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Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh shooter, was rabidly anti-Trump

My wife lunched with her two oldest friends where the Pittsburgh shooting came up, and both said that the killer had been pro-Trump. Now I do understand how hard it is for some people to take on board that bad … Continue reading

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Love plastic!

Looks like a lot of fun! KEYNOTE LECTURE BY JEFFREY MEIKLE RETHINKING EARLY PLASTICS: THE RHETORIC OF BAKELITE AS A NEW MATERIAL. Jeffrey L. Meikle is the Stiles Professor in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. His … Continue reading

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The University of Sydney versus Western Civilization

Tom Switzer of the Centre for Independent Studies has a pungent column in the Fin Review on the Ramsey Centre and the University of Sydney. Read and weep! It is ironic that some at my alma mater, the University of … Continue reading

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Whatever you do, do not become a Trojan horse

Janet Albrechtsen describes a meeting at the University of Sydney about a series of academics ganging up on Western Civilisation. Of course depressing, but this did make me smile. It is a quote from someone opposed to the introduction of … Continue reading

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Acting equity, will it work for the luvvies?

Apparently Cate Blanchette has dug in her toes on the right of straight actors to play the parts of gay people. It is in the Daily Telegraph so it is probably true. Some gays are up in arms demanding that … Continue reading

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Gone dark from end to end

It’s by David Solway and about my erstwhile home and native land: The Canadian Mind. We’re not there yet but enough of it applies to Australia to make you worry, and there is plenty of our own political meanderings to … Continue reading

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“With all my love, Eve”

How I keep up with both sides of the political divide is through my moronic ex-friend in California, the one working in Silicon Valley who owns three Mercedes and a Porsche. Never a personal word in any of his near … Continue reading

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And this too shall come to pass

All you young folks out there have almost certainly never heard of Norman Rockwell, but he was was among the greatest artists of my North American youth, mostly famous for his cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, which was … Continue reading

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Jacques Barzun on race

Jacques Barzun (1907-2012) wrote a doctoral dissertation on class and race in pre-revolutionary France. Race, A Study in Modern Superstition (1937) charted the protracted dispute in France over the “race” of the nobility versus the bourgeoisie that was one of … Continue reading

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Support Bettina Arndt

The riot squad was called recently to Sydney University to remove an abusive mob of protesters trying to stop Bettina Arndt talking about the fake rape crisis. Until the police were called, the mob was preventing Bettina’s audience from reaching the … Continue reading

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