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“The new mediocre …”

I have an op-ed in the AFR this morning that talks about Australia’s fiscal strategy over the past ten years and the need for a return to “the old-time fiscal religion”. Right now politicians tax as much as they think … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on good debt and bad debt

In delivering more debt and deficits, Treasurer Scott Morrison recently made a point of explaining that there is good debt and bad debt. Bad debt is when the Government borrows to fund things that are lapped up straight away and … Continue reading

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Debt in the MYEFO

I captured data for Net debt and the Face value of outstanding Commonwealth securities (Gross debt) i.e. the amount of money that actually has to be paid back. Looks ugly – especially how the gap between net debt and gross … Continue reading

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How are those submarines going to work out?

We should understand that national security expenditure has a large element of industry and welfare policy in it. Now while I agree that keeping Labor out of office is in the national interest, I also think that national security is … Continue reading

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How much sick leave do politicians get?

Greens senator Scott Ludlam will take a leave of absence from Parliament to treat depression and anxiety. In a statement, the West Australian senator said he had been dealing with his mental health for some time. I don’t recall Ludlum … Continue reading

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ABC “Independence”

A point I keep repeating is that the ABC is not out of control, there is no control. As the latest incident demonstrates: In a letter today to Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd, ABC chairman James Spigelman denied Mr … Continue reading

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Pots, kettles and plain packaging surveys

The Labor party were having a bit of fun in estimates this week: Taxpayers contributed $640,000 to a book edited, written and published by Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre which was ridiculed in Senate Estimates on Thursday as … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on growth and productivity

Op ed in The Fin last Friday. When the new Reserve Bank Governor testified before a parliamentary committee recently, some Labor politicians who love big-spending saw an opportunity. They quizzed him on the global failure of low interest rates to … Continue reading

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Government spending creates government jobs

The federal department that is meant to help Australian business is pouring almost half its budget into its own administration, leaving taxpayers with a $150 million annual bill before a cent has been spent on expanding local ­employment opportunities. Source.

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David Leyonhjelm on the Government’s balance sheet

The Commonwealth Government was $70 billion in the black at the end of the Howard era. It is now $265 billion in the red, equivalent to $11,000 for every single Australian. And as each new budget brings a deficit, we … Continue reading

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