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100-year collection of 85,000 historic films now on youtube

This is quite extraordinary if you are the sort of person for whom history is of interest. The above video of the Rolling Stones arriving in Sydney in 1965 is one example out of 85,000 newsreels that have now been … Continue reading

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“Without God, people can do as they please”

One of the most enlightening books I have ever come across was The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success by Rodney Stark. And at the very end of this book there is a quote … Continue reading

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The land of missed opportunity

From two articles picked up at Instapundit. First this, the conclusion to an article titled, The United States of Envy: Voters who will hear the Obama call for envy and redistribution should ask themselves and others: Would you prefer to … Continue reading

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Google reads your emails

Let me start with this news item from two days ago, Google admits it’s reading your emails: GOOGLE HAS UPDATED its privacy terms and conditions, eroding a little more of its users’ privacy. Google is so far unapologetic about its … Continue reading

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The new barbarism

There is an article in the latest Standpoint with the interesting title, Are we learning the right lessons from the Holocaust?. This discussion is based on the author’s reflections on an exhibition dedicated to Anne Frank: Many believe that the … Continue reading

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About parasites and other vermin

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ‘em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum. I came upon two articles one after the other about start-up companies in San Francisco. These start-ups create enormous … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic idiocies

This comes from the advertising notice for the latest Spectator which is an interesting summary of where we now are. For myself, I remain the deepest kind of sceptic, having cut my teeth on predictions of famine, resource depletion and … Continue reading

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The working class and the voting class

Watching Q&A last night, and especially the discussion on stopping the boats, reminded me of a post I put up in 2012. I repeat it here. Ann Coulter does the numbers and it is now a demographic battle in the … Continue reading

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Amazingly the book is more plausible than the film

Went to see Noah last night. Let me put it this way. There was a chap named Noah and he had three sons named Shem, Ham and Japteth. There was a flood. As for the animals trooping in two by … Continue reading

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I can’t understand why he doesn’t sue them

The attacks on Andrew Bolt are vile and disgusting but are also endless since there is no apparent penalty in saying what you like. He has a post up with the title, If they want laws against abuse, could they … Continue reading

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