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Financial analysts of the world unite

I know that some of you cannot go to the link which is behind the paywall, but in this case you might think about ways to read the whole article. Head off to some coffee shop or the local library. … Continue reading

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The great mystery is why they are so clueless

If you are wondering why you should never go to a mainstream economist to solve our economic problems, you should read through this: A Rare Prize for an Economist Looking at the Big Picture. That is, he has won the … Continue reading

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A thief walks into a store

Here is a question from Quora I have slightly changed which I leave for you to work out for yourself: A thief walks into a store and steals $350. The thief then buys $350 worth of goods at the store. … Continue reading

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The “Professor Standard”

Herman Cain has a job application in the WSJ: The Fed still operates on the “professor standard,” enshrined with Bill Clinton’s nominations of pure academics. Their textbooks say strong economic growth, particularly strong wage growth, causes inflation, which Fed policy … Continue reading

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Regulatory overreach?

The Justice Department’s antitrust division warned the body that presents the Academy Awards that a proposed rule change designed to exclude Netflix Inc. could raise antitrust concerns, according to people familiar with the matter. Makan Delrahim, the department’s top antitrust official, said in … Continue reading

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Is the Venezuelan economy suffering from a deficiency of demand?

The Venezuelan economy is in a mess. Everyone knows it; no one denies it. There has been a catastrophic fall in real incomes and wealth. Why? Is it because everyone has decided to save rather than spend? Is it because … Continue reading

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Fatal flaws in the Labor policy to increase wages

The IPA has produced a short and lucid summary of the false assumptions that underpin the ALP policy and the damage that it will do to employment. h/t Wes Goh. Still, there are legitimate concerns about stagnating real wages. Real … Continue reading

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Why socialism cannot work in The Spectator

I have an article in The Spectator, My Pencil Knows Best, in which I discuss my just-released publication, I, Mechanical Pencil: Why a Socialist Economy Cannot Work. If you are interested in why socialism is inevitably an economic catastrophe, this … Continue reading

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Presentation on what’s wrong with socialism

This post will be work in progress for the next few days as I put together is my presentation on “What’s Wrong with Socialism?” that I am presenting to the School on March 13. Anyone wishing to add comments to … Continue reading

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Free Market Economics vs Keynes

I realise how tedious all this maundering on about Keynesian economics is for some people, which I do go on about. But the thing is, you will not find this discussed anywhere else in the world. This is said more … Continue reading

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