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Something to think about

And if you are wondering why I was reading The Age, we were in a cafe and the comics are right next to the sudoku.

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Guest Post: Arky Free Speech

Free speech is of utmost importance. The so-called progressive left is very good at organising. Starting groups. Having meetings. Protests. Media attention. Constantly beating the drum and never tiring at repeating the same basic message over and over again. Us? Not … Continue reading

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Mark Latham responds

Mark Latham has left a comment on the Get Real Janet thread setting out his version of events.  I think it’s well worth its own thread. ***~~~*** Fascinating discussion. Let’s go to the background: on the Outsiders panel show on … Continue reading

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Get real Janet

UPDATE: I am amazed by some of the comments who act as if we are discussing what Mark Latham said. So let me point out that the issue is what Sky News did. We do not have much artillery on … Continue reading

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What would a lawyer know about human rights?

I have been thinking about this disgusting story of far left fascist immorality and the more I have thought about it the more angry I get. She is a Nazi through and through and other than a few tinselly bits … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on S18C and changing our culture

When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats seek to explain their reasons for opposing changes to S18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, they mostly refer to the concerns of ethnic, religious and racial minority groups. Representatives … Continue reading

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Sadly she can say what she likes in a public forum

“Sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home,’’ she said. Mind you, it’s not that she can say it but that she does say it that matters. The one thing she never has to worry … Continue reading

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Alarming synergies generating massive destructive power on the left

The radical left is on a roll in the US. If something works, do more of it. Where are the kind of people of the social democratic left who stood strongly with conservatives in the Cold War|? Two factors account … Continue reading

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Who will monitor the monitors?

Saw the video this morning when it was put up by SRR on the open thread. And we can now find this on Drudge: Exclusive: Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos, extremist as … Continue reading

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“Nobody cares about 18c”

One of the “arguments” against amending 18c is that “nobody cares about 18c”. Maybe true – yet I suspect nobody cares about a whole lot of things that the Parliament legislates. How many people would care about any law until … Continue reading

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