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Roll up. Roll up. Get your Blockchain education here.

You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that powers a US$180billion cryptocurrency industry. But the truth is, bitcoin is only a small part of blockchain’s potential. We’re here to show you the big picture. RMIT is the first Australian … Continue reading

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Christmas reading from Wolfgang Kasper and me.

Treasures on line at Amazon. More from Wolfgang Kasper. No good deep should go unpunished. We recently spend some quality time at Tura Beach with Worlfgang and Regine. A very helpful compilation of Wolfgang Kasper’s work from Ben Marks. At … Continue reading

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Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was, … Continue reading

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The book no child should be without

If you are looking for Christmas ideas, you might consider Economics for Infants, the only book of its kind. A perfect book to read to your children and grandchildren! How do you explain the complexities of the economic order to … Continue reading

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Macro Follies returns

The only movie that has ever been made from a book I wrote. The movie was put together by that genius, John Papola, producer of the greatest economic video ever, The Keynes-Hayek Rap. And as noted in the credits for … Continue reading

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It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite members and supporters of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance as well as the many many friends of the late and dearly beloved Ray Evans, to the Inaugural Ray Evans Memorial … Continue reading

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Centre for Independent Studies Policy magazine

The latest CIS Policy is now available. More about CIS. A blast from the past which may interest the plain packaging warriors. Banning cigarette ads does not work. Trawling the Policy archive, Roger Douglas on the politics of structural reform. … Continue reading

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Come work with us

The School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT is recruiting two level B lecturers in Economics, three level B lecturers in Finance, and  two level B lecturers in Marketing.

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Seminar on what’s wrong with modern economics this Tuesday

This is the notice that has just been sent out from the School about a seminar I am about to present on Tuesday. You are welcome to come along but please first email Sveta to say you are intending to … Continue reading

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Beautiful pictures of Australia

From one of our commenters. Might as well advertise my own verbal commentary on Australiana as well. And more. The work of the late Kilmeny Niland, a brilliant and versatile artist and illustrator. She painted several different kinds of Australian … Continue reading

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