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Southern comfort

I of course only went along in support of my fellow Canadians, but a fun night was had by all, at least for those inside and among those who were not carted out. You can read about the events of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on free speech

Free speech is under threat in Australia, although few realise just how seriously. Politicians of the left point to our national security legislation and its unnecessary restrictions on speech, while politicians of the right point to over-reach in anti discrimination … Continue reading

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Help wanted re attacks on climate sceptics

Simon Breheny has a piece on free speech and climate change in the IPA book on climate change. He referred to State harassment of dissenters such as the court case mounted by Eric Schneiderman the New York Attorney General against … Continue reading

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Western Civ

From today’s Oz: A female suicide bomber who killed dozens of Israeli soldiers has graced the front cover of a University of Sydney student newspaper, and Jewish students who ­complained about the cover have been “condemned” for ­censorship. Hamida al-Taher … Continue reading

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Harvey and Tommy

How’s he gonna get a fair trial? The banner headline at Drudge. HARVEY IN HELL RAPE CASE INDICTMENT Compare and contrast: British Media: Lockstep Lies: Did the Daily Mail’s lawyers have to check with the British government, which had placed a … Continue reading

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Dangerous to our freedom and our culture

From The Conservative Case for Breaking Up Monopolies Such as Google and Facebook. Tucker Carlson ✔@TuckerCarlson The big digital monopolies demand that we conform to their worldview and shut us down when we dissent. They have too much power. They … Continue reading

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Hamilton on free speech

Clive Hamilton has been in the US talking down Australian universities. Prominent Australian academic Clive Hamilton has told a powerful US congressional committee in Washington that Australian universities are so financially beholden to China that they have abandoned their principles … Continue reading

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John Stuart Mill on free speech

Reprinted from Instapundit. A MUST-READ FOR POTENTIAL SNOWFLAKES: All Minus One, a beautifully illustrated and smartly abridged version of John Stuart Mill’s arguments for free speech in “On Liberty,” is just out at Heterodox Academy, which hopes it will become required … Continue reading

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They believe they have a right and duty to keep you ignorant

Your choices are being limited by people on the left side of the political spectrum who prevent you from hearing alternative points of view because you might think these other views are actually correct. If they thought you would never … Continue reading

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Lindsay Shepherd and Mark Steyn discuss free speech

On the off chance you think the generations coming through to replace the generation moving on are in some sense onside with the notion of free speech and an open society, then watch this video. As they discuss, argument from … Continue reading

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