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Friedman 2019

It’s not enough to have the right ideas. You need to be able to put them into practice. We know our ideas – those of freedom, of limited government, of personal responsibility – are what made Australia great. But we need to convince others. That is why the Australian Libertarians Society’s Friedman Conference will be a little different this year.  … Continue reading

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Friedman 2019

On May 23-27 in Sydney the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is combining with the World Taxpayers’ Association, representing 80 taxpayer groups from 60 countries, to put on the biggest centre-right conference Australia has ever seen: the 7th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman … Continue reading

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One of the Great Car Advertisements

  Thanks to Chris M.

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Lets see if we can crash the grid with solar energy! And kill coal at the same time.

Yes we can, fancy that, what if we stopped to think about this and learned from overseas experience? Homes across Perth and WA’s south face widespread blackouts within a few years according to a bombshell report that calls for urgent … Continue reading

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How about we all just get along

The right side of politics consists of people who believe in tolerance and getting along with those who are willing to be tolerant and get along with us. If you are really interested in dealing with those who actually use … Continue reading

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Special Issue on Feminism and Capitalism

An appeal for papers to an economics journal that I thought might be of interest to some of you out there, brought to your attention as a public service information announcement. This was the covering note: Dear colleagues, might be … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson interviews Stephen Hicks

From the link to the video. Jordan Peterson speaks with Dr. Stephen Hicks – [born in Toronto I might add] – professor in the philosophy department at Rockford University in Illinois. Dr. Hicks is the author of the influential and … Continue reading

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Make the other half work too

In a previous life that was the title of the advertising textbook I studied in third year commerce.  The title riffed off a statement that only half of all advertising worked but nobody could be sure which half. II was … Continue reading

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How to turn A Life Untold into a living personal history

What I know about my grandparents today are hit and miss memories of people who were already really old by the time I entered into their lives (although around 25 years younger than I am right now). What I truly … Continue reading

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Courtesy of Facebook notifications. Don’t forget mine is 12 July in case you are not on Facebook to be reminded.

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