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Guest Post: Allan Hird – Arrogance and Ignorance from the ASADA CEO

In the attached article in the Age the ASADA CEO has once again displayed his ignorance of Australia’s system of government. McDevitt, the ASADA chief, has previously told Fairfax Media “if the government deemed a Senate inquiry necessary, ASADA would … Continue reading

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Guest post: David Leyonhjelm’s alternative budget

This year’s budget provides an opportunity to return Australia to a path of fiscal responsibility. Rather than promising everyone some candy, the government needs to win back its credibility by demonstrating a clear plan to return the budget to surplus … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes – One in the eye for Simon Chapman from the Royal College of Physicians

My recent Catallaxy post on the federal government’s hush-hush e-cigarette policy and regulatory review set a cat amongst a few pigeons in the public health and pro-vaping worlds. So let’s hope Simon Chapman and his team of “unbiased’ public health … Continue reading

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Guest Post: BorisG – Positive effects of Global Warming?

ABC radio ran a story about Iceland. We all remember that in 2008 Iceland experienced collapse of its banking sector following the Global Financial Crisis. Essentially in the preceding decade, Iceland’s banks increased ten-fold by lending to consumers in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes – What is the Turnbull Government’s e-cig policy review hiding?

Last year the federal health department, on behalf of the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs – senior bureaucrats advising federal, state and territory ministers on drug issues – commissioned a policy review on the regulation, sale and marketing of e-cigarettes with … Continue reading

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Guest David Leyonhjelm says: Do it anyway, cutting tax and tied state grants

A strange thing happened the other week. The Prime Minister had a good idea, and then asked the natural opponents of the idea for permission to pursue it. The essence of the Prime Minister’s idea was to abolish a whole … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Rabz – An analysis of the various fates of some Turnbull supporting MPs

Most of us have read the pieces by various pundits on why Tony Abbott was dumped as Prime Minister. These pieces tended to cite reasons that included: The overbearing and overwhelmingly negative influence of Abbott’s chief of staff The utter … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Dan Mitchell on the Mossack Fonseca non-scandal

Many nations in Western Europe can no longer afford their big welfare states. Countries such as Greece, Spain, and Italy already have needed bailouts, while it’s just a matter of time before several other European nations face a fiscal day … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post, a tale of two Malcolms

Malcolm was a popular Prime Minister at the outset. He had an air of confidence and a convincing manner, plus a belief in his own abilities. And his first term followed a disastrous period of Labor Government that the voting … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on The Murray Darling Basin.

As the first European to view the plains of the Riverina in 1817, John Oxley despaired of ‘a country which for bareness and desolation has no equal.’ A century later he would have said the same. During the Federation Drought, … Continue reading

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