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Guest Post: m0nty Veto: the most powerful weapon of modern conservatism

In the board game Diplomacy, a political strategy simulation with no random elements save for the negotiation skills of the players, it is possible to reach a stalemate where the simultaneously-resolved moves from each player all cancel each other out, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Michael Potter Government-sponsored bank for social housing not a solution

Public housing and community housing, collectively called social housing, has numerous problems including unmaintained housing, poor incentives for work, inefficiency, inequities, and lack of choice. And much of the sector is financially unsustainable. The federal government is responding to the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Stephen Dawson More fine reporting from the ABC

Apparently I can look forward to saving $400 a year on my electricity bill. All that needs to happen is for the government to adopt the recommendations of the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap, painstakingly developed over more than two years … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: Alternative Budget 2017-18

There is an old joke about a tourist in Ireland who asks a local for directions to Dublin. The Irishman replies: ‘Well sir, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here’. Treasurer Morrison could find some insight from that … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on wages and penalties

There are around 524,000 Australians currently looking for full-time jobs, plus a further 224,000 looking for part-time work. As many of these people know only too well, the unemployment benefit for those over 22 is $535.60 a fortnight for singles … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Arky Free Speech

Free speech is of utmost importance. The so-called progressive left is very good at organising. Starting groups. Having meetings. Protests. Media attention. Constantly beating the drum and never tiring at repeating the same basic message over and over again. Us? Not … Continue reading

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Mark Latham responds

Mark Latham has left a comment on the Get Real Janet thread setting out his version of events.  I think it’s well worth its own thread. ***~~~*** Fascinating discussion. Let’s go to the background: on the Outsiders panel show on … Continue reading

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CIS event. Postponed due to illness

Has taxpayer funding of elections polarised voters? Funding of elections is meant to make politics and democracy more transparent. At a time when there is growing awareness of the gap between the political class and ordinary voters, are political donations … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on S18C and changing our culture

When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats seek to explain their reasons for opposing changes to S18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, they mostly refer to the concerns of ethnic, religious and racial minority groups. Representatives … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Roy E Waleed Aly misses the bus on declaring the death of coal

Waleed Aly’s business card still reads ‘jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none’, despite recent embarrassing incidents.  His self-appointed expertise on pretty much anything and his self-righteous attitude on everything makes him the poster boy of the left, however some of his recent comments question how … Continue reading

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