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Competition in the university sector

My good friend Senator James Paterson (Liberal, Victoria) is a really smart guy. But … he is also a graduate of the University of Melbourne, and so we have to temper our expectations somewhat. Today he is quoted in the … Continue reading

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Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ Unit Guide Amended

Reader Jason has noticed that the All of Us unit guide appears to have changed: It seems they have changed the exercise on Page 20. Possibly others. Is it possible to put it up here to compare the differences? The … Continue reading

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Reaping where they have not sown

This piece caught my eye in the AFR: Bruce [Chapman] and I [John Dawkins] have often shaiacked about the true father of HECS – was it Bruce who developed the scheme or me who had it supported by a divided Labor Party … Continue reading

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You Reap What You Sow

I came across this from Andrew Bolt’s blog, citing Janet Albrechtson’s highly interesting article in The Australian yesterday: It’s compelling viewing and shows very clearly what happens when you let the tail wag the dog. It also reminds me of … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the administrative state

During the just concluded meeting of the North American society of historians of economic thought I made a major effort to find at least one other attendee among the other 200 who would be willing to make a single positive … Continue reading

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“I agree with everything you say”

Which is a direct quote from Deirdre McCloskey at the end of my presentation this morning. So let me return the compliment. In her presentation to the plenary which came immediately after my parallel session, I agreed with everything she … Continue reading

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Disruptive kids in the classroom

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For nerds. William W Bartley on the universities

From a review of W.W. Bartley. Unfathomed Knowledge, Unmeasured Wealth: On Universities and the Wealth of Nations. Open Court. 1990. Bartley was one of the most original and productive of the students inspired by Karl Popper. He died in 1990 … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Means testing education support

When I proposed that child care subsidies be reduced where household income exceeds $250,000, and eliminated where it exceeds $350,000, the major parties wet their pants. I had the Government over a barrel so it said nothing, but Labor and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on education

The Turnbull government have been out and about doing education policy this week. Two things – they will be throwing more money at primary and secondary education and throwing less money at universities. In general that’s probably not a bad … Continue reading

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