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The economics of envy

Here’s a typical bit of leftist rubbish: Wealth concentration near ‘levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties,’ study finds. Such studies, and no doubt accurate to the third decimal. But suppose we just change the heading a bit: Wealth levels … Continue reading

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Two kinds of globalization

It is confusing to find that something that was a Good Thing when I was young and naïve has become a Bad Thing. Of course it is two very different things under the same name. I suspect that the same … Continue reading

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Religious freedom, animal welfare, and Impossible Burgers

Yesterday my google feed alerted me to a story from Europe: A Belgian ban on the Muslim and Jewish ways of ritually slaughtering animals went into effect on New Year’s Day, part of a clash across Europe over the balance … Continue reading

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Nanny state incoherence

There is something of a debate going on about “Pill Testing“. Recreational drugs can be covertly cut with poisonous or “filler” substances. Uncertainty about strength and purity can lead to accidental overdoses. Pill testing exposes what a tablet really contains … Continue reading

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New Year 2019

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New Years Eve 2018

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Christmas Day 2018

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Christmas Eve 2018

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Countdown to Christmas IV

Okay – I’m going to admit that until this morning I had never heard this song – or even heard of this song. But for our enjoyment:  

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Baby, it’s Hot Outside

Of all things, there I was sitting in my favourite cafe and what do they play but the world’s most notorious Christmas song, Baby it’s Cold Outside. But let’s face it, that might work in America but it just won’t … Continue reading

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