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This suicidal infighting is a madness

The Liberal Party left are like the left in general, lacking moral scruples, but with a will to power without a shred of policy sense. It’s not as if Malcolm were doing anything other than leading them to certain defeat … Continue reading

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Going but not quite gone

This morning The Oz front page was about the PRESENT Prime Minister in communication with the FORMER Prime Minister: PM tells Turnbull: back off. Good, and whether it was “back off” or something similar, that is exactly right. In honour … Continue reading

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My agenda for our new government

This is the agenda for the new government. 1) Balanced Budgets, Easing of Business Regulations and a Sharp Reduction in Public Spending Modern macro, that teaches that spending, of itself, is the basis for economic growth, higher employment and rising … Continue reading

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The difference 3 votes makes

Three more votes for Peter Dutton converts 40-45 into 43-42. Dutton wins by by 1 like the margin for Tony over Turnbull years ago. By a weird coincidence 40 people did not sign the fateful petition that required 43 names. … Continue reading

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Small mercies

No doubt we should be grateful for small mercies. Malcolm is gone, although not gone all that far, and that is something. Scott Morrison is a step up, but lacks either gravitas or the charismatic glow. Perhaps we will be … Continue reading

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Watch live

Only station I could find a live feed. Did try Sky and Channel 9. Send a link with some other network and will replace.

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Tony Abbott for Prime Minister

I just spent the afternoon re-reading Tony Abbott’s outstanding Battlelines, his 2009 tract on political philosophy. It reads better now than when it was first published. We are about to have a race between three mediocrities to replace a non-entity, … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton challenges Malcolm Turnbull for leadership

It’s on. Liberal leadership declared vacant 9:14AMGREG BROWN PoliticsNow: Malcolm Turnbull has declared the leadership of the Liberal Party vacant in this morning’s partyroom meeting. UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull wins partyroom ballot against Peter Dutton 48 – 35

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Aust Taxpayers Cheap Energy Guarantee

Check it out.

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High Noon for Mal?

Approaching high noon, lots of sunshine, demand down and Wind & Other delivering 7% of demand. Is it too late for a new Coalition leadership team to dump the Paris accord, call bullshit on the RE target and the NEG, … Continue reading

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