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How much sick leave do politicians get?

Greens senator Scott Ludlam will take a leave of absence from Parliament to treat depression and anxiety. In a statement, the West Australian senator said he had been dealing with his mental health for some time. I don’t recall Ludlum … Continue reading

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ABC “Independence”

A point I keep repeating is that the ABC is not out of control, there is no control. As the latest incident demonstrates: In a letter today to Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd, ABC chairman James Spigelman denied Mr … Continue reading

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Pots, kettles and plain packaging surveys

The Labor party were having a bit of fun in estimates this week: Taxpayers contributed $640,000 to a book edited, written and published by Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre which was ridiculed in Senate Estimates on Thursday as … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on growth and productivity

Op ed in The Fin last Friday. When the new Reserve Bank Governor testified before a parliamentary committee recently, some Labor politicians who love big-spending saw an opportunity. They quizzed him on the global failure of low interest rates to … Continue reading

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Government spending creates government jobs

The federal department that is meant to help Australian business is pouring almost half its budget into its own administration, leaving taxpayers with a $150 million annual bill before a cent has been spent on expanding local ­employment opportunities. Source.

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David Leyonhjelm on the Government’s balance sheet

The Commonwealth Government was $70 billion in the black at the end of the Howard era. It is now $265 billion in the red, equivalent to $11,000 for every single Australian. And as each new budget brings a deficit, we … Continue reading

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Morro in the crater

Morro should send his kids around to my place and I can explain to them that a retrospective non-concessional contributions cap of $500,000 will not ‘save’ the government $550 million over four years.  In all probability, it will save the … Continue reading

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Jason Murphy has an argument over at that we hear from time to time: WHEN Australia’s Olympic team entered the stadium in Rio in Saturday’s Opening Ceremony, it was a moment of intense national pride. But for me that … Continue reading

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Was the ABS budget cut?

One of the arguments going around is that we shouldn’t blame the ABS for last nights shemozzle as they had had their budget cut. This is a very sneaky “blame the Coalition” tactic. Of course this tactic will have some … Continue reading

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Losing like you’ve won

Craig Emerson had an op-ed in the AFR this morning making many points. This one was factually wrong: Labor is shaping up as the most stable mainstream political party in the new parliament. Bill Shorten leads a united party, has … Continue reading

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