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Background to the Amy Wax story

The following is in the April edition of The New Criterion which by strange coincidence I read this afternoon in the backlog of mail that accumulated while I was away. The material is paywalled and this is cut and pasted … Continue reading

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Pericles in defence of democracy, tolerance and enterprise

Pericles 495 – 429 BC was a prominent and influential Greek statesman, orator and general of Athens during the Golden Age. Probably best known for his funeral speech to celebrate the fallen in the war with Sparta. From the funeral … Continue reading

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The ANU has form

There are several pieces in the Australian this morning having a go at the ANU.  I have thoughts on the matter that I’m hoping to share over the next few days or so, but in the meantime I just want … Continue reading

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Australia geoblocked

Thank you Scott Morrison! As many Amazon customers have been notified and the SMH is now reporting: Australians will be blocked from shopping on Amazon’s international websites and restricted to using its smaller local platform so the e-commerce giant complies … Continue reading

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Harvey and Tommy

How’s he gonna get a fair trial? The banner headline at Drudge. HARVEY IN HELL RAPE CASE INDICTMENT Compare and contrast: British Media: Lockstep Lies: Did the Daily Mail’s lawyers have to check with the British government, which had placed a … Continue reading

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News from Airstrip One


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Some vital statistics

Monaco on the left has an area of 4 km². Gaza, shown to the right, has a land area of 365 km². Both have a Mediterranean sea front. Gaza apparently has an area similar to that of Greater Detroit, which … Continue reading

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Who is Kanye West? This is who

I know who Jordan Peterson is. And I know who Thomas Sowell is. But Kanye West, not really at all, yet he may become, after Donald Trump, the most influential figure in American politics for more than a generation. This … Continue reading

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Why does anyone believe they have a right to enter the US?

‘CARAVAN’ SET TO CROSS USA WARNS The story begins: Hundreds of Central American migrants from a caravan that crossed Mexico reunited in Tijuana on Wednesday and planned to cross the border together this weekend in defiance of threats by U.S. … Continue reading

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In defence of Western Civilisation from our modern vandals

And half of those vandals are internal. Here is a twelve step program from Jordan Peterson. It is hard to believe that such common sense still exists and can be said in public, but here it is.   And if … Continue reading

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