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Are the Liberals legitimising Hanson?

Andrew Bolt draws our attention to an interesting article in the latest Spectator.  Last time around they managed to put her in gaol. Now they are rolling out the red carpet. Pauline Hanson and her strategists must be shouting from … Continue reading

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My blog history of the election

My “blog history” of the American election is being published which consists of all of the posts I did on the election starting in July 2015 when I actually saw Donald Trump in Las Vegas. I call it a blog … Continue reading

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Just watch

Diamond & Silk, whoever they are, say what needs to be said. UPDATE: And then you can watch Trump’s full speech. No teleprompter. He tells “The Snake” from around 30:00.

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Will the Republicans nominate Trump?

Donald Trump is the Stephen Curry of Republican politics. CONFIRMED=> Hillary Clinton Received 1.5 Million FEWER Votes in 2016 than in 2008 — Democrats Down 7 Million Votes Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million… Historic 13M Vote … Continue reading

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Attack is the best form of defence

Donald Trump is not of the opinion that absorbing punishment is a useful way to show one’s strength. He is, in fact, the first person in politics on my side of the fence who thinks attack is the best form … Continue reading

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And so it begins

The relentlessly anti-Trump media “analysis”, even here in Australia with virtually no one voting in the US election. The Murdoch Press is anti-Trump to the furthest extent it can go, and this is the supposed right-side of the media. The … Continue reading

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The next election will be a “senate election”

No. I don’t mean that we’ll have a Senate half-election. I have no doubt the next Senate election will be held concurrently with the House election. What I mean is that the next election will be all about the Senate. … Continue reading

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Send Sam to Canberra

Sam Kennard is running in the North Sydney by-election this Saturday. LIBERAL Democratic Party candidate Sam Kennard has promised to bring his “tenacious” business attitude to federal politics and inject some real-world experience back into politics. “I have 25 years … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm on banning donations from “bad” people

Various people, the Greens among them, are cheering at the defeat of former Newcastle Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy in the High Court. He had sought to overturn a New South Wales law banning property developers from making political donations. The … Continue reading

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The Turnbull Effect

The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership. Malcolm Turnbull last Monday … Continue reading

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