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Who is David Icke?

Can someone who is more up to date on this tell us what is going on with David Icke? Ok he has got some crazy ideas if you can trust an ABC report. Since when did that preclude being able … Continue reading

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The lessons Lindsay Shepherd learned

She became famous for showing a sixty second video of Jordan Peterson to a university class, for which she was almost sacked and would have been except she had taped the inquisition with the three-person tribunal who had tried to … Continue reading

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The far-left free speech monopoly

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A Christmas coral

Peter Ridd writing in The Oz today: Coral can take the heat, unlike experts crying wolf. But before we go on, we should note how he is described in the paper: Peter Ridd was, until fired this year, a physicist … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on identity politics and free speech

Peter Baldwin is the convenor of the Blackheath (Blue Mountains) Philosophy Forum. In the 1970s he was excited by the New Left and later as a member of the left faction in the NSW ALP he was seriously bashed by … Continue reading

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So how is that appeasement working for you?

Tony Abbott November 21, 2018 I think that it would certainly help the standing of Islam and Muslim people in Australia if their official representatives would sit down and have a meaningful discussion with the Prime Minister about what all … Continue reading

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Campus threats to free speech – CIS breakfast event

Welcome to a re-run of the talk by the NSW Minister for Education, the Hon. Rob Stokes at the Centre for Independent Studies, followed by dialogue with CIS Executive Director Tom Switzer and a Q and A session. The topic … Continue reading

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Facebook vs alternative media

A warning from We Are Change. It is with deep sadness and justified anger that we must report that Facebook has now unpublished some of the largest alternative media pages around! Included in this Orwellian information purge are Press For … Continue reading

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Only in open dialogue is there any hope that truth can be discovered

Ann and Milo will teach you how to save Australia. Discovered last night – either from the Bolt Report or The Outsiders – that Ann Coulter will be coming to Australia. Therefore immediately bought tickets. But what is the venue, you might … Continue reading

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Libertyfest Brisbane

Two great days in Brisbane, no Cats in sight but a lot of very good speakers. After chatting with two or three people who did not know about Catallaxy I asked for a show of hands in the next session … Continue reading

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