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The whole world is watching

From George Weigel at First Things: The Pell Affair: Australia is now on trial. He begins: Has it occurred to anyone else debating the perverse verdict rendered against Cardinal George Pell, which convicted him of “historic sexual abuse,” that the … Continue reading

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It’s all politics which means there are no easy answers

Let me start by explaining the basic framework. This is all politics. No one among the Democrat senators believes a word of Ford’s testimony. Not one of them would say a word were Kavanaugh a Democrat nominee. It is all … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen talks to Claire Lehmann

Read the transcript – listen to the audio. One minor quibble – Australia does not have a male macho culture. That’s propaganda. One very serious quibble – the best Australian movie ever was The Castle. Important point: LEHMANN: I think having … Continue reading

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Follow the money….to AGL

How does this make for cheaper power prices? AGL triples profit after Hazelwood closes. On the lighter side: Vigilante cows.

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ABC panellist advocates eugenics

On Q&A last night there was this proposal from panellist Corey White: I specified that drug addicts should be given incentives, um, cash to delay reproducing because the fact is that a lot of drug-addicted people do have children and … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the morality of taxation

Last week I had planned to ask the nice people at the AFR to accompany my column with a chart showing the income tax paid under current law, income tax paid from July if the Coalition’s budget plan is passed, … Continue reading

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A Few Weak Men

Media coverage of the Australian cricket team’s failed and hilariously ill-conceived pre-meditated cheating attempt ball tampering fiasco has been as limp as it has been predictable: Stage 1: Shock. Stage 2: Diet-outrage. Stage 3: Outrage-classic. Stage 4: Interview former captain who once … Continue reading

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Not only will they sell the rope used to hang them they will feel virtuous in making the sale

I knew enough of these corporate CEO bureaucrats from my days in the Chamber of Commerce, many of whom are in reality no different from public servants. Unlike the genuine entrepreneurs who built their enterprises from the ground up, the … Continue reading

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Coalition sense on IR

I imagine The Australian made this the first thing they told us about the new Deputy Prime Minister as a kind of negative point, but this is something that’s long been missing from the Coalition: Mr McCormack upheld the importance … Continue reading

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Lessons in Morality From Hollywood

Following the 2018 Golden Globe celebrity virtue-signalling awards, we discovered that: black is now quite literally the new black (I guess it was only a matter of time); #metoo apparently means that, while behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner towards … Continue reading

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