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What do you want from the university system?

Adam Creighton has an op-ed in the Australian this morning with a whole bunch of good and bad arguments. Let’s start with the bad: Australia’s universities soak up billions of dollars in public funds — $9.5 billion a year from … Continue reading

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Does This Look Like a Government That Had ALL it Could Eat?

Sinclair Davidson brings our attention to these deeply troubling statements from our supposedly conservative, center-right treasurer: Mr Morrison emphasises that the Coalition understands that large businesses employ millions of Australians, which is why it took its enterprise tax plan to … Continue reading

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The government doesn’t pay your super

Paul Howes had an extended op-ed in the AFR Review on Friday talking about compulsory Super. In it he relates this anecdote: I can’t recall the member’s name, but she was a middle-aged woman who just started working part-time in an … Continue reading

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Nationalise Super?

Alan Kohler has cashed in the franchise with a piece in the Australian today advocating that Super be nationalised. Superannuation is the only product where choice and competition are not only completely pointless, they are counter-productive. That’s because choice and … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes Dear Malcolm: better to die on your feet than live on your knees

Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata once said, “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. Contrast Malcolm Turnbull. Our Prime Minister is like Napoleon in Russia in 1812. He’s retreating from his electoral Moscow, harassed and attacked … Continue reading

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Coming to grips with the cost of free public health

Dan Mitchell describes the extent of the problem in the US. Don’t forget to subscribe to his column. The United States is going to become another Greece, and it’s largely because of poorly designed entitlement programs. As the old saying … Continue reading

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“The new mediocre …”

I have an op-ed in the AFR this morning that talks about Australia’s fiscal strategy over the past ten years and the need for a return to “the old-time fiscal religion”. Right now politicians tax as much as they think … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on good debt and bad debt

In delivering more debt and deficits, Treasurer Scott Morrison recently made a point of explaining that there is good debt and bad debt. Bad debt is when the Government borrows to fund things that are lapped up straight away and … Continue reading

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Debt in the MYEFO

I captured data for Net debt and the Face value of outstanding Commonwealth securities (Gross debt) i.e. the amount of money that actually has to be paid back. Looks ugly – especially how the gap between net debt and gross … Continue reading

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How are those submarines going to work out?

We should understand that national security expenditure has a large element of industry and welfare policy in it. Now while I agree that keeping Labor out of office is in the national interest, I also think that national security is … Continue reading

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