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John Stuart Mill on free speech

Reprinted from Instapundit. A MUST-READ FOR POTENTIAL SNOWFLAKES: All Minus One, a beautifully illustrated and smartly abridged version of John Stuart Mill’s arguments for free speech in “On Liberty,” is just out at Heterodox Academy, which hopes it will become required … Continue reading

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They believe they have a right and duty to keep you ignorant

Your choices are being limited by people on the left side of the political spectrum who prevent you from hearing alternative points of view because you might think these other views are actually correct. If they thought you would never … Continue reading

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Lindsay Shepherd and Mark Steyn discuss free speech

On the off chance you think the generations coming through to replace the generation moving on are in some sense onside with the notion of free speech and an open society, then watch this video. As they discuss, argument from … Continue reading

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Mario Vargas Llosa: Political Correctness vs Freedom

Would he be allowed to say this on a campus near you? Or in China. h/t Brian Gladish on Facebook Critical Rationalism page. His new book The Call of the Tribe refers to seven champions of liberalism – influential authors: … Continue reading

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Very important defence of free speech by Mark Steyn

A serious warning about the threat to free speech by protracted lawfare even in the face of the First Amendment. Not to mention the situation in Canada. Also the danger of allowing the validity scientific hypotheses to be litigated and … Continue reading

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Who you calling shouty?

This morning the Cat got mentioned in despatches – well, actually the Australian. Former editor in chief Chris Mitchell was writing about the social media pile on, good journalism, free speech, and academic freedom.  He raised the issue of Clive … Continue reading

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The state of free speech in Britain

Not good. Our survey, ranking 115 UK universities using our traffic-light system, shows that 55 per cent of universities now actively censor speech, 39 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation, and just six per cent are truly free, open … Continue reading

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Support Peter Ridd and freedom of speech

And keep your eye on this site Intellectual Takeout for a change of pace from the MSM. Jo Nova on Peter Ridd. Karl Popper on freedom of speech. The Poverty of Historicism section 32. How could we arrest scientific and … Continue reading

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… and that’s bad?

Foxtel corporate affairs group director Bruce Meagher said the laws could force them to stop broadcasting channels, including Al Jazeera and the BBC, owned by foreign states and the company did not have the resources to monitor and determine whether … Continue reading

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Natural social monopolies

This is the definition of a Natural Monopoly, which is a category of industry structure that has long existed within economics. A natural monopoly is a monopoly in an industry in which high infrastructural costs and other barriers to entry … Continue reading

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