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Thoughts on education revisited

Last year the then Turnbull government made some education policy decisions. Then the government intends to make university students pay more and at lower levels of income  for their education. In general this is a good thing. At the same … Continue reading

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Greg Sheridan on the lies they were teaching in 1985. Producing Red Guards

Thanks to max in the Belt and Road comments, talk about Greg Sheridan being ahead of the curve. Occasionally I get to meet a 20something girl who is completing some kind of social studies course at the Uni of NSW. … Continue reading

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Liberty quote. Popper on education

State authority in these matters (education) is liable to achieve, in fact, the exact opposite of Socrates’ aim (intellectual modesty and the self-critical attitude). It is liable to produce dogmatic self-satisfaction and massive intellectual complacency, instead of critical dissatisfaction and … Continue reading

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The left, investing in people and producing red guards

Steve’s clip on ex-President Obama ended with Barry’s exhortation that we have to invest in people. That means education and the wider forms of indoctrination through the MSM and Hollywood (short for show business at large). The left have been … Continue reading

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The similarity of the leadership of science and business

Comments on the previous thread underline the deficit of leadership in the business community that has a parallel in science. Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia, is upset by power prices but in the same … Continue reading

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Weep for public education. A tribute to a great teacher

UPDATE. Sorry the link to the piece was missing in the original post. Thanks to Aussieute for the heads up! UPDATE 2: Check out the link provided by Dot in the comments, I am as busy as the proverbial one … Continue reading

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PvOs long bow on research and western civilisation

Last week we got the news that former education minister Simon Birmingham had vetoed some ARC research grants. This was the second time in recorded human history that an Australian education minister had exercised oversight over the higher education sector. … Continue reading

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Whatever you do, do not become a Trojan horse

Janet Albrechtsen describes a meeting at the University of Sydney about a series of academics ganging up on Western Civilisation. Of course depressing, but this did make me smile. It is a quote from someone opposed to the introduction of … Continue reading

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Andrew Norton on Ministerial interference with research grants

Andrew Norton will be known to Cats of long standing as the only classical liberal in Carlton (Melbourne). He has been blogging for along time with a special interest in higher education and he has a serious national reputation in … Continue reading

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TEQSA gets owned

Senator Amanda Stoker tells TEQSA what it should have known already. TEQSA will investigate!!!! But don’t hold your breath – TEQSA works on a tick-a-box audit approach. Does University X have policy Y? Yes? NO? Moving right along. I have … Continue reading

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