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Paul Johnson on universities

Poor behaviour at universities has been in the press recently so I thought it might be interesting to post what British historian Paul Johnson had to say about the role of those institutions: Indeed, the study of universities and the … Continue reading

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University problems, more than just too many students

Important message from Grace Collier in the paper yesterday, reprinted by Old Ozzie in comments on the open thread in case you can’t access the original. The Business Council is concerned but their concern with bad course selection, time for … Continue reading

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The most ignorant highly educated fools in history

This is from Campus Review: What Scott Morrison doesn’t get about most of the voting public. And what he doesn’t get is that they are ignorant fools. Here’s the text: When now-Prime Minster Scott Morrison brought a lump of coal … Continue reading

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Support Bettina Arndt

The riot squad was called recently to Sydney University to remove an abusive mob of protesters trying to stop Bettina Arndt talking about the fake rape crisis. Until the police were called, the mob was preventing Bettina’s audience from reaching the … Continue reading

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Claire Lehmann and Padraic McGuinness

This is a story of two editors. Claire Lehmann is a rising star or even a risen star in cyberspace with her online magazine Quillette that is a space for civilised conversation about controversial cultural issues. Have a look! Last … Continue reading

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Read the question

I have some experience at setting assessment tasks and grading the resulting answers. One of the most common errors students (and everyone else) commit is not reading the question carefully. Another error that everyone commits is providing the correct answer … Continue reading

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Gonski fails again. Surprise surprise

A nice piece by Jennifer Buckingham at the Centre for Independent Studies. Unfortunately, the recommendations in the second Gonski report are not based on evidence about effective use of school resources. Most are inane and obvious – for example, children … Continue reading

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Latest on ANU

I wonder if PvO actually reads the Australian’s op-ed page? Today he has a piece that opens: It’s hardly surprising that ANU isn’t bothering to respond in detail to all the ongoing complaints from the Ramsay Centre and others that … Continue reading

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Differing views on academic freedom

The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the ANU are out and about today defending their decision to break off negotiations with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. There is a lot in there to discuss but I want to pick up … Continue reading

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Charles Jacobs: Tax cuts on the nose: Millennials

As the tax cuts were passed in Parliament, new CIS research suggests that they may not have the backing of one of Australia’s largest group of voters. Indeed, in new polling we have commissioned from You Gov Galaxy, it appears … Continue reading

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