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Duda Day: Polish President Bests Putin In Holocaust Brawl

IN Jerusalem on Monday, world leaders will begin arriving to mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. The large-scale event is part of a broader Fifth World Holocaust Forum dedicated both to remembrance and the renewed condemnation of antisemitism. … Continue reading

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Pines Before People

Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves famous ‘dinosaur trees’. Seventeen people have died in NSW bushfires. I’d like to know if these resources could have saved any of them – or the property of thousands of others. The trees have survived … Continue reading

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A man is not a woman: the scientific truth now illegal in Britain

IT’S not true that mental illness isn’t contagious. The transgender psychosis that affects hardly anybody has nevertheless infected politicians, celebrities (always an epidemiologically prone cohort), journalists and even medical ‘doctors.’ (Who don’t hold doctorates and are certainly not expounders of … Continue reading

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Democrats impeach the American people

EVERYTHING that can be said about the true origins and nature of the Democrat Party’s impeachment of Donald Trump has been written, though variations on themes will continue to be published in the weeks and months ahead. It is accepted … Continue reading

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Really Tricky Dicky

At Popular Mechanics: This Nixon Deepfake Is an Alternate Reality Where Apollo 11 Fails. (YouTube). The contingency speech – “In Event of Moon Disaster” – is real but the deepfake has been created by MIT Media Lab “to illustrate just … Continue reading

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Facebook and pornography cannot just be left to the market

Here’s one way to discredit the market system: Arnold Kling asks the question: I am sick of reading about people who want to regulate Facebook. You didn’t come up with the idea. You didn’t build the business. Now that it’s … Continue reading

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While the Pell’s away, the church mice will play

AS the first prefect (from February 2014) of the newly created Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell quickly acquired a reputation for confrontational rigour as he worked to reform the Vatican’s notoriously slipshod and corrupt accounts. Even detractors admitted … Continue reading

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Fantasists pursing a collective delusion

Two articles on the same issues entered my inbox almost simultaneously, both with a similar message but told differently and with slightly different imagery. Different versions of being at the end of times. I will remind you again at the … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Bidenese

Clearly, this can’t go on. At this point it’s just cruel to pretend that Biden is all there: — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) December 7, 2019

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The Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released an interim report yesterday. The document is a sad reflection of the horrific evidence of cruelty and incompetence presented to that inquiry since its establishment by Scott Morrison last September. … Continue reading

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