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Mary Lou Carter speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves

To Anita Joseph, the executive assistant to Alistair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Good morning Anita Will the Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin be making a public statement in relation to the Four Corners program … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on President Trump

Whenever anyone asked my views during the US election campaign, I made plain my support for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. He shares my distaste for big and intrusive governments. I am no cheerleader for the policies of President … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter Greagg — The policy implications arising from the economic costs of taxation.

The imposition of a tax raises the price of things being taxed, and thereby generally reduces the amounts sold. This reduction in the amounts sold, relative to the situation before the things were taxed, is called the efficiency cost of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on drugs

The use of illegal drugs such as ice is an important community concern. The police, medical services and communities struggle to deal with the aggressive and hyperactive behaviour of ice addicts as well as the crimes they commit to fund … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Comnenus The Only Leader Who Can Save Us?

Andrew Bolt asks ‘If not Dutton, Morrison and Bishop then who?’ Turnbull, like Abbott, Rudd, Gillard and Rudd has failed as Prime Minister. Like his predecessors Turnbull has been unable to provide the economic leadership the country needs. After a decade … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott at the “Making Australia Right” book launch

[Making Australia Right] is an important book because of what it says about our collective state of mind. Many of the people who normally support Coalition governments aren’t happy. They are publishing their own ways to “make Australia right” because, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Nathan Dyson Freedoms and Fines: NSW growing fine revenue

As Australians we often take for granted the extensive public services that we receive for a subsidised or free price. What we sometimes forget is how these services are being paid for and by whom. Like every state and territory … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: Whatever you do, try not to be poor

According to the most recent Global Wealth Report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, Australia leads the world for having the largest proportion of adults who can be described as middle class, and also the smallest percentage of people who … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes The TGA and nanny staters just can’t help themselves

February’s not turning out to be a great month for the cause of true harm reduction and trusting people to make wise decisions in looking after their own health. First, schools in New South Wales are banning – believe it … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Beer Whisperer The power of false virtue

There’s an old saying. “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”. Many people, especially in this day and age, with the popularity of geographic mobility – a euphemism for no borders, incorrectly assign this saying as being about patriotism, … Continue reading

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