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Cross-Post: Parnell McGuinness: Same Sex Marriage ‘yes’ campaign could lose if mismanaged

Australians who have not yet made up their minds on same-sex marriage are now embarking on a “journey” which many politicians only recently completed. It looks like most will arrive at the same destination, but without the whiff of political … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Jeffrey A. Tucker Millennials Are Obsessed with Cryptoassets

Now, this is revealing. The New York Times ran a piece on Bitcoin with this sentence: “from less than a cent in early 2010 to around $2,600 currently.” The problem is that when the story went live, the price was … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Tony Abbott Reform in the age of populism: The new Battlelines

Wherever the Abbott government didn’t need to pass legislation through an intractable senate, decisions were made and decisions were put into practice: the boats were stopped; national security was strengthened; and a big project in limbo for decades, the Western … Continue reading

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Cross Post: John Adams Bernardi fails national economic test

Update: The Spectator cut a paragraph from John’s original op-ed. It is restored below in bold. ~*~ Senator Cory Bernardi, as the leader of Australian Conservatives, has failed his first critical national economic test. A fortnight ago, Bernardi issued his weekly ‘common sense’ e-mail to supporters calling on Australia … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Brendan Pearson Why is Australia the only place in Asia where HELE coal generation isn’t clean?

The central organising principle of the Finkel review is the adoption of a technology neutral approach to energy policy. Although that is an important step forward, the review falls short of its own guiding principle in two fundamental respects. First, the … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Pointman Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.

If you look at the political headlines lately, the press and TV are really running two stories to the exclusion of all else. The first is Trump firing James Comey as FBI director. It’s a bone they just can’t let … Continue reading

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Cross post: Terry Barnes Time to scrap the rebates

Malcolm Turnbull almost lost an election because he had no health policy. Bill Shorten and Labor’s blatant, fabricated ‘Mediscare’, claiming secret Coalition plans to privatise Medicare, succeeded because Turnbull left a vacuum that Labor dishonestly filled. With Treasurer Scott Morrison’s … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Jim Rose When two refugees from the Khmer Rouge found paradise on Earth

When a Cambodian man and his pregnant wife, having fled the Khmer Rouge, were on the bus from Sydney Airport, they quickly concluded that they were in paradise. They slept on top of the blankets of the neatly made bed … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Georgina Downer on Syria

There are seminal moments in a US presidency, often sadly sparked by catastrophe. Recall the Srebrenica Massacre for Bill Clinton and 9/11 for George W Bush. Likewise, Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria marked a turning point for Donald … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Mark Latham Left, right and all wrong

IN this age of political disruption, there’s one phenomenon we should all be able to agree on. It’s something attitudinal researchers have noticed: as people become more affluent, they focus more intensely on questions of social reform and control. Having … Continue reading

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