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Aussie Vape Day

Today is Aussie Vape Day.  

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The children’s crusade

I endured Q&A only because Alan Jones was on, but they left him almost entirely out of it until the last moment when they turned to climate change. So he told the story of how he had asked Tanya Plibersek … Continue reading

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Shorten promises to wreck the country gets warm response

From the report on the Leaders’ debate in the Australian: Priceless: Shorten’s climate change cost. Mr Shorten won over the audience by arguing the case for action on climate change and greater equity on wages. Is it the ignorant or … Continue reading

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Minding your A’s and T’s

I reckon at this point the election looks about even. The Coalition, bless their hearts, are finally again moving towards the A-list of conservative policies. Towards self-reliance as the central means of running our lives, away from global warming hysteria, … Continue reading

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Where the cure is not only worse than the disease it is the disease

Front page story in The Oz today: Shorten unveils tax and spend ‘cure’. Bill Shorten will claim the most significant reforms to Medicare since it was created by Bob Hawke in 1984, with a $2.3 billion expansion of bulk billing … Continue reading

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Budget speech 2019-20

Mr Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. Tonight, I announce that the Budget is back in the black and Australia is back on track. For the first time in 12 years, our nation is … Continue reading

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Budget 2019

Receipts and Payments as % GDP     Josh Frydenberg kept emphasising “without raising taxes”. Well. Not quite. Spending remains above the long-term average of spending and Receipts as a % of GDP is well above, well above, the long … Continue reading

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Duncan Spender: Liberal Democrats 2019 Alternative Budget

Australians are disappointed in their politicians; what they long for is leadership and inspiration. In this, the sixth alternative budget by the Liberal Democrats, I propose a grand bargain between the Commonwealth and the States. It will require leadership to … Continue reading

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Doubling down on incompetence

What else is he going to say, I suppose, but say it he did: Labor’s record spending while in power has been used as an attack for years. Wayne Swan, responsible for the debt, says he’s proud of it. That … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Motley parliaments

In the years to come we’re going to have plenty of motley parliaments, with fewer major party parliamentarians and larger crossbenches of independents and minor parties holding the balance of power. We better get used to it. At the Commonwealth … Continue reading

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