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Turnbull’s chosen energy supremo says wind is cheaper than coal

On Thursday, at the Energy Users Conference, the government’s chosen head of the chive quango running the electricity supply industry, Kerry Schott, remarked that coal plants could no longer compete. According to The Australian (her speech has not been made public) … Continue reading

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Thousands worse off under NDIS. Who is surprised?

From The Australian. How surprising. A gigantic Federal bureaucracy set up to provide a comprehensive range of services to a highly mixed population of people with diverse needs and a high degree of vulnerability. What could go wrong? Not funded … Continue reading

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O’Dwyer Keeps Delivering

What more does Kelly O’Dwyer need to do to show that she’s clearly not qualified for the role of federal government minister? This is her complete disaster of an interview the other day regarding the banking royal Commission, This was TMR smelling … Continue reading

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Heads up on crisis in care for people with intellectual handicaps

Our regular threadster Tinta implores Cats to watch 60 Minutes tonight . Liz Hayes will look at matters that consume the lives of many and have certainly consumed my peace of mind for the last 20 years. Sadly the NDIS … Continue reading

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Watering the Leaves

If you had a limited amount of water and could use it on a tree’s roots or leaves, which would you choose? Even Forrest Gump could probably tell you that his mamma always said that we put sprinklers on the … Continue reading

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Coalition sense on IR

I imagine The Australian made this the first thing they told us about the new Deputy Prime Minister as a kind of negative point, but this is something that’s long been missing from the Coalition: Mr McCormack upheld the importance … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott should become leader of the Nationals

If we are seeking a genuine realignment of politics on the right, the Nationals should draft Tony Abbott into the leadership of their party. It would finally give the true conservative side of politics a foothold and spook the Liberals … Continue reading

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Barnaby quits

Barnaby Joyce has resigned from his leadership positions. This is Andrew Bolt’s post: Barnaby Joyce quits as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister. He says the complaint against him of sexual harassment – which he denies – was the last … Continue reading

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Here is Alan Sunderland – editorial director of the ABC: I work for for a propd (sic) organisation that asks difficult questions, holds governments to account and speaks up for people who don’t have a voice – that will sit uncomfortably … Continue reading

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Tell that to the judge

This is getting beyond a joke. ALP MP Susan Lamb  is very likely a dual citizen and as such is ineligible to sit in the Australian parliament. s44 does not say that you can ignore the law of the land if … Continue reading

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