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The lucky country leads the world in emission reduction

Punching above our weight! Les Darcy would be proud of us. In case you were wondering about Les Darcy. The real Les Darcy who has emerged from the research is an even more charismatic figure than the legend suggests. Truly … Continue reading

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Getcha Friedman tickets

Avoid disappointment – buy your Friedman Conference ticket now, if not sooner. Cats get a discount, use the promo code “CATALLAXY18” (you might have to enter that lowercase). Be challenged by Australia’s leading thought leaders, public intellectuals, and  provocateurs.

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Friedman 2018

It is just one month away until the 6th ALS Friedman conference, and what will be the biggest and best pro-liberty event in Australia’s history and the highlight of the political year for those of us who believe in free … Continue reading

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Charley’s War

From time to time I have used artwork from the Charley’s War comic series in the header – usually around November 11 or ANZAC Day.  A few comic-loving Cats have emailed over the years to get details of the series. … Continue reading

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Privatise the ABC

Against Public Broadcasting: Why and how we should privatise the ABC — Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson ISBN: 9781925501896 Paperback, $29.95 COMING IN MAY 2018 The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a media colossus with a reputation for integrity and quality. It … Continue reading

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Does Australia Need a Donald Trump?

DOES AUSTRALIA NEED A DONALD TRUMP? With Tom Switzer, Parnell McGuinness, James Morrow and Miranda Devine  Join us after work for drinks and canapes in Sydney on April 3 as we debate whether Australia needs a disruptive leader like Donald Trump. He has turned US … Continue reading

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ATA to Appear at Free Speech Rally in Melbourne on the 24th February

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance would like to invite you to the Free Speech Rally outside the State Library of Victoria, organised by the Australian Freedom of Speech Movement, at 1pm on the 24th of February 2018. Speakers will include: Satyajeet Marar, … Continue reading

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Roll up. Roll up. Get your Blockchain education here.

You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that powers a US$180billion cryptocurrency industry. But the truth is, bitcoin is only a small part of blockchain’s potential. We’re here to show you the big picture. RMIT is the first Australian … Continue reading

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Christmas reading from Wolfgang Kasper and me.

Treasures on line at Amazon. More from Wolfgang Kasper. No good deep should go unpunished. We recently spend some quality time at Tura Beach with Worlfgang and Regine. A very helpful compilation of Wolfgang Kasper’s work from Ben Marks. At … Continue reading

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Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was, … Continue reading

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