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“Benevolent” dictators don’t grow the economy

How often we hear the argument “If only there were a strong leader to take charge and make the tough decisions to get the economy growing”. Well it turns out that that is a folk tale that happens – when … Continue reading

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Life Without Petroleum

HT: Carpe Diem

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When is a stimulus not a stimulus?

When it’s supposedly structural reform. Between reading Catallaxy and The Oz, that is all I know here in the Americas about what is going on in Australia. Today’s front page: Frydenberg warns: don’t risk surplus on fiscal stimulus. A-plus-ultra good … Continue reading

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Low interest rates are economic poison

JUNE JOBS BOOM… RECORD EMPLOYED… RATE CUT CANCELED? Keynesian economics has ruined our understanding of how economies work in many many ways, but near the top is the belief that low interest rates promote growth and stimulate economic activity. It’s … Continue reading

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Agency problems and sports sponsorship

In a previous life I used the work in the area of corporate finance. Great fun. One of the largest problems in that discipline is the so-called agency problem. In corporate finance, the agency problem usually refers to a conflict of … Continue reading

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For libertarians and admirers of Ludwig von Mises

Commentary by Peter Boettke on Notes and Recollections by von Mises. We learn in his memoirs that Carl Menger shared with Mises this disregard for the military state, and also saw promise in true liberalism. But this also resulted in … Continue reading

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Hawkie steals the thunder of the Liberal backbench dries

Amidst the hymns of praise for Hawke and especially the long-awaited economic reforms that he achieved with bipartisan support – now there’s a thought, does anyone give the Coalition credit for that – spare a thought for the long march … Continue reading

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Liberty Quote. Big business always serves directly or indirectly the masses. Ludwig von Mises

Is that still true? Come to the Centre for Independent Studies and find out how political correctness and identity politics are rife in corporate life. Hurry, not much time left. This event is in Sydney next Tuesday. And some Ideas … Continue reading

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Asking the questions

Jim Chalmers – the new ALP shadow treasurer – has an op-ed in the Australian this morning. Wednesday’s feeble national accounts and the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates to new record lows on Tuesday shone a big spotlight … Continue reading

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Art Laffer receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Both of the following links were found at Powerline: Trump Gives World’s Worst Economist the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Trump is giving Arthur Laffer the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Economists aren’t smiling. These sour economic vandals. It’s not even … Continue reading

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