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David Leyonhjelm. No massacres since 1996?

According to popular legend, Hitler’s master of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said, “A lie told once is still a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” The claim that there have been no gun massacres since the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien: Is Shorten the worst thing that could happen?

‘Things have come to a pretty pass,’ sang Fred Astaire in years gone by, ‘our romance is growing flat’.  More recently, Malcolm Turnbull, in his few self-aware moments, might feel that this sentiment reflects his relationship with the people whom … Continue reading

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Guest Post: KC: Are Australian Conservatives the real deal?

Looking back at the history of Australian politics and the birth of the Liberal party in 1945 it is not hard to draw parallels with what is happening with Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives and the formation of Menzies Liberals. The formation … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Warty: Mayday! Rat’s abandoning ship.

There is something about Jennifer Oriel of The Oz, and it’s not just the sense of authority in her voice or the spot-on quality of the ink coming out of her pen: she simply makes sense,  though she has a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Adams: The Approaching Economic Crisis

An economic crisis of possibly historic proportions is fast approaching the Australian people. Writing for the Daily Telegraph over the past 13 months, I have sought to warn readers, through a series of economic op-eds, that the Australian economy is … Continue reading

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Guest Post Warty: Swings and rounabouts

That Paul Kelly, in The Weekend Australian,  has effectively outlined the problems the Liberals face there can be no doubt, though he has no solutions of his own, just an expression of aspirations; though these themselves are but part of … Continue reading

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Guest Post Muddy: I remember you.*

I am a nerd. Not the type of nerd who is apparently now hip and cool and living in the inner city far from the rest of the filth, and dating three lingerie models all named Tatiana, but a history … Continue reading

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Guest Post John Adams: Response to Bernardi Article

Given the violent reaction here on the Cat to my op-ed regarding my Senator Cory Bernardi op-ed, Bernardi fails national economic test, which was originally published on the Spectator Australian website, I thought I would come back with some comments … Continue reading

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Guest post David Leyonhjelm on the Greens vs One Nation

Sitting in the Senate during a late night session recently, resting my eyes and losing concentration, I wasn’t sure which Senator was speaking when I caught the following snippet: “Why are we allowing multinationals to strip our nation of its … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Warty Garbage in garbage ourt

Greg Sheridan wrote an excellent article, in the Australian, about Gonski 2.0. So, having been a secondary school teacher for 25 years, it got me thinking. There is the problem when both major parties are convinced that throwing money at … Continue reading

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