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Beautiful pictures of Australia

From one of our commenters. Might as well advertise my own verbal commentary on Australiana as well. And more. The work of the late Kilmeny Niland, a brilliant and versatile artist and illustrator. She painted several different kinds of Australian … Continue reading

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Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty Conference 2017

If you’re out and about in Melbourne and at a lose end this weekend give some thought to attending the Third Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty Conference. Schedule: FRIDAY NIGHT 7:00pm-onwards – Liberty on the Rocks: Opening Drinks to … Continue reading

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Thomas Barlow and the theory of nothing

Thomas Barlow is best known for his work on science policy and Australian achievements in research and development. Thomas Barlow has been a research fellow at Oxford University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a columnist with the Financial … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Advertising: A message from the Victorian LDP

If you are a member and have not received a letter from the VEC confirming your membership, please go to the link below and follow the instructions. We only need 15 more members before June 17th to get over the … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Advertising: HR Nicholls Society Seeks New ED!

The HR Nicholls Society, Australia’s leading industrial relations reform activist organisation, is seeking a new part time Executive Director. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who believes in the freedoms we all hold dear, particularly a student or recent … Continue reading

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Andrew Bolt to launch Art of the Impossible in Melbourne @ 12:00 noon on June 6

We’re only a few weeks into Donald Trump’s miracle tenure as president and the efforts by what has been called “the deep state” to bring his presidency to a premature end are evident at every turn. Andrew Bolt has very … Continue reading

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Art of the Impossible book launch Sydney 27 April

Mark Latham & Ross Cameron introducing Dr Steven Kates “The Art of the Impossible” –  Sydney 27 April Join Mark Latham and Ross Cameron as they discuss candidly the Trump election win before introducing Dr Steven Kates to speak about his new book “The Art of … Continue reading

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Getcha Friedman Conference Tickets

With speakers such as Grover Norquist, John Fund, and Nick Gillespie from the US, Ezra Levant from Canada’s Rebel Media, Matthew Sinclair, Rory Bromfield, and Sam Bowman from the UK, as well as Australians such as Senators Cory Bernardi, David Leyonhjelm, and Malcolm Roberts, the QUT … Continue reading

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“We need to push back against this rubbish”

No namby-pamby PC. From the accompanying note that came with the vid: Today we are launching the website: Have a look at the site: hopefully it will become a handy resource for folks wanting to fight back against the … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Advertising: Applied Mainline Economics

A new book from the Mercatus Center: How do human societies work, and how can we make them work better? What methods, ideas, and strategies should we use to help us answer these questions? Economists have more empirical tools—more data … Continue reading

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