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Kol Nidre 2019

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And here I’ve just had my passport renewed

A perhaps culturally inappropriate post. I really shouldn’t make fun of Canadians. And one for our American neighbours to the south, well to the south of Canada anyway. With thanks to Powerline and Small Dead Animals.

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Don Aitkin on why nations fail

His summary of Why Nations Fail: the Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty, by Acemoglu and Robinson. The sub-text of the story is the difference between Argentina and Australia although he did not explore that topic as he was urged … Continue reading

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Hal Colebatch 1945 – 2019

Sad to report (HT: areff) that Australian author Hal Colebatch has passed away. Tony Thomas has an appreciation at Quadrant.  

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The modern face of white supremacy

All this support for Donald Trump from white supremacists everywhere. Beto O’Rourke Campaign Claims Reporter Joel Pollak Ejected to Protect Black Students. “A Breitbart spokesperson hit back shortly after the O’Rourke campaign’s statement: ‘The false accusation that Breitbart is racist, or that its … Continue reading

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Some People Understand

Recently, as I was enjoying a coffee at my favourite cafe in Fremantle, I heard a great song called ‘The Love Me or Die’ by CW Stoneking. On giving the song the Shazam treatment, I discovered that it was from … Continue reading

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Denying warm periods again, a massive defence of windmills and Henry Ergas on the indigenous voice.

Jo Nova replies to the latest effort to revive the “hockey stick”of recent warming. For five or so years believers didn’t really mention the Medieval Warm Period. Too bruised by the embarrassment of Hockey Stick Zombie failures. But it’s an … Continue reading

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Racists are entirely on the left

On the way home but a few notes on our experience here in the US. First this. Every racist I have come across is on the left. The left are the only people today who seem to notice and dwell … Continue reading

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What is the most overblown issue of our times?

That was the question posed to a panel last night at FreedomFest, the most spectacularly interesting conference year after year I ever make my way to. In Las Vegas each year in July, a city more interesting than you might … Continue reading

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Gun deaths in the US

Some important information turned up on the open thread courtesy of thefrollikingmole (possibly my favourite pseudonym). Read it all. The case for concealed carry is clear. The best protection against mad and bad people with guns is other people with … Continue reading

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