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Jeffrey A. Tucker: How Much Homogeneity Does Society Need?

It feels strange writing about this topic, some 25 years after I had it completely settled in my mind. But nothing is ever really settled, I suppose. The claim that I had long ago concluded was a basic historical and … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Abbott and CAGW

The obsession with Tony Abbott that seems to dominate the ‘journalism’ of Peter Van Onselen and Nikki Savva has reached ludicrous proportions.  No review of theirs that critiques the Government’ s standing or performance can be essayed without  a reference … Continue reading

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Arky on Hollywood

Man is a strange critter. Part predator, part herbivorous herd animal. Jordan Peterson has an interesting commentary about zebra stripes. They aren’t camouflage against the landscape. The black and white stripes are camouflage against the rest of the herd. Once … Continue reading

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Wendy McElroy: An Introduction to “The Satoshi Revolution”

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — R. Buckminster Fuller The revolution of 2009 went unnoticed by most people because it was peaceful, orderly … Continue reading

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Stephen Cable: True Signs of Desperation

When you start relying on leaders from 25 years ago, you are truly desperate. Nothing says desperation more than calling on the Hon. Bob Hawke to do your selling and evoking the memory of a labour dispute from more than … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Nick Xenophon and the ‘Casual’ Senate Vacancy

In February 1975, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam appointed Senator Lionel Murphy to the High Court of Australia despite him never having held judicial office.   At that time, there was a convention in operation that a ‘casual’ Senate vacancy should be … Continue reading

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Marcus Classis: Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and Ministerial Press Releases

Reading through the June SSAA “Australian Shooter’ magazine is always a monthly highlight. Especially anything written  by their legislative officer, Kate Fantinel. (Kate Fantinel, ‘Minister’s epic guns seizure error – more parts than actual firearms found’, SSAA Australian Shooter magazine, June 2017, … Continue reading

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Muddy: Catictionary Part IV.

Behold! Witness the majesty and power of the Catictionary, a new catalexicon (h/t Rasputin) for those who value the blessing of the English language. Speak ye these words and see thine enemies (or irritating family members) smote with perplexity and … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on electricity politics

Democracy has an ugly virtue. It makes the problems of government our fault. Electricity prices are ridiculously high and there is a real prospect of blackouts each summer and winter for the foreseeable future. Politicians are to blame, but so … Continue reading

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Laura Williams: Catalonia Shows the Danger of Disarming Civilians

Since the tragic murder of 59 peaceful concertgoers in Las Vegas Sunday, I’ve heard well-intentioned Americans from all political corners echoing heartbroken and tempting refrains: Can’t we just ban guns? Surely we can all get together on the rocket launchers. … Continue reading

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