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Latest on Schröder-Turk

Updating the site’s recent coverage of the Murdoch University whistleblower scandal: there has been an impressive response from Australian academics. Fifty-seven of them – all recipients of the Australian Research Council’s Laureate Fellowship – have signed a letter condemning Murdoch’s … Continue reading

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Merdok moovs to sylence a wissleblower

First: sincere thanks to my assistant – Murdoch University English literature MA candidate, Jinjing – who wrote the header. I’ll take it from here. Hard on the heels of James Cook University’s decision to pursue marine scientist Peter Ridd to … Continue reading

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Impending climate and energy primer

Good news. Since Peter Ridd became a public face of climate realism he has been repeatedly asked about entry level reading matter. The good news is that the Lower Neutral Bay Climate Realists are on the job, writing a primer … Continue reading

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If you can’t settle the science, settle the policy

So we hear a lot about the need for ‘evidence-based policy’. But there is a huge elephant in the room: The replication crisis (or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis) is, as of 2019, an ongoing methodological crisis in which it … Continue reading

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Chinese influence in universities

It used to be that communists hid under our beds, now they go to university. This story has been developing in The Australian over the last few weeks and has now jumped across to the AFR. Education department officials as … Continue reading

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Spying allegations

There is a rather breathless piece in the Australian this morning talking about a computer scientist at UNSW working with ‘generals’ in the Chinese military. A University of NSW computer science professor co-authored researc­h with Chinese generals linked to Beijing’s … Continue reading

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Academic Freedom Neutered as Predicted

Back in April I warned that Peter Ridd’s victory would be short lived: “Rather than accept the judge’s reasoning on academic freedom one suspects most universities will be running to their legal teams in order to double down on their … Continue reading

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Diversity of views in university courses

Lets ensure the debate about freedom of speech on campus continues but don’t expect too much from the students because the turnover makes it really hard to maintain purpose and direction. This is a reprint of a piece that first … Continue reading

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Freedom on Campus

Two recent articles in the Australian have caught my eye. First on Saturday: Education Minister Dan Tehan has accused leading universities of “failing Australia” by refusing to champion free speech on ­campus, warning that they risk ­inflicting major damage on … Continue reading

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Andrew Norton on the intricacies of university funding

The only classical liberal in Carlton surfaced in Sydney at the Friedman Conference. He maintains a blog with occasional reports on higher education and his last two posts have some interesting statistics. Like any area where the factors in play … Continue reading

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