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Mixed feelings

So here is a tweet from Richard Di Natale: On the one hand I think that politicians – and their families – should only be allowed to access public services. Furthermore that they – and their families – be required … Continue reading

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Dislocated Albo

Very little about Australian politicking – distinguishing that from affairs of state – interests me these days. In my adolescence I became a politics tragic. That probably had something to do with the aggressively delineated sides that existed in the … Continue reading

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The long-forgotten supply side needs to be recalled

When I was the Chief Economist of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this is what you never saw: Business Calls for Stimulus Spark. In normal English, this says, “Business Calls for More Money from Taxpayers”. There may be … Continue reading

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Regulators discover Parliamentary accountability

One of the fig-leaves that so-called “independent” government agencies  rely to justify their lack of democratic accountability is that they are required to appear before the Parliament and answer questions.  Usually this is just a nonsense. Politicians are time-poor generalists … Continue reading

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Helping friends

I see from the front page of the SMH that “PM under pressure on Trump inquiry”. First para: Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being urged to provide “clear answers” about his offer to assist a divisive United States inquiry into … Continue reading

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“The Australian Government will use its best endeavors”

Further to the earlier story on Australian providing assistance to PDT we now have this: Letter From Australian Official Emerges That Casts Doubt On Report From New York Times. Just by being from the New York Times is enough to … Continue reading

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Costello joins the resistance

Peter Costello was Australia’s greatest Treasurer bar none. Today in The Oz there is a front page story that reminds me just how much this is so: RBA cuts won’t help the economy, says Peter Costello, with the subtitle, “Former … Continue reading

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Aussie Vape Day

Today is Aussie Vape Day.  

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The children’s crusade

I endured Q&A only because Alan Jones was on, but they left him almost entirely out of it until the last moment when they turned to climate change. So he told the story of how he had asked Tanya Plibersek … Continue reading

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Shorten promises to wreck the country gets warm response

From the report on the Leaders’ debate in the Australian: Priceless: Shorten’s climate change cost. Mr Shorten won over the audience by arguing the case for action on climate change and greater equity on wages. Is it the ignorant or … Continue reading

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