-dropping as the failure to wonder just how difficult it might be to slip a large, sly … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams – Time to consider the death penalty for drug dealers

Australia requires a radically new approach in waging the war on drugs. Despite the government’s best efforts, Australia is currently awash with illegal narcotics and Australians have globally the highest or close to the highest per capita illicit drug usage … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams – The hard right is too split to split

Despite the current euphoria, the success of Australian conservatism as a distinctive political force will be limited by its own lack of intellectual and policy depth. Conservatives across Australia are buoyed by the federal election outcome, which saw a record … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Peter Swan – Experienced shareholders better than independent directors for business

Businesses benefit from having substantial shareholders as directors on audit committees, but only when they are utilising swing trades, new research shows. The research compares the presence of these experienced directors as opposed to independent directors in management of Australian … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Marcus – Aldi Bad, BWS Good

The latest WA liquor licensing fiasco surrounding retailer Aldi provides yet another example of ill-conceived and wasteful government intervention. This time, the main argument is that Aldi wants to sell its liquor too cheaply. No, I’m not joking: Aldi’s plans to sell alcohol … Continue reading

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