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A Prime Minister called Amber or Dakota can’t be far off

Paul Collits’ No Country For Old Men (new at Quadrant) is an interesting companion-piece to this site’s currently controversial David Leyonhjelm assault on elderly “parasites.” You know you are getting old when your country’s Treasurer is called “Josh” and a … Continue reading

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Ever wonder why real wages are falling?

METRO TUNNEL COSTS COULD BLOWOUT TO $3B A messy fight is looming over who will pay the huge extra costs of the Metro Tunnel, with the Andrew Government reportedly warned the total blowout of.. The Metro Tunnel is Victoria’s very … Continue reading

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Economic policy for idiots

Here’s a misleading headline: Interest rate cuts causing pain for no substantial gain. The reality is that interest rate cuts have done substantial harm to the economy, but at least people are beginning to see just how harmful these cuts … Continue reading

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Dan in DC and Tony in Melbourne. Etc.

Dan our man in DC reports some good news for libertarians on the Word Trade Organization. Earlier this year, I shared a short video about the benefits of the World Trade Organization. 4 mins. I wanted to keep the video … Continue reading

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“Rate cuts ‘holding back’ the economy”

The main story in the Business Section of The Australian today with the heading in the paper found above. Online, the headline reads: Rate cuts eroding confidence, bank CEOs warn. They can see it, but unfortunately with modern economics such … Continue reading

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“There is no place for economic sabotage dressed up as activism”

Scott Morrison gave a very good speech to the Queensland Resources Council last Friday. I particularly enjoyed this bit at the 7 minute mark: I hear a lot about progressivism at the moment. It sounds like a lovely word, you can … Continue reading

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Unusual suspects

I have seen two very unusual groups of people become fellow travellers of the IPA this weekend: The Australia Institute and the Labor Party. The risk to free speech from a clampdown on secondary boycotts was clearly articulated by the … Continue reading

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Did Australia have a recession last year?

No. A throw away line in an op-ed yesterday by Janet Albrechtsen reminded me that I want to follow up on some economic news from last month. As The Australian reported last month, the constant claim about Australia’s 28 years … Continue reading

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Ludwig von Mises

  “He fought and he fought and he fought. Without ever seeing the evidence that he was ultimately right”.  Jeffrey Tucker.

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Gee, why won’t anyone invest?

I was quoted in the AFR earlier in the week: RMIT economics professor Sinclair Davidson suggests criticisms of the government could go further, saying that sluggishness in the economy should be fully placed at the feet of Canberra. He sees … Continue reading

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