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Does one learn by doing or by thinking?

Not exactly the right question since everyone supports government solutions to some things, but the question is still a genuine one: Why Do Intellectuals Support Government Solutions?. I found the link at Instapundit where, not for the first time, the … Continue reading

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Resolved: “there are no biological differences between men and women”

From Canada. Discussion of discipline handed down to Wilfrid Laurier University graduate student and Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd for playing a 3 minute clip of University of Toronto Professor, Jordan Peterson, debating Canada’s bill C-16 which has criminalised the use … Continue reading

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The book no child should be without

If you are looking for Christmas ideas, you might consider Economics for Infants, the only book of its kind. A perfect book to read to your children and grandchildren! How do you explain the complexities of the economic order to … Continue reading

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The Productivity Commission on Education

The Australian has a story that caught my eye: The Productivity Commission has called for universities to shoulder more responsibility for the quality and the job fitness of their graduates and to be exposed to consumer protection laws to give … Continue reading

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Can machines be entrepreneurial?

Stephen Schwartz has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph today talking about machine marking in education. All up I agree with his arguments – but this paragraph struck me as being wrong. Critics also claim that computers will never be … Continue reading

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Thoughts on university reform

This caught my eye this morning: Universities would lose control over the salaries of vice-chancellors under a plan floated by Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm. “Australian public universities are crying poor while the averag­e salary package for their vice-chancellors is now … Continue reading

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RMIT is the George Mason of the South

It was certainly never intended that way but the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT has become one of the great free market universities of the world. This has been posted at Instapundit just today following the post … Continue reading

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Competition in the university sector

My good friend Senator James Paterson (Liberal, Victoria) is a really smart guy. But … he is also a graduate of the University of Melbourne, and so we have to temper our expectations somewhat. Today he is quoted in the … Continue reading

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Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ Unit Guide Amended

Reader Jason has noticed that the All of Us unit guide appears to have changed: It seems they have changed the exercise on Page 20. Possibly others. Is it possible to put it up here to compare the differences? The … Continue reading

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Reaping where they have not sown

This piece caught my eye in the AFR: Bruce [Chapman] and I [John Dawkins] have often shaiacked about the true father of HECS – was it Bruce who developed the scheme or me who had it supported by a divided Labor Party … Continue reading

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