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Read all about it …

As many Cats know my RMIT colleagues and I set up a Blockchain Innovation Hub a couple of years ago and have been working in that space. One of the things that we have tried to do is develop a … Continue reading

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… and, um, Sinclair

There was an article in the AFR this morning reporting on Kristina Keneally’s increasingly hysterical campaign against the CPAC conference being held in Sydney this week. On Wednesday she said the conference at the Rydges World Square Hotel came amid “the … Continue reading

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I’m about to be arrested

I just received a phone call from the ATO advising me that I needed to make an immediate payment to avoid arrest. This is a scam – the ATO would never call in advance. They would just come and arrest … Continue reading

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Tim Andrews on donating to Israel Falou

It was not my original intention to donate to this. After all, I generally believe that an employment contract can be terminated at will by either party, if the agreed terms are followed. However, upon reflection several things have made … Continue reading

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The Friedman Papers 2019

Get your copy of the Friedman Papers here. Selected from our favourite and most attractive speakers at the conference. The Doomlord contributed the first paper on Milton Friedman – a man of his time; a man for our times. The … Continue reading

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Melbourne: Corporate Virtue Signalling

DATE & TIME Start: 14 June 2019 6:00PM End: 14 June 2019 7:00PM LOCATION Il Gambero, 166 Lygon Street, Melbourne, Australia Join Jeremy Sammut along with former Senator and Howard Government minister Richard Alston for a discussion what can be done to stop corporate political … Continue reading

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Friedman 2019

It’s not enough to have the right ideas. You need to be able to put them into practice. We know our ideas – those of freedom, of limited government, of personal responsibility – are what made Australia great. But we need to convince others. That is why the Australian Libertarians Society’s Friedman Conference will be a little different this year.  … Continue reading

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Friedman 2019

On May 23-27 in Sydney the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is combining with the World Taxpayers’ Association, representing 80 taxpayer groups from 60 countries, to put on the biggest centre-right conference Australia has ever seen: the 7th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman … Continue reading

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One of the Great Car Advertisements

  Thanks to Chris M.

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Lets see if we can crash the grid with solar energy! And kill coal at the same time.

Yes we can, fancy that, what if we stopped to think about this and learned from overseas experience? Homes across Perth and WA’s south face widespread blackouts within a few years according to a bombshell report that calls for urgent … Continue reading

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