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Rabbi Sacks on The Mutation of Antisemitism

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Easter 2017

Long term Cats will have seen this before – but it has become something of a tradition to post this up at Easter. Several years ago my RMIT colleague Tim Fry and I had an Easter-themed op-ed in the Fin … Continue reading

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Communism for Kids versus Economics for Infants

Just like the article says, this is MIT’s new publication ‘COMMUNISM FOR KIDS’. You can pick it up at Amazon where you can find the following blurb: Once upon a time, people yearned to be free of the misery of … Continue reading

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For Steve

I will confine myself to a few words on one crucial point which seems to be to be absolutely clear…namely the pollution of the mind by the mass media. Every human society which has endured long enough to leave records … Continue reading

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“The ethnic threat to free speech”

That’s the heading put on today’s article by David Leyonhjelm in the AFR. Me, I won’t say a thing about any of this, but here is how he starts: When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats … Continue reading

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Some sounds of civilisation

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The Party of Preservation

In every Western country the political division comes down to the Party of Multiculturalism versus the Party of Preservation. So two things from today. First the Government, our Party of Preservation, has introduced a new multicultural policy. Here is how … Continue reading

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RIP Chuck Berry

At last, some serious news from the states.

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Guest post on the Alt-Right from Driftforge

For those who haven’t been paying detailed attention to the Alt-Right over the last several years, getting a feel for what it is can be remarkably difficult. This is certainly not made any easier by the ubiquitous posts that try … Continue reading

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It is the end of times (or something)

Two op-eds have caught my eye today. The first by Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times and reproduced in the AFR: The idea that the middle-class and the young will always be the most stalwart supporters of democracy is also … Continue reading

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