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Doubling down on incompetence

What else is he going to say, I suppose, but say it he did: Labor’s record spending while in power has been used as an attack for years. Wayne Swan, responsible for the debt, says he’s proud of it. That … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Motley parliaments

In the years to come we’re going to have plenty of motley parliaments, with fewer major party parliamentarians and larger crossbenches of independents and minor parties holding the balance of power. We better get used to it. At the Commonwealth … Continue reading

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2019 Battle Lines: Capitalism and Growth (L-N) versus Socialism and Degrowth (ALP)

The story is from the US and about them but applies to us just as well: 2020 Battle Lines: Capitalism and Growth (R) versus Socialism and Degrowth (D). Here is much of the article but there is more at the … Continue reading

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A female Malcolm clone

The Libs have a handful of candidates who represent me – conservative, free market, and repulsed by the global warming con that is ruining Australia among other things. By a last minute Prime Ministerial throw of the die, Craig Kelly … Continue reading

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Peter Costello for PM

With Kelly O’Dwyer about to vacate Peter Costello’s old seat of Higgins, the scenario writes itself. Peter Costello must become the leader of the Liberal Party and contest the next election on behalf of the Coalition. He understands how to … Continue reading

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Kelly O’Dwyer to quit Parliament

ViA Andrew Bolt. Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer, has seldom, if ever, laid a glove on Labor or the Greens but, like her protégé, is adept at causing enormous damage to her own side. Picture: AAP Andrew Bolt Blog Posts … Continue reading

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Australia’s chronic economic underperformance

I have this piece in Quadrant. It was triggered by this graphic presenting a 300 year review of the rise and fall of nations in the GDP stakes.  By 1913, the Western world’s living standards were two- to tenfold those of the rest … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Budget cuts? You must be kidding!

If the Government’s financial statements were subject to the same rules as a private company, Treasurer Frydenberg and Finance Minister Cormann would be at risk of going to jail. They are the Commonwealth Government’s version of the dodgy brothers. Their … Continue reading

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“Destructive, mad, pointless”

Projection to its very core. A psychological study that will be examined long after the subject has left this mortal coil. Malcolm Turnbull’s Twitter spray over plan to automatically preselect Craig Kelly. Malcolm Turnbull today publicly urged successor Scott Morrison … Continue reading

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Wreckers and saboteurs without an ounce of policy sense

I have dwelt on the 45-40 party room tally when Malcolm was finally booted and have often wondered whether the score was actually: Skeptics 45 – Idiots and Buffoons 40. In the light of all this, what am I to … Continue reading

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