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Christmas Eve 2018

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Countdown to Christmas IV

Okay – I’m going to admit that until this morning I had never heard this song – or even heard of this song. But for our enjoyment:  

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Baby, it’s Hot Outside

Of all things, there I was sitting in my favourite cafe and what do they play but the world’s most notorious Christmas song, Baby it’s Cold Outside. But let’s face it, that might work in America but it just won’t … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas III

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Greg Sheridan on the lies they were teaching in 1985. Producing Red Guards

Thanks to max in the Belt and Road comments, talk about Greg Sheridan being ahead of the curve. Occasionally I get to meet a 20something girl who is completing some kind of social studies course at the Uni of NSW. … Continue reading

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On Line Opinion

On Line Opinion is a roundup of the blogs. Today the regular email from the editor, Graham Young, awarded the “pick of the domain” to the Cat post on Peter Baldwin’s essay on identity politics. Our pick of The Domain … Continue reading

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A modern libertarian discusses the problems of immigration

This is from Gary North in the Journal of Libertarian Studies: The Sanctuary Society and its Enemies In the United States today, the waiting period for citizenship is as short as five years. The waiting period is similar in other … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas II

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Countdown to Christmas I

An old favourite.

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Line rider – Beethoven’s fifth

Sent from my son. Line riders have been around since 2006 apparently as some kind of video game, but new to me and the musical additions are a later arrival. The visuals exactly match the music and almost make you … Continue reading

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