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Mentioned in dispatches

Labor voter Jim Allan had a column in The Spectator: Mr Turnbull’s super power is the ability to divide conservatives into two camps, both of which seem to think the other is basically delusional, deluded, dyspeptic, delirious, disaffected, demoniac, pick … Continue reading

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Tony discusses the Donald

It’s five in the morning where I am, but am up and watching the Patriots v the Texans. I do indeed like Boston which is why I am preparing for a wrecked day tomorrow, even though we are in Copenhagen … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on good debt and bad debt

In delivering more debt and deficits, Treasurer Scott Morrison recently made a point of explaining that there is good debt and bad debt. Bad debt is when the Government borrows to fund things that are lapped up straight away and … Continue reading

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Australian Conservatives

One more Malcolm triumph: Cory Bernardi on brink of Liberal Party split. Fears are mounting within the ­Liberal Party that maverick South Australian senator Cory Bernardi is set to split from the Coalition to spearhead the new Australian Conservatives party, … Continue reading

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Debt in the MYEFO

I captured data for Net debt and the Face value of outstanding Commonwealth securities (Gross debt) i.e. the amount of money that actually has to be paid back. Looks ugly – especially how the gap between net debt and gross … Continue reading

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Looking for a Christmas miracle

There are many things great and small Andrew Bolt does that are important and for which I remain grateful. Among these – one of the smaller blessings – is that he reads Niki Savva’s columns so that the rest of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. It’s all about trust

In July 2015 the Abbott government introduced a customs regulation to prohibit imports of seven shot lever action shotguns. The announcement by the Prime Minister made clear it was part of the government’s one-announcement-per-week terrorism strategy. It was also said … Continue reading

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There will be no carbon tax under a government I pretend to lead

Via Andrew Bolt, sabotaging Josh Frydenberg. The story: Josh Frydenberg in the deep freeze as Coalition colleagues overheat. What does any of this have to do with Frydenberg since it is universally understood that Malcolm is a global warming loon. … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

There is this thing called business confidence and the calibre of the government makes all the difference. He’s not even president yet but here we go. Meanwhile we are struck with Malcolm, a holdover from the bad old days of … Continue reading

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If this is true, how can Malcolm continue to lead the Libs?

I’m on annual leave and away from it all with only the occasional look at the papers. But there was this at Andrew Bolt, Hinch blames Turnbull for ABCC backtrack. If it is true and nothing is done about the … Continue reading

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