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Small mercies

No doubt we should be grateful for small mercies. Malcolm is gone, although not gone all that far, and that is something. Scott Morrison is a step up, but lacks either gravitas or the charismatic glow. Perhaps we will be … Continue reading

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Watch live

Only station I could find a live feed. Did try Sky and Channel 9. Send a link with some other network and will replace.

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Tony Abbott for Prime Minister

I just spent the afternoon re-reading Tony Abbott’s outstanding Battlelines, his 2009 tract on political philosophy. It reads better now than when it was first published. We are about to have a race between three mediocrities to replace a non-entity, … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton challenges Malcolm Turnbull for leadership

It’s on. Liberal leadership declared vacant 9:14AMGREG BROWN PoliticsNow: Malcolm Turnbull has declared the leadership of the Liberal Party vacant in this morning’s partyroom meeting. UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull wins partyroom ballot against Peter Dutton 48 – 35

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Aust Taxpayers Cheap Energy Guarantee

Check it out.

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High Noon for Mal?

Approaching high noon, lots of sunshine, demand down and Wind & Other delivering 7% of demand. Is it too late for a new Coalition leadership team to dump the Paris accord, call bullshit on the RE target and the NEG, … Continue reading

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Bit of an own goal

Something I found on twitter: We, Australian taxpayers, pay $1.08 BILLION each year for offshore processing. That’s about $650k PER refugee PER year. It is an insane waste of YOUR money — Julian Burnside (@JulianBurnside) August 3, 2018 My … Continue reading

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Cry me a river

Five by-elections and not one victory. I’m revising my view that the Turnbull government can win the next election but might not, to that they probably can’t win. Here is Simon Benson: The LNP has serious issues with its candidate … Continue reading

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The purity wing of the political right

Here’s how it is. The only president on our side of the fence is Donald Trump, just as the only Prime Minister on the Liberal side is Malcolm Turnbull. All present alternatives from other political parties are worse, much worse. … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the assisted suicide deal

The making of laws is like the making of sausages—the less you know about the process, the more you respect the result. My approach to law-making is often pretty simple: when legislation clearly undermines the small government principles of the … Continue reading

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