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David Leyonhjelm on the wrong kind of diversity

If you have been watching TV lately, you will have noticed that many advertisements include at least one black or brown person. Some of the family scenes, such as a black and white couple with kids that are clearly unrelated … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Whose ethics make it ethical?

When I began my business 30 years ago, very few investment funds were describing themselves as ethical investors. Some years later I joined an organisation of CEOs, business owners and senior executives that meets to share and discuss their challenges. … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Climate bullshit alert.

Here in Adelaide we are expecting the next few days to be above 40 C. Our morning newspaper carried a “report” in which a spokesman, (or person), from the BoM was quoted as saying that there was “the potential to … Continue reading

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JC: Ungracious developing world people demand more energy.

HOW DARE THEY! Let them use plastic panels and propellers on sticks. A story that’s bound to upset the holiday season ( Christmas in Greenspeak)  was published in the Australian today. Clench your fists, take a deep breath and push … Continue reading

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Ellie – New Zealand carbon pollution

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David Bidstrup: When did we have the driest spring in Adelaide?

This post looks at historical data for Adelaide rainfall for the period 1839 to 2018. The data comes from the BoM website and is subject to the usual caveats – there are some records missing and the presumption is made … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: … and again.

It’s that time of the year. As professional offices around the country launch into the networking frenzy (and HR disasters) of the festival season, out comes the ATO’s report on corporate income tax payment. This year’s reporting in the ABC … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Paul Volcker

It is worth pausing to note the recent death of Paul Volcker. Pyrmonter’s first consciousness of ‘economic’ issues was learning as an under-ten that the value of a 20c bag of lollies from the deli kept falling, and the price … Continue reading

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Ellie: UN “climate change” battle ends

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David Bidstrup: Get out the summer woollies.

1 December 2019 was the equal second coldest December 1 in Adelaide in 130 years of records, beaten only by 1966 at 15.6 C and tying with 1987 at 17.7 C. The hottest 1 January was in 1913 when it … Continue reading

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