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Political parties are voluntary associations

Niki Savva has an op-ed talking about the problems the Liberal Party currently faces.  In summary, the Liberals are short on funds, short on talent, and short on voters. I don’t think anyone would be surprised by that description. Well, … Continue reading

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How does that slippery slope work?

So yesterday on the way home I was listening to Melbourne ABC radio.* They were interviewing Dr Bronwyn King (an oncologist) from Tobacco Free Portfolios. It was only during a meeting with a representative of her superannuation fund in 2010 that Bronwyn … Continue reading

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Beer Politics

This is Bill Shorten attempting to skol a beer the other day. I say ‘attempting’, because in my books it can’t possibly count as a skol if you take more than 10 seconds and if Bob Hawke can do three in … Continue reading

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Does This Look Like a Government That Had ALL it Could Eat?

Sinclair Davidson brings our attention to these deeply troubling statements from our supposedly conservative, center-right treasurer: Mr Morrison emphasises that the Coalition understands that large businesses employ millions of Australians, which is why it took its enterprise tax plan to … Continue reading

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“One of the most disturbing recent developments”

Nikki Saava at her finest: One of the most amusing, or disturbing, recent developments has been the embrace of former Labor leader Mark Latham by sections of the hard right as their new darling. Almost as amusing and disturbing as … Continue reading

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The government doesn’t pay your super

Paul Howes had an extended op-ed in the AFR Review on Friday talking about compulsory Super. In it he relates this anecdote: I can’t recall the member’s name, but she was a middle-aged woman who just started working part-time in an … Continue reading

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Ah Turnbull, You’ve Done it Again

Only the politically inept would: privately tell the Chinese that they’ll ratify the extradition treaty we have with them; have four (i.e. the number of death in Chinese numerology) government ministers (including the Prime Minister) publicly declare that the treaty is … Continue reading

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That’s interesting

Robert Gottliebsen draws our attention to Section 137.1 of the Federal Criminal Code: 137.1   False or misleading information              (1)  A person commits an offence if:                      (a)  the person gives information to another person; and                      (b)  the person … Continue reading

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Nationalise Super?

Alan Kohler has cashed in the franchise with a piece in the Australian today advocating that Super be nationalised. Superannuation is the only product where choice and competition are not only completely pointless, they are counter-productive. That’s because choice and … Continue reading

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It’s still not too late for the Feds

WA election: Joe Francis says Colin Barnett should have been dumped last year. Are we looking to the future? Are they listening in Canberra? One of Colin Barnett’s senior ministers, Joe Francis, has launched an extraordinary attack on the Liberal … Continue reading

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