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This power to censor must end

Received a note from a friend, but not a Facebook friend but a real friend since I am not on Facebook. He wrote, in part: If you are my friend on Facebook, you won’t be seeing me for a month. … Continue reading

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Australia remains the freest country on the planet

Nowhere else is this any longer even possible. And then there was Bill Leak. But how long will it last? Full story: Newspaper doubles down with front page response to Serena Williams cartoon critics. And more from Andrew Bolt.

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Tyler Cowen talks to Claire Lehmann

Read the transcript – listen to the audio. One minor quibble – Australia does not have a male macho culture. That’s propaganda. One very serious quibble – the best Australian movie ever was The Castle. Important point: LEHMANN: I think having … Continue reading

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Google collaborating with Chinese censors

Who would have thought? Fortunately there is unrest among the staff. The internal furor began after The Intercept earlier this month revealed details about the censored search engine, which would remove content that China’s authoritarian government views as sensitive, such … Continue reading

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That’s got to hurt …

The Mocker is out and about commenting on the Victorian government’s decision to ban Sky News from train stations. In relation to Laura Jayes skewering Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan: By this stage viewers no doubt concluded Allan was unfit … Continue reading

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Press hypocrisy

The luvvies are outraged – how dare President Trump criticise the press? Our democracy is at risk! Although to be fair, their democracy might be at risk; however the democracy where people turn up on election day and vote for … Continue reading

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Southern comfort

I of course only went along in support of my fellow Canadians, but a fun night was had by all, at least for those inside and among those who were not carted out. You can read about the events of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on free speech

Free speech is under threat in Australia, although few realise just how seriously. Politicians of the left point to our national security legislation and its unnecessary restrictions on speech, while politicians of the right point to over-reach in anti discrimination … Continue reading

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Help wanted re attacks on climate sceptics

Simon Breheny has a piece on free speech and climate change in the IPA book on climate change. He referred to State harassment of dissenters such as the court case mounted by Eric Schneiderman the New York Attorney General against … Continue reading

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Western Civ

From today’s Oz: A female suicide bomber who killed dozens of Israeli soldiers has graced the front cover of a University of Sydney student newspaper, and Jewish students who ­complained about the cover have been “condemned” for ­censorship. Hamida al-Taher … Continue reading

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