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[email protected] slide deck

That’s me presenting at the Crypto Economics Security Conference at Berkeley. Slides available here.

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The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics

The blockchain is a digital, decentralised, distributed ledger. Most explanations for the importance of the blockchain start with Bitcoin and the history of money. But money is just the first use case of the blockchain. And it is unlikely to be … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Bitcoin investors should be taxed like any other investor

Despite its name, cryptocurrency isn’t just money. It could also be debt or equity and so it should be regulated and taxed in the same way as other finance. The tokens investors get when they buy a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: ICOs Will Not Be Defeated

Absolutely nothing–no amount of regulation, no number of belligerent articles, no plethora of hectoring denunciations by big shots–is going to stop ICOs from completely disrupting the way companies raise funding in the future. The crypto market has been too wonderfully … Continue reading

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Keeping busy

Some of my colleagues and I at RMIT University have launched an innovation hub into the blockchain: The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub.  Blockchain has the potential to automate, and disintermediate, the institutions and services that underpin our lives. It could change … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Jeffrey A. Tucker Millennials Are Obsessed with Cryptoassets

Now, this is revealing. The New York Times ran a piece on Bitcoin with this sentence: “from less than a cent in early 2010 to around $2,600 currently.” The problem is that when the story went live, the price was … Continue reading

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Alan Kohler on Bitcoin

Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s better business journalists – so this piece on Bitcoin is uncharacteristically bad. And having watched it for a while, and considered the matter carefully, I think the analogy is apt. That was a bubble … Continue reading

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