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Hope for the Future. Sponsor an IPA campus coordinator!!

The IPA Generation Liberty project has recruited over a thousand young members and there are 14  Campus Coordinators generating some action among the students. Project Hope is a drive to have more campus coordinators. People who want to see more … Continue reading

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And for second prize …

It is our pleasure to introduce #HillaryClinton as our 11th Chancellor and 1st female Chancellor. Welcome to the @QUBelfast family @HillaryClinton. Find out more below and here: — Queen's University Belfast 🎓 (@QUBelfast) January 2, 2020

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Captain Planet

I was sitting in the barber’s chair and chatting with the barber about her children (it’s a husband and wife barber shop where the kids wander through all the time) so I asked about what kind of environmental instruction her … Continue reading

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Math horror story

The AFR has this horror story this morning: First year university undergraduates are so bad at maths professors are dropping the subject from business and statistics courses because students can’t keep up, researchers say. Meanwhile, a recent test found a … Continue reading

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An anomaly

Parnell McGuinness points to an interesting anomaly in the AFR this morning: Already only 20 to 30 per cent of people in the West identify as progressive, which is about as much of the primary vote as the social democratic … Continue reading

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A tale of two education systems. England & Australia + climate items

Windwatch.  Yesterday in wind provided 5.5% of the demand at the evening peak, this morning and this evening 6.5%. People who are unhappy with the transformation of the helpful British policemen on the beat into the gestapo of political correctness … Continue reading

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Australian school education sucks. Who is surprised?

Thank you Julia Gillard and the teachers’ unions. Just provide more money. What could go wrong?  PISA-Aust-Education-Tanks Australia has plunged in the global education rankings, with the nation’s 15-year-olds performing at a significantly lower standard in reading, mathematics and science than … Continue reading

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Latest on Schröder-Turk

Updating the site’s recent coverage of the Murdoch University whistleblower scandal: there has been an impressive response from Australian academics. Fifty-seven of them – all recipients of the Australian Research Council’s Laureate Fellowship – have signed a letter condemning Murdoch’s … Continue reading

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Merdok moovs to sylence a wissleblower

First: sincere thanks to my assistant – Murdoch University English literature MA candidate, Jinjing – who wrote the header. I’ll take it from here. Hard on the heels of James Cook University’s decision to pursue marine scientist Peter Ridd to … Continue reading

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Impending climate and energy primer

Good news. Since Peter Ridd became a public face of climate realism he has been repeatedly asked about entry level reading matter. The good news is that the Lower Neutral Bay Climate Realists are on the job, writing a primer … Continue reading

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