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That’s interesting

Robert Gottliebsen draws our attention to Section 137.1 of the Federal Criminal Code: 137.1   False or misleading information              (1)  A person commits an offence if:                      (a)  the person gives information to another person; and                      (b)  the person … Continue reading

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Nationalise Super?

Alan Kohler has cashed in the franchise with a piece in the Australian today advocating that Super be nationalised. Superannuation is the only product where choice and competition are not only completely pointless, they are counter-productive. That’s because choice and … Continue reading

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It’s still not too late for the Feds

WA election: Joe Francis says Colin Barnett should have been dumped last year. Are we looking to the future? Are they listening in Canberra? One of Colin Barnett’s senior ministers, Joe Francis, has launched an extraordinary attack on the Liberal … Continue reading

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Cross post: John Adams It’s over

The Prime Minister must accept full responsibility for the political predicament facing the government and his leadership. Writing for the Daily Telegraph and appearing on the ABC’s the DRUM on 10 June 2016, three weeks before the last election, I … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes Dear Malcolm: better to die on your feet than live on your knees

Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata once said, “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. Contrast Malcolm Turnbull. Our Prime Minister is like Napoleon in Russia in 1812. He’s retreating from his electoral Moscow, harassed and attacked … Continue reading

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The wages of ignorance

I have been following this business about wages with no little amazement. Here is the story that sums it up but it was in all the papers today: A demoralised government put in a dismal performance in parliament today. In … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull is the Hillary Clinton of Australian politics

Tony Abbott is our Donald Trump. And Bill Shorten is Bernie Sanders.

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Breaking news: George Christensen resigns …

… as National Party whip. Mr Christensen took the step out of a general recognition within the party that he could not continue to speak out against government policies or threaten to cross the floor while still remaining the “enforcer … Continue reading

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What they said: Is the split on?

Tony Abbott: We do need to make it respectable again to be liberal on economic questions and conservative on social ones. Pauline Hanson: Tony Abbott better look out because if he keeps suggesting so many One Nation style policies the … Continue reading

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Coming to grips with the cost of free public health

Dan Mitchell describes the extent of the problem in the US. Don’t forget to subscribe to his column. The United States is going to become another Greece, and it’s largely because of poorly designed entitlement programs. As the old saying … Continue reading

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