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Guest Post: Driftforge – A proposal for Senate reform

In the wake of the recent federal election, and the follow up by-election in Western Australia, the need for reform to the Australian Senate is widely recognised — specifically to the voting process, but also the structure of the senate … Continue reading

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Guest Post: LABCR-TV – Report card on the Liberal-National team

Tony Abbott – With his Garvin GPS installed and travel arrangements sorted, the captain is now leading by example a strong and committed team. His Garvin has also helped to direct his team mates all over the field. Shows excellent … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dan – Some thoughts on work safety

Safety on a job as a tradesman is a personal responsibility, this simple fact is in state and federal law. Yet the company is the one who pays Workcover. It is part of prospective employee questionnaires. My current employer questionnaire … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Nato – In defence of unions

I believe that inadequate regulation has been under-enforced for too long on the labour side of industrial relations, but at the completion of the Liberal party’s Royal Commission, sensible policies can be adopted to restore labour unions to a position … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Stephen Dawson – On acid rain

In a recent post Sinc noted that ‘acid rain was an obvious problem’. Perhaps the effectiveness of the cap and trade ‘solution’ has been overstated. Here’s Ron Bailey on the subject: In the years prior to 1985, several publications reported … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Philippa Martyr – Check your privilege

In her recent online stoush with a group of angry transgenderites, Julie Burchill was told to ‘Check her privilege’. What on earth does this mean? Well, depending on who you ask, it’s either: an online expression used mainly by social … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A taxpayer – How the ABC fobs off serious complaints

On Thursday 27th February a complaint was submitted about the 730 TV show’s editorial choices and biases, on Tuesday 4th March it was answered by the show’s Supervising Producer.  The complainant was not satisfied with the response and wrote back … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mk 50 – History and the International Order

The following interesting questions have been posed on the Cat. They are worth discussion. Here is a question for the history buffs that frequent the Cat: 1. do you think the post WW II world has been more or less … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Driftforge – Response to Tasmania : A province of Victoria

Having been away camping for the weekend in Ulverstone on the north coast of Tasmania, I arrived back to find David Leyonhjelm’s post on Tasmania. Having the privilege of living here, apparently subsidised by the ever-generous Australian Taxpayer, I thought it best … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Andrew of Randwick – Ukrainian reading list

If you prod a bear enough, it bites back As Peter Hitchens details – the Russian invasion of Crimea is not the beginning, but the end of a period of bullying by the West. As I sometimes point out, … Continue reading

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