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Aliens, James Packer’s vault, trouser pockets, the NBN?

An interesting mystery: Why Is the World’s Cash Disappearing? Banks Are Asking, But No One Seems to Know. “… there are approximately 51,104,400,000 Australian dollars floating around out there, somewhere.” Distrust of banks, fear of economic collapse and wariness of … Continue reading

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Arnold Kling on Facebook detractors

The great Arnold Kling asks the question: I am sick of reading about people who want to regulate Facebook. You didn’t come up with the idea. You didn’t build the business. Now that it’s here, who the heck do you … Continue reading

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Government funding worthwhile research

From the Australian Research Council announcement: This project aims to analyse the impact of cryptocurrency technology on taxation and the provision of public goods in Australia. The project will identify the historical relationship between money technologies and public finance, examine … Continue reading

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Patrick Byrne on Blockchain

An alarmingly long interview that is engrossing from the go get, busy cats can go straight to 25 minutes for the blockchain story and how it addresses the great problem of liberal politics – the corruption of institutions when they … Continue reading

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The taxation of ICOs

There is a new report out sponsored by Blockchain Australia and the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. From the preface: Australian entrepreneurs are suffering from a lack of access to venture capital, putting at risk our future economy and competitiveness. Funding … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: Why the Moral Panic Over the Libra?

Bitcoin was invented eleven years ago this month with the release of the famous white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. The little crypto that could has rocked the world financial order, not only because of its high performing price  – with … Continue reading

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Sean Stein Smith: How Are 5G and Libra Connected?

Much has been written about the struggles that Libra, spearheaded by Facebook, has been facing since the original white paper was launched in June. The testimony provided by the head of the program, David Marcus, did very little to take the heat off the project … Continue reading

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How to Sell Your Data without Selling Your Soul

My RMIT colleague Chris Berg and I have a report published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The privacy dilemma is this: There is an enormous amount of economic value that can be unlocked with the use and analysis of personal data, … Continue reading

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Watching Westminster burn

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that proroguing the Parliament was unlawful. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has issued a sensational and damning ruling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted illegally in suspending parliament for five weeks. There … Continue reading

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Anti-trust targets size

From the WSJ: In the early days of DoubleClick, a prospective employee asked what my ultimate goals were for the newly formed internet advertising company. With the arrogance of a young startup founder, I responded, “To be broken up by … Continue reading

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