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Christmas countdown 2017

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What they said: Consumer choice

Yet who has done more to normalize profanity, vulgarity, sadistic violence, and gratuitous sex, or to export them abroad as the premier product of the United States, than the entertainment industry? Addison Del Mastro It is not the fault of the … Continue reading

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Manson and the totalitarian temptation

Two articles on the very same subject although superficially about entirely different things. There is first this: The Charles Manson Fallacy. The second is: 100 Years. 100 Million Lives. Think Twice. Here is how the first article ends: The potential … Continue reading

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As long as we have mobile phones what difference does it make?

By Melanie Philips: The Deconstruction of Humanity. You will just have to read it for yourself. I’ll give you the first para, then the last plus one from the middle. If you want a break from the spectacle of Britain … Continue reading

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‘It’s what they get taught at school’

I’ll give you an excerpt from an article in the latest Campus Review, which is sent out to all of us teaching in higher education. This is the least worst part of the story but read it all, and then … Continue reading

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Devarim 30: 19

Paul Keating has an important op-ed in the Fairfax press: The justifications offered by the bill’s advocates – that the legal conditions are stringent or that the regime being authorised will be conservative – miss the point entirely. What matters … Continue reading

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Master and apprentice

The point really is that on the left these things don’t matter at all, and they are normally only brought to light because they really do matter to conservatives. The instant and ongoing forgiveness for Bill Clinton for his sexual … Continue reading

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Storm vs Cowboys 2017

A nice clean grand final thread for cultured Cats. Sadly cant particpate myself. Enjoy the day. Play clean, no biting and scratching in the scrums.

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The LGTBI Waffen Never Sleeps

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that we’re being followed by the LGTBI lobby and its brigade of extreme activists? As I logged into TMR the other week, an interesting little strip came across the top … Continue reading

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