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Platform economies face competition

One of the arguments we (often) hear is that the new digital business model (so-called platform economies) will operate in a winner-take-all market. That we will be inundated with monopolies. Certainly that is the line anti-trust regulators are pushing – … Continue reading

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Crony capitalism at work: Will nobody think of the children

It has been painful watching the often sensible Adam Creighton and normally sensible Paul Kelly contort themselves in praise of the ACCC report hit-job on social media platforms this week. Paul Kelly’s effort in The Australian this morning is magnificent … Continue reading

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Representative democracy is an 18th century technology

This picture turned up in my twitter feed. It summarises representative democracy – a technology designed to provide voice to citizens at a time when communication and transports costs were very high – very nicely. The world we live in … Continue reading

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Libra is not a money market fund

This piece caught my eye in the WSJ. The setup looks very similar to the money-market funds that many companies and investors have used to manage their cash since the early 1970s. On top of traditionally fixing the value of … Continue reading

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Economics of Blockchain by Professor Jason Potts and Dr Chris Berg

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Third in Blockchain Research

It’s nice to be recognised. While dozens of universities around the world have dedicated time and resources to the study of cryptoeconomics and blockchain technology, there are a few which dominate the research landscape. These select institutions stand out because … Continue reading

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“Libra must be stopped”

There is an op-ed in the Weekend AFR by Katharina Pistor arguing against Facebook’s Libra project. Silence in response to Facebook’s announcement this week is tantamount to endorsing its dangerous new venture. Governments must not allow private, profit-seeking parties to put … Continue reading

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A Libra conversation: Cowen and Catalini

Tyler Cowen asked some questions about Libra and Christian Catalini replied. ~~++~~ 1. The Libra will be backed by a bundle of pretty safe, pretty mainstream assets (I don’t know which ones).  It is presented as one hundred percent reserve, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s great monetary revolution

Chris Berg, Jason Potts and I had an op-ed in the AFR this morning. ~+~ With its new digital money, Libra, a Facebook-led global consortium has created the world’s first private international reserve currency. Announced Wednesday, this is no small thing. … Continue reading

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Who would have thought that the otherwise respectable MIT Technology Review would have an infestation of Luddites. Yet the evidence to plain to see.  In a feature called The 10 worst technologies of the 21st century they offer up the following … Continue reading

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