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“I agree with everything you say”

Which is a direct quote from Deirdre McCloskey at the end of my presentation this morning. So let me return the compliment. In her presentation to the plenary which came immediately after my parallel session, I agreed with everything she … Continue reading

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Stop spending other people’s money

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John Ray. Conservatism as heresy

John Ray has devoted a great deal of his life to dissecting leftism and one of his early achievements in 1974 was a collection of papers titled Conservatism as Heresy. This was well ahead of the visible revival of liberal/conservative … Continue reading

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Keynesian Blunder Down Under

A slow day in DC, our man in Washington has been reduced to recycling Australian news on the failure of Rudd’s spending spree. I actually gave my assessment of the plan back in 2010, and I even provided my highly … Continue reading

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Each and every one of these economic propositions is WRONG

I am doing a presentation in Los Angeles at the end of the week which I have titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Say’s Law”. At the centre of this presentation there is a slide that reads as shown below. And … Continue reading

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CIS event on Industrial Relations Wed 31

Following up the advertisement for the H R Nichols job, the outgoing Executive Director is delivering an Emerging Scholars address on Wednesday evening. John Slater will talk about the urgent need for IR reform. This was written last week but … Continue reading

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“Wage growth is stuck in the doldrums”

UPDATE/POSTDATE: How bizarrely out of it economics has become is triple underscored by the front-page story in The Oz: Peril for budget in wages slump. This is seen as a problem, which it is, but not as a cause and … Continue reading

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Where I agree with Richard Denniss …

Richard Denniss – chief economist at The Australia Institute – has a column at the AFR.  This time he has some comments I agree with – getting soft in the old age. There are 750,000 unemployed people in Australia, up … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm – An Apology to Taxpayers

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Everything you need to know about public spending

Everyone loves to spend other people’s money. [My thanks to Debbie for the cartoon]

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