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Guest Post: Dover_Beach – What is Marriage? II

Some people criticizing aspects of the argument of my last post don’t seem to appreciate the flow of the argument re marriage. Let me outline it. Firstly, the argument begins with an attempt to distinguish marriage from other types of relationship … Continue reading

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Guest Post: B.P. Terpstra – Gay domestic violence: the hatred that dare not speak its name

I’m halfway through The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith by Joan Schenkar – a disturbing read. For the record, I’m a big fan of Pat’s psychological thrillers, but her personal life was the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dover_Beach – What is Marriage? A Reply to David Leyonhjelm

In the Australian Financial Review (13/7/14) – you can find a copy of his essay here – DL outlined his argument for removing the qualification that marriage is exhaustively a relationship between the sexes. What is his argument? Well, it is actually difficult to … Continue reading

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Simon Breheny on 18c

On 12 March this year The Conversation published this report on a federal member of parliament who said: “But not one person has contacted me arguing for abolition. It shows the feeling is very strong the other way.”  It wasn’t a member of the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Noodle – Senator Elect Muir’s First Logroll?

In their classic treatise The Calculus of Consent, Buchanan and Tullock analyse logrolling: Logrolling seems to occur in many of the institutions of political choice-making in Western democracies… Under the rules within which such assemblies operate, exchanges of votes are easy to arrange and to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Fisky – Was Thatcher a pinko*

Right-wing governments are falling into the austerity trap of raising taxes to cut their predecessors’ deficits, harming growth and jobs. What is really needed is a growth-first, supply-side solution and a resounding ‘No!’ to the politics of austerity. Ronald Reagan … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Natural Instinct – Bias on ABC Insiders; Do the numbers lie?

Who actually appears as a Panellist on the ABC Insiders program, and how often do they appear?  This started as a little project for over the Xmas / New Year period, and then ran into difficulties, as I will explain … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Sanjeev Sabhlok – What do Indian elections mean for Australia?

Voting for India’s 16th parliament commenced on 7 April, with votes to be counted from 16 May. The process takes over a month because Indian security forces have to move from place to place to prevent any outbreaks of electoral … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Driftforge – A proposal for Senate reform

In the wake of the recent federal election, and the follow up by-election in Western Australia, the need for reform to the Australian Senate is widely recognised — specifically to the voting process, but also the structure of the senate … Continue reading

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Guest Post: LABCR-TV – Report card on the Liberal-National team

Tony Abbott – With his Garvin GPS installed and travel arrangements sorted, the captain is now leading by example a strong and committed team. His Garvin has also helped to direct his team mates all over the field. Shows excellent … Continue reading

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