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With Friends Like Chris…

Whatever charred remains existed of what the Liberal Party once stood for, Chris Pyne managed to show up and empty his bladder on them last week. People like me have been calling out the ‘Turnbull Coalition’ for not upholding basic Liberal … Continue reading

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Stop spending other people’s money

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien on Tony Abbott’s second coming

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the knifing of Tony Abbott could be the best thing that has happened, politically, in recent years.  After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, hopefully in Abbott’s case, wiser as … Continue reading

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Malcolm is too dumb to understand what Newman is saying

I am going to provide my own title for the story rather than use the headline from the subbie at The Oz who seems to have tried to obscure the point: Government projects chosen by dull-witted politicians like Malcolm Turnbull … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Zombies and the Senate

The Turnbull Government has abandoned Abbott-era policies to cut government spending on welfare, health and education. These were the so-called ‘zombie’ measures that had been lurking in budget papers since 2014 but not legislated. Supposedly the Senate was to blame … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Means testing education support

When I proposed that child care subsidies be reduced where household income exceeds $250,000, and eliminated where it exceeds $350,000, the major parties wet their pants. I had the Government over a barrel so it said nothing, but Labor and … Continue reading

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Getting Evenitis

PVO in The Australian draws our attention this development: Just when you thought One Nation couldn’t become any more craven one of its senators has threatened to block the government’s budget measures unless ABC funding is slashed by $600m. Putting … Continue reading

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Accounting at the ABC

Did you ever wonder why the ABC’s budget figures never seem to quite add up? This is the government budgeting to have a $29.4 billion deficit for 2017-18 (page 11-7): In short: $433.5 billion in receipts; minus $459.7 billion in … Continue reading

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More Self-loathing Incompetence From SMH

Michael Smith has brought my attention to this article written by SMH’s Latika Bourke on 13 April 2017. Predictably, it’s the usual self-loathing plop that we’ve become accustomed to no longer paying money for: Australia should follow the British Conservative … Continue reading

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The 2017-18 Federal Budget: Taxing Our Way to Prosperity

Every year, the government seems to make it harder to really see what they’re doing with our money in the budget – whether by renaming things, requiring an extra click or two to access various papers or simply by the … Continue reading

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