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Debt limit up 4066%!

No wonder Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann are looking a bit shame-faced in this photo. The other news item that caught my eye was this: The terms of reference says the audit will make recommendations to achieve savings sufficient to … Continue reading

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Cutting government spending on universities

This cartoon by Matt Golding in The Age encapsulates the general consensus about yesterday’s policy announcement. Last night I was having two Facebook debates – one with a group of my left-wing friends and another with a group of my … Continue reading

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Jonathan Moylan should be jailed

Anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan has admitted to issuing a hoax ANZ press statement that led to a 9 per cent fall in the price of Whitehaven Coal Limited. This would seem a cut and dried case of market manipulation and fraud … Continue reading

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Too big to jail

The Global Financial Crisis, in my view, was caused by a combination of a few factors. First, complacency – a long period of relatively stable macroeconomic conditions in advanced economies led investors, regulators and others to underestimate low probability but high … Continue reading

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Costings – Charter of Budget Honesty

In an article today, George Megalogenis appears to misunderstand how Treasury and Finance undertake costings under the Charter of Budget Honesty. Megalogenis states Joe Hockey says the Coalition’s policy will now be verified by a third party. But any accounting … Continue reading

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Gillard’s costing promise

Julia Gillard said at the National Press Club on 15 July 2010: all our policies will be submitted to Treasury and Finance for independent costing under the Charter of Budget Honesty The National Broadband Network is a Labor policy and … Continue reading

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