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Pyrmonter: Usury and financial regulation, a case study.

As a law clerk, Pyrmonter was assigned a research assignment by the elderly senior partner in his employers’ firm which turned out to be a wild goose-chase.  The goal was simple: find ‘the latest Moneylenders Act’. Pyrmonter, a fairly good student … Continue reading

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Roger Franklin: Three days in New York

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 It’s around midnight, fifteen hours give or take a few minutes since the moment when the city that liked to consider itself the world’s most jaded metropolis finally and forever lost its innocence. It’s been a long, … Continue reading

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Guest post. The Australia Institute vs sensible power policy

Left-wing think tanks and renewable energy rent seekers are ramping up their campaign against reliable sources of power. Last week, the Australia Institute published its quarterly National Energy Emissions Audit to boost RE and rubbish nuclear power. The report concludes … Continue reading

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Tax Nerd: Taxis and FBT and GST – The Government changes the law because of Catallaxy …

It looks like those in the Revenue Group at the Treasury read Catallaxy … Following the post that the Commissioner has decided the word “taxi” in the GST Act includes an Uber (so Ubers have to register for GST and so … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Some more about wind.

Thanks to those who read and commented on my recent post titled “Where were the renewables when we needed them”. The notes below refer to total wind only. Solar is minimal and useless. The main criterion for electricity security is … Continue reading

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C.L. : Pope Harry I

Argentinian-born communist, Pope Francis, has scolded the Western world again, saying we must abandon fossil fuels immediately and inaugurate a “circular economy”: In his Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, an ecumenical celebration held … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Where were the renewables when we needed them?

Yesterday’s Australian had an article by Nick Cater where he reported an interview on 3AW with the Victorian Energy Minister. With the looming energy crisis this coming summer she was asked “can you guarantee supply?” The following charts show the … Continue reading

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Greg Chapman: Anatomy of a Revolt

A wise forecaster takes a cautious approach to prognostication. The Nostradamus technique is to make the predictions as vague as possible, open to interpretation so that they are unfalsifiable. The more sophisticated global warming catastrophists make predictions that can only … Continue reading

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Anthony Park: Food for thought

Writing in the AFR  Mark Calbro makes the argument for greater regulation of food delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Below is an expanded version of my letter to the Editor. “When Uber Eats and Deliveroo first rode into town, … Continue reading

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JC: Fire Phillip Lowe

Phillip Lowe, the governor of the Reserve bank has been talking at a gab fest somewhere around the world. These days, whenever I read something Lowe has said, I always look for Paul Krugman’s influence on the man. It’s never … Continue reading

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