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Not by bread and technology alone. A thought for the day.

Recalled after the CIS launch of Peter Kurti’s new book last night. We do not live by bread and technology alone because our lives gain meaning and purpose from the morals, mythology and metaphysics of our non-material heritage. We absorb … Continue reading

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John Ray. Conservatism as heresy

John Ray has devoted a great deal of his life to dissecting leftism and one of his early achievements in 1974 was a collection of papers titled Conservatism as Heresy. This was well ahead of the visible revival of liberal/conservative … Continue reading

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Mark Latham talks to Tommy Robinson

Mark Latham and Tommy Robinson. Plus Guardian readers wishing harm on Andrew Bolt. Calling responsible lefties, if you do not speak up to condemn the intolerance of your colleagues you share responsibility for their actions.

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Is Waleed the past tense of Wally?

What Pauline Hanson asked, and everyone without a brain clot understood, is whether there is a connection between the rise in terrorist activity and the increasing number of migrants from Middle Eastern countries. Waleed Ali may wish to play to … Continue reading

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The enemy within

This is CNN Creates Fake News Story, Stages Pro-Muslim Demonstration After London Terrorist Attack. From a few days ago but ought to be the template for understnding what you see on the news or read in the press. And then … Continue reading

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Treat them like paedophiles

The British Prime Minister says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack. She added that “terrorists had ‘safe spaces’ online” and that has got to end. That is finally getting to what truly does need to … Continue reading

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Malcolm Merkel and his band of fools

“Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that ‘close to 30 people’ seeking entry through the one-off settlement of 12,000 Syrian refugees had been disqualified on security grounds.” The Weekend Australian June 2 That’s one quarter of one percent. With this kind … Continue reading

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How about a forward lash before we start worrying about a backlash

That is, why don’t we first concentrate on what we can do to prevent young girls, or anyone else for that matter, from being blown to bits by 22-year-old theologians. From Nothing to see here, folks — really?. So here … Continue reading

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Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Math

I read this article in National Review this morning – Social-Justice Math Class: ‘Math Has Been Used as a Dehumanizing Tool’ and thought it was a troll.  But then I went to the source material. Is there any doubt why the West is … Continue reading

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Why do the Liberals have no friends?

The Liberals whining via Niki Savva: The banks should not underestimate the level of exasperation of Coalition MPs, including very conservative ones, about their behaviour, which includes but goes beyond their shabby treatment of customers. They feel the banks have … Continue reading

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