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Guest Post: Arky on the road

It is now one year since the Victorian government introduced a law on “lane filtering”: … 02-Nov-2015: Under the new regulations, riders can filter in Victoria where safe to do so and at no more than 30km/h. While not explicitly … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bruce of Newcastle E10 is quietly killing the NSW Libs

Earlier this year the Baird LNP government brought in huge punitive fines, up to $550,000, for service stations if they do not stock E10 fuel.  The legislation is intended to increase E1o usage to 6% of all fuel sold.  As … Continue reading

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Guest Post: MC More of Labor’s tax policies will lead to economic recovery.

The Australian Labor Party is putting forward sensible tax policies that will lead economic recovery. Currently the parliament is hung up on the Back Packer Tax issue with the Coalition advocating a 32.5% tax on foreign back packers while Labor … Continue reading

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Terry Guest Post: Terry Barnes Lessons from the GP co-payment experience

  I am going to talk, as I was asked, about the bigger picture in terms of the politics and healthcare reform and the challenges of thinking innovatively in healthcare and healthcare policy and healthcare practice in the ways we … Continue reading

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Guest Post: John Slater Registered Organisations Bill a Win for Workers

Monday’s long awaited passage of the Registered Organisations Bill has been touted as a much-needed win for the Turnbull Coalition Government. But the real winners are Australia’s 1.6 million union members whose dues have too often been deployed to ends … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Robert Carruthers Getup & acts of foreign interference

We are a sovereign nation deciding things for ourselves or at the whim of whatever foreigners pay the biggest “bribes” to our politicians, activists or public servants. ASIO is tasked to stop acts of foreign interference: “AUSTRALIAN SECURITY INTELLIGENCE ORGANISATION … Continue reading

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Guest Post: MC A modest proposal to amend and keep 18c

There has been much talk lately of the need to remove section 18C of the racial discrimination act. As a conservative I subscribe to the G.K. Chesterton’s idea of “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Tail Gunner First Annual Catallaxy Awards Night

The Time has come, Cats & Kittehs. We’re moving off cyberspace en-masse. We,the best collection of political brains on the Right in Australia, are getting together for a black bowtie event in Melbourne. Special appearance by ex-Clinton Campaign Director,John Podesta … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Riccardo Bosi Triggly Puff and a South Possum Insane

We were in the Helmand Valley, Afghanistan advising the UAE Special Operations Command. As the Emiratis went through the in-country phase of their training, Ahmed, the commander of the local Afghan National Army Commando unit, watched impassively. He was a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Arky Eadric 1066 Part Three

The Soviets from the very early days knew their system could not last if there remained powerful liberal democracies. Hence the Comintern and the sponsorship of communist parties, socialist parties and the peace movement across the West. .. From FCW … Continue reading

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