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While the Pell’s away, the church mice will play

AS the first prefect (from February 2014) of the newly created Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell quickly acquired a reputation for confrontational rigour as he worked to reform the Vatican’s notoriously slipshod and corrupt accounts. Even detractors admitted … Continue reading

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The Shark of Morro

How bad is Scott Morrison’s decision to give a billion dollars to rich chancers and panhandling carpetbaggers buzzing around the “clean energy” trough? Click it and weep: this bad. Speaking to Alan Jones this morning, Mark Latham excoriated the prime … Continue reading

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Australia may have the world’s most incompetent central bank

Cannot be sure since I don’t watch them all, but it’s gotta be a contender. Look at this from today’s AFR: RBA’s Lowe flags ‘extended period’ of low rates. Speaking at the annual Australian Business Economists Anika Foundation lunch in Sydney, … Continue reading

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Ken Henry is gone

One of the great ironies of Australia is that people often get done for something other than what they did. Ken Henry should have been sacked by the Howard government in early 2007. He wasn’t and there has been a … Continue reading

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British childcare is expensive! Who would have thought?

Yesterday I got a mail from Malcolm boosting his childcare package. Wanting to he helpful but also in a hurry I quickly replied “Save the money and deregulate the system. The regulations are far over the top”. I go a … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on growth and productivity

Op ed in The Fin last Friday. When the new Reserve Bank Governor testified before a parliamentary committee recently, some Labor politicians who love big-spending saw an opportunity. They quizzed him on the global failure of low interest rates to … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on superannuation

The Government has pulled a swiftie on superannuation. In the May budget it proposed to increase tax on super by nearly $3 billion by 2020. Labor sniped at some design features but offered no real opposition and proposed its own … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Peter Swan – Experienced shareholders better than independent directors for business

Businesses benefit from having substantial shareholders as directors on audit committees, but only when they are utilising swing trades, new research shows. The research compares the presence of these experienced directors as opposed to independent directors in management of Australian … Continue reading

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Tony’s economic narrative

This is what Tony Abbott thinks: Malcolm Turnbull lost without an economic agenda. This is what John Howard thinks: Tony Abbott would have won coming election. And this is what Tony Abbott now writes: In defence of my economic narrative … Continue reading

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I don’t see why they’re surprised

Financial markets may have rules of their own, but even there it has to be that the value of financial products can only rise if the real value of the assets beneath them are also rising. In an economy in … Continue reading

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