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Cross Post: Morgan Begg Revealed: how your taxes fund the 18c Fan Club

One of the most obvious features of the parliamentary inquiry into section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has been the volume of government agencies and government-funded left-wing interest groups that have contributed to the body of submissions. These beneficiaries … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Philip Thompson High Taxes And Plain Packaging Fund North Korean Nukes And Terrorists

In just first few weeks of 2017 police over the world have been busy seizing counterfeit cigarettes. In Ireland investigators, including Detector Dog Alfie, seized 60,000 illegal cigarettes with a street value of €32,500 ($34,000 USD), just beating out the … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes Time to call out the public health boot boys and their media droogs

This week the public health Pooh-Bahs opened self-righteous fire on yet another front. A public health Pooh-Bah is a self-appointed guru convinced utterly their own rightness, who delights in telling the rest of us how to live and brook no … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Allan Hird Patrick Smith ignores the truth in his articles on my son James Hird

On Wednesday on Melbourne radio, The Australian’s columnist Patrick Smith claimed the purpose of his two articles about my son James Hird was to protect the truth. I find that risible. In my opinion, his “truth” is a distortion of … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Richard Holden Printing more money isn’t the answer to all economic ills

Economists did not predict the financial crisis of 2007, nor did we predict that advent of secular stagnation that has followed. Those events have shaken the economic and political world. Our theories need work. Maybe a lot of work. But … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams Australian of the Year

Without question, the most internationally famous, influential and impactful Australian in 2016 is Julian Assange. Through Wikileaks, Assange had a big hand in the 2016 US presidential race through the publications of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes Every cloud has a silver lining

Notwithstanding investigations under way into stood-aside Health minister Sussan Ley’s touching fondness for the Gold Coast, it now appears she has crossed the line on survivability. Yesterday’s revelation by Fairfax reporters that Ley spent more than $13,000 of our money … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams The coming storm

The election of Donald Trump has increased Australia’s strategic vulnerability in the Asia-Pacific region. Trump’s policy of ‘America first’ and his doctrine of policy unpredictability has caused significant alarm among America’s traditional allies who rely on America for military protection … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Rachel Moore You are the racist, actually, not me

I’m an Orthodox Jewish settler raising seven children in the West Bank. I’m also an American citizen and I voted for Donald Trump. Yeah, I’m that lady. I opened a local business here, and I did so on purpose — … Continue reading

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Cross post: John Adams We must resist the war on cash

Australians must resist the international war on cash. Across the world, a major effort is underway, led by international financial institutions, to reduce the ability of citizens holding large denominations of physical currency notes thereby encouraging them to hold money … Continue reading

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