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Barnaby quits

Barnaby Joyce has resigned from his leadership positions. This is Andrew Bolt’s post: Barnaby Joyce quits as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister. He says the complaint against him of sexual harassment – which he denies – was the last … Continue reading

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Here is Alan Sunderland – editorial director of the ABC: I work for for a propd (sic) organisation that asks difficult questions, holds governments to account and speaks up for people who don’t have a voice – that will sit uncomfortably … Continue reading

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Tell that to the judge

This is getting beyond a joke. ALP MP Susan Lamb  is very likely a dual citizen and as such is ineligible to sit in the Australian parliament. s44 does not say that you can ignore the law of the land if … Continue reading

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If you want to raise the minimum wage you need to raise productivity first

The video comes at an opportune time since this is a large part of where our next election will be fought: Business faces world’s highest minimum wage under Bill Shorten. I will also mention that the Card and Krueger study … Continue reading

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“Donald Trump is delivering on economic leadership, that’s for sure”

It’s from Miranda Devine’s radio show but picked it up at Breitbart: Aussie PM Applauds Trump Leadership, Says Economic Reforms Benefiting the World. U.S. President Donald Trump’s sweeping tax cuts combined with reforms in corporate regulation are benefiting the global economy, Australian … Continue reading

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Look who’s back

Migration in the news both in the US and here. The ones who are maybe back in the US are the members of Congress who are up against a wall of resistance from PDT who has the majority of the … Continue reading

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Is an absence of common sense now the key ingredient for political office?

Malcolm is not only his own worst enemy, he is close enough to being ours as well. If this really is all the Libs have then they really are doomed. You would hope that this far out from an election, … Continue reading

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Help solve a mystery

As anyone who has read my views over the years would know, Malcolm has never been my cup of tea, but when it came to the election last year, I was all in for the Libs. After the bi[!] by-election … Continue reading

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The National Security Editor at The Oz speaks out

There are times when I think the media are inhabited by clueless clowns and then there are times when I think things are even worse. This is written by the person The Australian has designated as its “National Security Editor”: … Continue reading

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“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four … Continue reading

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