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No more debates, says science minister (who isn’t a scientist)

Climate deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Science Minister Karen Andrews warns. “Let’s not keep having debates about climate change.” Shut up, she explains. Andrews graduated as an engineer before a relatively brief career working in power … Continue reading

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On The Getting of Scott Morrison

THIS morning’s bad Newspoll result for Scott Morrison will arouse party room conniptions and a story-unto-itself nuclear half-life in the media but the figures are only as foreboding as the Prime Minister wants them to be. The poll is a … Continue reading

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Haters going to hate

2013. It was always going to be interesting to see what the nascent prime minister would do once we entered bushfire season. As a long-term volunteer member of the NSW Rural Fire Service, would he continue to undertake this community service … Continue reading

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Let me take a wild guess: because they’re not sick?

Medevac asylum seekers detained in a Melbourne hotel for months. Australian Border Force, the federal government agency responsible for the detention, would not say why the men are in a hotel rather than hospital … A picture of the sufferers … Continue reading

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Profiles in courage

Albanese says Australia should continue to export coal.

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Mr Albanese’s Speech

ANTHONY Albanese is named for the patron saint of lost items and the desperate seekers after them. At the Chifley Research Centre in Sydney yesterday, the Opposition Leader continued his search for Labor’s raison d’être – with or without the … Continue reading

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Jacqui of all trades

HYPOCRISY doesn’t get more brazen or risible: “Labor and the Greens have accused crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie and the Government of having struck a secret deal to end the medevac laws …” Just days ago there were hugs and kisses … Continue reading

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Hanson & Lambie

I can’t quite decide if that sounds like a law firm on Collins Street or the blue-stamped maker’s name on an old Australian-made dunny. More obviously: Scott Morrison has been spending too much time at work and doesn’t even appreciate … Continue reading

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A Prime Minister called Amber or Dakota can’t be far off

Paul Collits’ No Country For Old Men (new at Quadrant) is an interesting companion-piece to this site’s currently controversial David Leyonhjelm assault on elderly “parasites.” You know you are getting old when your country’s Treasurer is called “Josh” and a … Continue reading

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PM must water-bomb firestorm of climate lies

Two hundred and fifty pound Pom Senator Jordon Steele-John outdid his famously inferno-deranged Greens Party deputy leader Adam Bandt today by describing the government as “a bunch of arsonists.” (My thanks to Kae for the Hansard link). In a Greta-like … Continue reading

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