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Kaysee: Lady Justice and Two Significant Cases

A cursory view of the cases discussed here, may suggest that they are two discrete cases. They couldn’t have much in common. Or could they? The case of George Pell has attracted a huge interest not just in this country, … Continue reading

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Garish Banners and a Feigned Welcome

As a life-long dawn service attender it had always been my belief that the rigorously non-sectarian, non-commercial tone of the observance was its unifying and inclusive characteristic. It made no special provision for Catholics or Carlton supporters or the left-handed, … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Why the need for spin?

Respectable people can think there is human-induced climate change.  And that, on balance, it is a bad thing (likely more harmful the greater and the faster it is).  And that it is worth considering whether, and if so, how, public … Continue reading

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Spurgeon Monkfish III in response to the following proposition: “Therefore, it could surely be argued, a VFT service between Sydney and Melbourne would be financially viable.”

The post below was originally going to be a relatively brief response to a comment from Archivist on the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge Thread, but quickly grew in size as I tried to do justice to all the idiocy and fantastical … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup guest post. All the birds died in vain.

In January 2018 I wrote about the marvelous solar power station proposed to “Re-power Port Augusta”, replacing the “dirty, ageing coal power station” that had been turned off in 2016. As time passed, and the citizens of Port Augusta lived … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. The sinister side of the nanny state.

Not many of us like being told how to live our lives, especially by those we don’t know and trust. It gets up our nose. Yet there is an endless number of people who want to do just that. When … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Was December 2019 “hotter” than December 2018?

As the climate change hysteria continues to gather momentum, particularly in view of the recent bushfires, I thought I would do some rudimentary analysis to see whether the Adelaide summer of 2019/20 is “hotter” than 2018/19. The data comes from … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Summer reading II

Further to last Friday’s post on summer reading, John Cochrane has neatly reviewed the state of much commentary on the US economy here. Key contribution: Look, you may dislike Trump. You may object to personal style. You may object to … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Summer reading

One of the more enjoyable aspects of a long, hot summer (especially for those of us indifferent to viewing sport) is the opportunity it gives to review this season’s output of northern hemisphere OpEd writing. This, from AIER’s Jeffrey Tucker, … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the wrong kind of diversity

If you have been watching TV lately, you will have noticed that many advertisements include at least one black or brown person. Some of the family scenes, such as a black and white couple with kids that are clearly unrelated … Continue reading

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