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Alex Gladstein on bitcoin and freedom

Cash remains one of the best ways to exercise free speech. Paper or metal money is virtually anonymous, and can be used without government surveillance. But in places like Venezuela, where bills are weighed in stacks by the kilogram even … Continue reading

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Bitcoin at ten

The Bitcoin Genesis Block was mined today ten years ago. As a cryptocurrency bitcoin has been highly volatile – those buying at the top of the market in late 2017 have massive capital losses going forward. Those who bought in … Continue reading

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Niall Ferguson on digital disruption on the public sphere

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Happy Satoshi Day

Today 10 years ago the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto published his Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System whitepaper. To find out what it all means – read The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics.  

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Blockchain 101

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Felipe Lungov: Creative Destruction in the App Market

One of the key features of any free market is that the main players are always rotating. No one stays on top forever. Mark Perry shows that only 53 companies that featured in the Fortune 500 list in 1955 are … Continue reading

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Iain Murray: The Platform Economy Can Change the World

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute launches its new video about the platform economy. Platforms are an ancient way of doing business—think of matchmakers, city fairs, and town markets—that bring together two or more parties to make economic transactions. Today, digital … Continue reading

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If only there was a technology that could solve this problem II

I’ve been having a bit of fun at the expense of the government’s My Health Record fiasco. To be fair, I did have some inside information. RMIT University and DB Results have announced a major industry partnership to pioneer innovative … Continue reading

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You are a slave to the state

As technology enhances the state’s capacity to surveil its citizens it is becoming more and more apparent what relationship we have vis-a-vis the state. This is especially so in the modern welfare state. The logic is as follows: the state pays … Continue reading

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Tim Worstall: Automation Isn’t Nearly as Disruptive as You Might Think

Another day, another bloodcurdling report about how robots are going to steal all our jobs and smash all that is holy about the dignity of work. This time it’s from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and they tell us that by the 2040s some 30 percent … Continue reading

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