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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Privatise hospitals

Imagine if a libertarian like me had his way with health policy and nobody died. It would be a disaster. Not for the public, but for the thousands of public servants and lobbyists who would be out of a job. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Comnenus – An Open Letter to the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP

Dear Barnaby, There has been some chatter that you might soon become the National Party leader. If so, allow me make a suggestion to more effectively use the electoral power of the National Party and to wrench policy back in … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: A fetish for uniforms

The mythology of Australia contains great stories of self-reliance, suspicion of authority and larrikinism. I love those aspects of our national story but I fear – if they were once a fair reflection of our culture – this is no … Continue reading

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Roger Underwood on managing to minimize the damage from bushfires

This is the full text of Roger’s 2009 paper. The catastrophic bushfires in Victoria this year, and the other great fires of recent years in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and South Australia are dramatic expressions not just of … Continue reading

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Bushfire control: Green sabotage

A letter from Roger Underwood, published with permission. He wrote a lengthy paper on fire control which I also have permission to publish but I cannot transfer the file onto my website and I will have to ask for the … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on whaling

Australian anti-whaling crusaders are again railing against Japanese whaling. It’s an obsession and long past its use-by date. There are many reasons for disliking whaling. Some do not like the killing of any animal, particularly if its death appears gory … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Adams – Will 2016 see the enactment of Super for HELP?

In February 2015, after putting forward a pre-budget submission to the Commonwealth Treasury for the 2015-16 budget, the national media covered my proposal and call for the Federal Government to introduce a voluntary opt-in scheme whereby individuals with a Higher Education Loan … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on Spending Addicts

In the months since his appointment, Treasurer Scott Morrison has been telling the Australian public that the Government has a spending problem. At the same time, he and his Cabinet colleagues were making decisions to further boost spending. Treasury officials … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Riccardo Bosi Knowledge Dispels Fear Part 2 – My Nation Has Also a Custom

  Preface This article is Part 2 of the ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’ series. Its purpose is to provide the reader with an understanding of the problem of militant Islam that their corrupt governments and their equally corrupt media would have … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Stephen Dawson – Never having to say that you’re sorry

Imagine two pre-conditions: you adhere to some view which is quite contrary to the mainstream, and you are prominent enough a person to be noticed. Now, let us say that you argue your case on a blog or on the … Continue reading

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