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May you live in idiotic times

You want socialism we’ll give you socialism. This is the front page of The Oz this morning: DEPRESSION BUSTER with the headline all in caps just as you see. We are going to keep handing out money to people for … Continue reading

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Otherwise Morrison will get the credit for seeing us through

Laura Tingle – her ‘climate change’ quiver as empty as a toilet roll aisle – wants Labor brought into Cabinet.

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Democrat bill would have exposed US to COVID-19

THE policy and politics surrounding coronavirus are mutating quickly, aren’t they? Last week, the Democrats still had a bill in the offing that would have banned President Trump from protecting the American public from a pandemic. A move that will … Continue reading

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Two ladies discuss dolls in Senate Estimates

FW Commission senior official under fire for ‘scantily clad’ figurines in office. Hover over the ABC’s original URL which says the commission’s deputy president, Gerard Boyce, was “caught” with them. It seems painting the Japanese-style statues is a hobby of … Continue reading

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The Upper-Cut House Bashes Bettina Arndt

ITS decision to support a Labor motion in the Senate condemning Bettina Arndt and declaring her unfit to keep her Order of Australia bauble is yet another pathetic low for the Liberal Party. The Morrison government’s men, in particular, disgraced … Continue reading

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How to secure bipartisan funding for your spy agency

Neo-Nazis among Australia’s most challenging security threats, ASIO boss warns. In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology.” – ASIO director general Mike Burgess   But … Continue reading

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Donating your own money to non-Labor parties “obscene”

ANTHONY Albanese channelled Bernie Sanders this morning, declaring “democracy shouldn’t be for sale.” He means that wealthy individuals should be legislatively banned from supporting independent conservatives or the Coalition. Speaking to friends on ABC’s Insiders, the leader of the Opposition … Continue reading

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By which time he’ll be 87 years old and still Opposition Leader

Anthony Albanese recommits party to net zero carbon emissions target for 2050.

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Coming soon: deficits to become ‘happiness surpluses’

Labor’s Jim Chalmers backs Jacinda Ardern’s ‘wellbeing budget’ plan. Nobody in his right mind would ever want the government in charge of wellbeing – not even if the relevant Treasurer learned the ropes, as Jim Chalmers did, under an exemplar … Continue reading

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Koal Klux Klan

Anthony Albanese moves to play down impact of Labor’s secret coal group. Labor leader Anthony Albanese says he has no concerns about a secret group of pro-coal members and senators. The so-called Otis Group wants to push Labor to the … Continue reading

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