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Anyone up for a Tesla community battery?

WA is exploring an innovative way to encourage people to take up rooftop solar.  Tesla community batteries. This allows those homes to to draw electricity back from the PowerBank during the afternoon and evening peak – when their solar systems stop … Continue reading

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Free market nationalism

There is an interesting op-ed in the WSJ: The irony is that many aspects of today’s globalism—or at least its promotion of market economies, capital mobility, and mostly free trade—aren’t in conflict with nationalism. In one sense of the word, … Continue reading

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Confirmed: proposed cash ban is about controlling your money

Proposed cash ban is not about controlling your money, says Reserve Bank. NOW that 2020 is well underway, let’s not allow this to escape the scrutiny it deserves. A Liberal government has legislated to ban Australians from spending any more … Continue reading

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Wowser ABC sniffs around for a vaping scandal – fails

“Liberal” Health Minister Greg Hunt remains “clearly and categorically” opposed to vaping. That much is made clear in this breathless but bizarre report: International tobacco companies have sought meetings with the Prime Minister and leading cabinet members in an effort … Continue reading

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Has innovation stalled?

This sentence, from the Wall Street Journal, strikes me as being profoundly wrong: Today, another half-century later, a coast-to-coast flight still takes you as long as it took your father in the 1970s. And with the major exception of computers, … Continue reading

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Trump backs history-flavoured take on vaping ban

Pleas and counsel for the Prude-in-Chief Friday’s roundtable on vaping was one of the more interesting White House discussions on a matter of contentious public policy for a long time. Industry representatives, medicos and parents’ groups gathered amidst growing concerns … Continue reading

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Anti-trust targets size

From the WSJ: In the early days of DoubleClick, a prospective employee asked what my ultimate goals were for the newly formed internet advertising company. With the arrogance of a young startup founder, I responded, “To be broken up by … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship in one lesson

This is from a French soldier’s view of US soldiers in Afghanistan. Unexpectedly entirely positive. Here I only put up this passage to explain what entrepreneurship looks like. And combat? If you have seen Rambo you have seen it all … Continue reading

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