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A message from the Australian Environment Foundation

James Cook University (JCU) has sacked Peter Ridd, who until then held a chair in geology at JCU.  He remains a highly valued AEF Director and Scientific Adviser. Peter is determined to fight his termination in court—along with the ‘final censure’ that … Continue reading

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Fred Roeder and Bill Wirtz: Who Needs the WHO? Not the World’s Poor

The World Health Organization is a large and antiquated United Nations body that is expensive unnecessary and counterproductive to its own cause of “public health.” It’s time to take the appropriate measures and defund it. The WHO and Ebola: an … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Sydney’s doing OK too.

This post follows on from my recent one titled “Not much change in 130 years” and analyses Sydney max/min temperatures from 1859 to 2017 in blocks of 10 years. The data is from the BoM website. The method is the … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on the budget

When someone does something they shouldn’t, it’s often the cover-up that heralds their downfall rather than the original error. In Tuesday’s budget the Coalition Government broke its commitment to offset new spending measures with reductions in spending elsewhere. For a … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Not much change in 130 years.

A few days ago I had a post that discussed a couple of papers that questioned the relevance or otherwise of a “global average temperature” and whether this measure actually had any scientific basis. In that post I analysed Adelaide’s … Continue reading

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Stephen Clively: It’s time to allow the Australian Capital Territory legislate for assisted suicide

Respected Academic David Goodall has decided to travel to Switzerland this week to end his life.  The ABC reports that he resents the fact that he has been left with no other choice. The ACT Liberal Democrats believe that adults … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: What are we worried about?

I recently found a couple of papers that challenge the notion that a “global average temperature” can actually be measured and that any such proclaimed temperature is nonsense. I will give links so those interested can access them and have … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Dumping on industry

President Trump’s steel tariffs are widely viewed as a deeply flawed protectionist measure that will damage US steel consumers and related industries. And yet, in Australia we are using anti-dumping measures for the same flawed reasons, achieving the same negative … Continue reading

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Ryan Ferguson: My 5 Favorite Evil Corporations

 Uber Everyone loves to hate Uber, but there are few companies that have made the world so much better in such a short period of time. Uber has done significantly more to improve the world than the Red Cross, Unicef, … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Is public ownership of electricity assets “socialism” or just common sense?

This article looks at the history of electricity generation, the reasons why governments’ were intimately involved in it and the reasons why they chose to exit the industry and create the godawful mess we have today. I fully expect to … Continue reading

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