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Gene Tunny: The Andrew Leigh-Sinclair Davidson company tax debate

In March, there was extensive media coverage (e.g. in the Guardian Australia) of shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh’s company tax research which found companies paying lower effective company tax rates (i.e. actual tax paid/profits) did not create more jobs than those … Continue reading

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Donald J. Boudreaux: The Myth of Predatory Pricing

Economic reality is enormous and complex. Each and every moment brings countless actions, reactions, course corrections, and unexpected discoveries. To make sense of it all requires sound theory and a healthy knowledge of history. Among the important tasks that sound … Continue reading

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The economics of Wakanda

I was never much of a fan of Marvel comics but their movies have been magnificent (except the Fantastic Four). The interwoven plots and character development have been commercially successful and  a delight to watch. Last month – on a … Continue reading

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Tax reform in Hungary

Recently in Hungary my host told me that business was surging on the back of a 50% reduction in their VAT. It seems that is not the only thing good thing about tax in Hungary. Since 2011, the Hungarian Government … Continue reading

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What they said: Interchange fees

The interchange fee exists to rebalance the relationships within the two-sided market. In a competitive market for financial services, the interchange fee would be used to reduce the net consumer fee for credit cards.  Sinclair Davidson and Jason Potts But two-sided transaction … Continue reading

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It is possible that economics could once again become useful

The entrepreneur is the missing ingredient in economics about which I have written. What cannot be linked is the paper I did on “The Absence of the Entrepreneur in the Economic Theories of the English-Speaking World”. What there is a … Continue reading

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Anti-capitalist millennials

Tom Switzer and Charles Jacobs have a somewhat depressing op-ed in The Australian this morning: According to a Centre for Independent Studies/YouGov poll, 58 per cent of Australian millennials — those born between 1980 and 1996 — have a favourable … Continue reading

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Who’s the real free trader around here?

From America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’. Hits the nail right on the head over tariffs, and much else beside. The political class is screaming bloody murder over Trump’s performance at the G-7 meeting in Canada, where he reportedly spent … Continue reading

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Globalisation and Chocolate


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Monopolists restrict supply

I’m shocked. Shocked. NBN Co was considering introducing a policy of “fair use” for fixed wireless, Morrow said, so heavy users could be throttled back to the same usage as everyone else during busy periods. “In the fixed wireless there’s … Continue reading

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