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Bruce of Newcastle: Shy Voters

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has provided good breakdowns of the SSM data by electorate, so I asked myself a question: was the turnout correlated with the % Yes vote? I’ve used the NSW data only since it has been … Continue reading

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Peter Boettke: Cosmopolitanism Is the Answer

My answers to our current challenges are simple ones. Let’s begin at the beginning—which for the liberal is basic human equality. We are one another’s equals. There should be no confusion on this point. And if you are an advocate of … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker: A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Chaos

I can’t remember a nuttier weekend in the history of Bitcoin than this one. That’s because the action gets more exciting by the day, with deeper plots, more options, growing complexities, and financial and personal drama all around. You know … Continue reading

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John Adams: Conservatives should prepare for a new SSM plebiscite no later than 2027

No matter the outcome of tomorrow’s same sex marriage postal vote, conservatives should not accept the outcome. In the parlance of public policy, the consideration and public debate on whether to allow same sex marriage (SSM) in Australia has been … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Ardern on Manus

A week ago I sent the following letter to The Australian: Your editorial tells us Malcolm Turnbull and Jacinda Ardern  ‘are off to a good start’.  Really?  Let’s hope not. Here we have New Zealand’s neophyte PM throwing a grenade … Continue reading

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John Constantine: Dictated Law from Unelected Operatives

Back in the old days, the police always used to say their job was to enforce the laws made by elected officials, not make laws themselves. Now we see vicpol political operatives making submissions on gun laws, and even vicpol … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on Red Tape

The crippling effects of red tape on the economy are unfortunately not restricted to the NSW housing sector. As chair of the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, I have so far introduced three interim reports – on the sale, … Continue reading

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Jason Potts and Marie-Anne Cam: With a new futures market, Bitcoin is going mainstream

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will soon begin trading Bitcoin derivatives (futures contracts), signalling the cryptocurrency is now a mainstream asset class. Bitcoin has had limited use in the mainstream economy in part because the volatility of its price. The value … Continue reading

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Sanjeev Sabhlok: Stop worshipping the Constitution. Please start thinking.

Citizenship is meaningless if it does not include the right to represent the community in parliament. Australia citizenship is arguably worthless since our constitution imposes restrictions on citizens who can contest elections. But every policy must address a real problem. … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Was Jesus a terrorist?

In the three years I’ve been in the Senate, the Abbott and Turnbull governments have introduced multiple bills to address terrorist threats. Each has involved loss of liberty, justified on the grounds that existing laws must be ‘strengthened’. Agencies responsible … Continue reading

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