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Useful family advice for students

From Behavioural Economics Saved My Dog by Dan Ariely Dear Dan, As a university professor who has been teaching for a long time, what advice would you give to students who are starting their academic year? —PETER Simple: cut all … Continue reading

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An education bubble?

From the WSJ: Today’s colleges give students no idea of the structure of knowledge: the topics they should learn, the books and skills they should master. Educators refuse them the guidance and stiff requirements they need and often want. Colleges … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

Teachers in Victoria and NSW are planning to wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Close the camps – bring them here” in classrooms on Monday, according to the Teachers for Refugees Facebook page. ++++++ The release of the latest ­Program … Continue reading

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A bit of price gouging

The Grattan Institute is proposing charging students a fee to cover the government’s cost of borrowing on the student loan scheme. At face value that seems sensible. But … All university and college students should be required to pay a … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen spots some hypocrisy

Since Donald Trump has picked Betsy DeVos to be education secretary, many commentators have been pulling out their anti-school choice arguments from the closet, and for the most part it isn’t a pretty sight. To insist on a single government-run … Continue reading

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What happened to climate science? The dots…

This is the first of a series of posts to “join the dots” to account for the state of climate science and the way that the mainstream views on climate change have been taken up in political circles. The first … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box

There was an oped in the AFR today by a university qualified individual working in the area of his technical qualification suggesting that: Business-related university degrees are failing graduates in the workplace. The world of accounting and finance has rapidly … Continue reading

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Why do this to yourself?

Several years ago I turned up at a Senate inquiry into academic bias. In short, I’m sure it exists but it is probably not systemic across the university system. Despite what people may think it is also not much of … Continue reading

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Law school for lawyers

AFR readers will have noticed an exchange of views (here, here and here) between Frank Carrigan – a senior lecturer in law – and Carolyn Evans – professor of law and chair of the Council of Australian Law Deans – … Continue reading

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Tom Valentine 1942 – 2016

Today we received the news that Tom Valentine (Cat lurker and occasional threadster) had passed away. From the AFR obituary: During the Fraser years, Tom was a key adviser to the Campbell Committee Inquiry into the Australian financial system from 1979 … Continue reading

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