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Diversity of views in university courses

Lets ensure the debate about freedom of speech on campus continues but don’t expect too much from the students because the turnover makes it really hard to maintain purpose and direction. This is a reprint of a piece that first … Continue reading

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Freedom on Campus

Two recent articles in the Australian have caught my eye. First on Saturday: Education Minister Dan Tehan has accused leading universities of “failing Australia” by refusing to champion free speech on ­campus, warning that they risk ­inflicting major damage on … Continue reading

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Andrew Norton on the intricacies of university funding

The only classical liberal in Carlton surfaced in Sydney at the Friedman Conference. He maintains a blog with occasional reports on higher education and his last two posts have some interesting statistics. Like any area where the factors in play … Continue reading

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Jacob Watts: Some lies on public school funding

A new report reveals that funding independent school systems such as the Catholic system, benefits students in all schools by saving taxpayers billions and leaving more resources for students in the public school system. This contradicts claims from the opponents … Continue reading

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Alan Jones on climate propaganda in schools.

Lets have a hot line to find out what is going on to follow the concerns of Patrick Moore on the Jones Show this morning. In particular, Dr Moore tells Alan Jones he’s worried about the global face of the … Continue reading

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Ridd v JCU

If you want a good laugh have a read of the judgement in the case of Ridd v JCU. Before you do that realise that JCU management are unrepentant. We disagree with the Judge’s comments and are also troubled by … Continue reading

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What they said: Academic Freedom edition

Report of the Independent Review of Freedom of Speech in Australian Higher Education Providers: Agreements were accessed for 38 universities. Agreements for Bond University, Torrens University Australia and the University of Divinity could not be located. Thirty six of those agreements make explicit reference … Continue reading

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Overcoming educational disadvantage

An important Centre for Independent Studies event in Melbourne. Overcoming the Odds. A study of Australia’s top performing disadvantaged schools. Groundbreaking new CIS research recently released has identified the common policies and practices leading to success in disadvantaged primary schools. … Continue reading

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Academic groupthink

I found the clip via Bryan Caplan. Like Caplan I’m not convinced this is a serious problem. It is a real issue, but not an actual serious problem. As I explained in The Case Against Education, educators simply aren’t very persuasive, … Continue reading

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Fresh air in a US classroom

Freeing kids from mediocrity and boredom. A new video from Reason suggests that it is possible to liven up the classroom and in fact, is actually being done quite effectively. Host John Stossel found a school filled with kids who … Continue reading

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