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Ridd v JCU

If you want a good laugh have a read of the judgement in the case of Ridd v JCU. Before you do that realise that JCU management are unrepentant. We disagree with the Judge’s comments and are also troubled by … Continue reading

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What they said: Academic Freedom edition

Report of the Independent Review of Freedom of Speech in Australian Higher Education Providers: Agreements were accessed for 38 universities. Agreements for Bond University, Torrens University Australia and the University of Divinity could not be located. Thirty six of those agreements make explicit reference … Continue reading

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Overcoming educational disadvantage

An important Centre for Independent Studies event in Melbourne. Overcoming the Odds. A study of Australia’s top performing disadvantaged schools. Groundbreaking new CIS research recently released has identified the common policies and practices leading to success in disadvantaged primary schools. … Continue reading

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Academic groupthink

I found the clip via Bryan Caplan. Like Caplan I’m not convinced this is a serious problem. It is a real issue, but not an actual serious problem. As I explained in The Case Against Education, educators simply aren’t very persuasive, … Continue reading

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Fresh air in a US classroom

Freeing kids from mediocrity and boredom. A new video from Reason suggests that it is possible to liven up the classroom and in fact, is actually being done quite effectively. Host John Stossel found a school filled with kids who … Continue reading

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Stephen Hicks. The Battle for the Soul of the University

Universities are political places, but there’s good politics and bad. Some students, however, are always protesting. First point: The protesting students are neither “snowflakes” who can’t take the heat nor “delicate flowers” whose feelings have been bruised. University students have … Continue reading

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Perverse incentives in education

There are three types of goods and services in the world. Information goods – these are goods and services where you can discover everything about the good or service in advance by acquiring information. Experience goods – these are  goods and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on education revisited

Last year the then Turnbull government made some education policy decisions. Then the government intends to make university students pay more and at lower levels of income  for their education. In general this is a good thing. At the same … Continue reading

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Greg Sheridan on the lies they were teaching in 1985. Producing Red Guards

Thanks to max in the Belt and Road comments, talk about Greg Sheridan being ahead of the curve. Occasionally I get to meet a 20something girl who is completing some kind of social studies course at the Uni of NSW. … Continue reading

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Liberty quote. Popper on education

State authority in these matters (education) is liable to achieve, in fact, the exact opposite of Socrates’ aim (intellectual modesty and the self-critical attitude). It is liable to produce dogmatic self-satisfaction and massive intellectual complacency, instead of critical dissatisfaction and … Continue reading

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