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Merdok moovs to sylence a wissleblower

First: sincere thanks to my assistant – Murdoch University English literature MA candidate, Jinjing – who wrote the header. I’ll take it from here. Hard on the heels of James Cook University’s decision to pursue marine scientist Peter Ridd to … Continue reading

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Chum, sodomy and the lash

One fascinating way to journey through American political history is to read the long list of campaign slogans – many brutal and hilarious – used by reigning and wannabe presidents. A personal favourite is the manly 1868 entreaty of Ulysses … Continue reading

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Free speech as an economic principle

This is John Stuart Mill discussing freedom of speech as an economic issue in his Principles of Political Economy (1848), in my view the best single text on economics ever written. Freedom of speech, as he writes in the passage … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Owning your own mind

Employment is based on a contract in which there is an implied obligation on the employee not to harm the employer. If an employee steals from the employer or damages the employer’s property, the contract may be terminated. The same … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the New Zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand’s “chief censor”, has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph. Sounds like he has a tough job. I’ve never seen so many film festival movies as I did in my first year, watching them at a cinema … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Taking offence is not a matter for the law

The Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to offend or insult someone based on race, colour or national or ethnic origin. But there are at least another 23 Commonwealth acts which make it an offence to insult or offend a … Continue reading

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Crony capitalism at work: Will nobody think of the children

It has been painful watching the often sensible Adam Creighton and normally sensible Paul Kelly contort themselves in praise of the ACCC report hit-job on social media platforms this week. Paul Kelly’s effort in The Australian this morning is magnificent … Continue reading

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Big Green Plans + Folau & corporate virtue signalling + Faith vs Coal + ATA Podcast

And Windwatch!! Apologies to people who commented on the first edition. In the course of updating I managed to lose the version with comments. Most unfortunate, some of the comments added good value, please feel free to comment again. REAKING … Continue reading

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Folau donation site

It looks as though the Australian Christian Lobby has stepped up to rise funds for Israel Folau. This will cost Go Fund Me a bundle, did they seriously think they could derail this move to protect freedom of belief and … Continue reading

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PM Morrison. Mediocrity morphs into malevolence

I think that the issue has had enough oxygen. Is it true that this is the way our Prime Minister thinks about freedom of faith and speech? Maybe. This was his reaction last week. So this is the man who … Continue reading

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