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Guest Post: Bob Carter – What has climate change got to do with energy supply anyway?

As the Abbott government ponders the political realities of making needed changes to the economically damaging Mandatory Renewable Energy Tariff (MRET) scheme, late last year the European Union took the giant step backwards of combining climate change and energy matters … Continue reading

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Guest Post: David Archibald – Reading The ANZUS Treaty

Senator David Johnston’s dismissal as Australia’s Defence Minister came soon after he said that he wouldn’t trust ASC (formerly Australian Submarine Corporation) to build a canoe.  The ASC sheltered workshop wanted to be paid $3 billion to build a submarine.  … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Muddy – Shock and awe at the ABC

On a recent open thread incoherent rambler asked “How can the ABC and SBS be put on the defensive?” It was an excellent question, one which I think is an absolute prerequisite for any change to take place at these … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anon – Not all downhill – some freedoms have increased

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Guest Post: Brad Emery – Greens plan for NSW: Wasteland 2020

The Greens have finally revealed their plan for NSW and it’s a beaut. They want to shut down Nepean Hospital.  They also want to shut down Blacktown High School, the Ingleburn Industrial Complex, Wet N Wild Sydney and the NSW … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Michael Potter – Stephen Koukoulas comes up with a good argument against minimum wage increases

Minimum wages are one of the most fraught issues in economic policy making. Huge volumes of ink are spilled both in defence of, and in opposition to, minimum wages. In the camp against, Chris Berg wrote an article for The … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Rebecca Weisser – Taking the cake for mixing their metaphors

Host Paul Murray: Did this bloke who is now the deputy overcook it trying to flip the chief minister or has the chief minister been able to some how put it back inside the horse. Reporter Dan Bourchier: No, this … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Comnenus – Unelectable

In the wake of the Queensland election it is worth pondering what has gone wrong for the Conservative – Right side side of Australina politics. Well might we ask ‘how has it come to this?’ The answer to this question … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. We are not all Charlie

From The Fin Review. I hate to break it to you, but we are not all Charlie. The reason is simple: Charlie Hebdo was consistent in its support for freedom of speech. Its editors were not just targeted by Islamists: … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mk50 of Brisbane – National Socialism and international Socialism

Once again the old canard of ‘the National Socialists were not Socialists’ has been raised in the open thread. This is getting rather boring, but it’s a perennial weed, so lets address it if only to clear the open threads … Continue reading

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