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Over-reaction much?

Here is Peter Dutton telling the crazy lefties how it is: Some of the crazy lefties at the ABC, and on The Guardian, HuffingtonPost, can express concern and draw mean cartoons about me and all the rest of it. They … Continue reading

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Groupthink and politics trump science: climate alarmism as the ultimate signal of political correctness

Steven Pinker’s latest book in defence of the Enlightenment values of Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress has provided a key to the persistence of climate alarmism in defiance of evidence and scientific arguments. Drawing from work by a legal scholar … Continue reading

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Mikayla Novak on civil society

My RMIT colleague Mikayla Novak has the lead article in the latest issue of Cosmos + Taxis. From the abstract: I depict civil society as a complex and adaptive phenomenon. Individuals and groups within civil society interact with each other … Continue reading

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An absolutely certain test for detecting moronic ignorance

You want to know what ignorant morons look like? They are the people who vote no to this. He created a 3m-high illuminated sign — like a vintage advertising billboard — that asks passers-by to vote on whether capitalism has … Continue reading

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Gary Oldman wins Oscar

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The One Australia Policy

Two letters to The Oz yesterday responding to a column from the day before. There is nowhere in the world like Australia, but we will ruin ourselves if we do not understand that a One Australia Policy is the only … Continue reading

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Who you calling shouty?

This morning the Cat got mentioned in despatches – well, actually the Australian. Former editor in chief Chris Mitchell was writing about the social media pile on, good journalism, free speech, and academic freedom.  He raised the issue of Clive … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Pyongyang

Not quite “Wake up, you sleepyhead”. From EVERY MORNING IN NORTH KOREA, THE MASSES ARE AWOKEN BY CREEPY SYNTH MUSIC BLASTING OVER LOUDSPEAKERS. Only a handful of comments at the site, but a quite interesting specimen of the mindset of … Continue reading

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Early contender for the Bernard Salt smashed avo award

In the early running it’s … Bernard Salt. Here’s a series of dangerous ideas. Work hard, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, build good relationships, learn skills, save for a deposit for a house, spend time with your kids, invest in … Continue reading

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Islam on the front foot in Indonesia

Alan Jones announced this morning that a coalition of Islamic and military parties in Indonesia will be pushing at a meeting this week for a radical law reform to clamp down on extramarital and gay sex. Also in The Australian. … Continue reading

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