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A bit of background on Malcolm

I put this up on line back in February 2015 just as Malcolm was about to lead the knifing of Tony Abbott. Title turned out to be wrong – I did vote for him – but the post was extraordinarily … Continue reading

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Presidents and Parliaments

I don’t wish to dwell on this in particular, but let me start here: Trump slammed outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., tweeting that Ryan “should be focusing on holding the Majority” instead of weighing in on the president’s push … Continue reading

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No wonder Tony lost his job

No wonder Tony Abbott lost his job. No one can any longer follow straightforward common sense. There will always be some Liberals who want the party to go further on climate change or be more compassionate on boatpeople. There will … Continue reading

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Listen Scott: Make Tony Deputy Leader of the Libs

I was going to put this up when I saw the front page story in The Oz on the weekend: Tony Abbott calls for Liberal voter unity. I didn’t then, but today there was this which pushed me a little … Continue reading

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Enemies of the people

This is What Kerryn Phelps Stands For, drawn to our attention by Max in a previous thread. These people are your enemy. And it might be noted that only on climate change does she have actual proposals. The rest are … Continue reading

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Cry me a river – the Liberals lost Wentworth*

Speaking of rivers it has been many, many years since I read The Water Babies so I don’t recall the exact details of the book. I do remember, however,  Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid and Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby.  Our friends in the parliamentary Liberal Party should … Continue reading

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The poisoned chalice

Beware of getting what you wish for! All parties are desperate to win government but given the unreliable energy plans of all the main players and their inevitable impact on the cost and reliability of power the next Federal government … Continue reading

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If the left could actually fulfil their promises they would never lose an election

I guess with compulsory voting, no one will be discouraged from going out to vote no matter how pessimistic they might feel. So in Australia, I guess this can’t hurt that much: Sharma will likely lose: Morrison. I realise those … Continue reading

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A dark age coming

The headline story in The AFR today begins: The federal government has slammed plans by business to go it alone on climate and energy policy but industry leaders are holding their ground and have the backing of Labor and the … Continue reading

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The most ignorant highly educated fools in history

This is from Campus Review: What Scott Morrison doesn’t get about most of the voting public. And what he doesn’t get is that they are ignorant fools. Here’s the text: When now-Prime Minster Scott Morrison brought a lump of coal … Continue reading

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