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Gone dark from end to end

It’s by David Solway and about my erstwhile home and native land: The Canadian Mind. We’re not there yet but enough of it applies to Australia to make you worry, and there is plenty of our own political meanderings to … Continue reading

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“With all my love, Eve”

How I keep up with both sides of the political divide is through my moronic ex-friend in California, the one working in Silicon Valley who owns three Mercedes and a Porsche. Never a personal word in any of his near … Continue reading

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And this too shall come to pass

All you young folks out there have almost certainly never heard of Norman Rockwell, but he was was among the greatest artists of my North American youth, mostly famous for his cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, which was … Continue reading

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Jacques Barzun on race

Jacques Barzun (1907-2012) wrote a doctoral dissertation on class and race in pre-revolutionary France. Race, A Study in Modern Superstition (1937) charted the protracted dispute in France over the “race” of the nobility versus the bourgeoisie that was one of … Continue reading

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Support Bettina Arndt

The riot squad was called recently to Sydney University to remove an abusive mob of protesters trying to stop Bettina Arndt talking about the fake rape crisis. Until the police were called, the mob was preventing Bettina’s audience from reaching the … Continue reading

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Boettke on Hayek and Hayek in Australia

The new book on Hayek by Peter Boettke is a good read if you like that kind of thing. Gerard Henderson once reminded me that not everyone goes on holiday with a Hayek book and the latest issue of the … Continue reading

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Centre for Independent Studies commentary for the week 14 Sept


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Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon

Here are a couple of cartoons both from yesterday that might be compared and then contrasted with Mark Knight’s own worldwide depiction. Both are utterly political, both exaggerate features and no one has said a word about either. And the … Continue reading

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And now turning to sports

Bad sports in particular. Start with the single most important issue in the world over the last 24 hours: Serena Williams is calling out sexism in tennis. Here’s why. From the ever-reliable CNN. At a news conference following her loss, … Continue reading

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My agenda for our new government

This is the agenda for the new government. 1) Balanced Budgets, Easing of Business Regulations and a Sharp Reduction in Public Spending Modern macro, that teaches that spending, of itself, is the basis for economic growth, higher employment and rising … Continue reading

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